Dr. Hauschka Review


Dr. Hauschka is a brand of skin care products that was founded back in 1967, and that was started by Elisabeth Sigmund and Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. Unlike some of the competitors out there, this line of treatments is claimed to be “holistic,” which basically means that the environment is consider when the products are created and manufactured. The official website states that specific ingredients are selected based on the way they mesh with other product components. Artificial preservatives are not added to the skin treatments. It’s even suggested that Dr. Hauschka skin care should be incorporated with a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and regular exercise in order to get the full effect of the skin care regimen.

Although the Dr. Hauschka line offers a number of different categories to choose from, the “Face” section alone incorporates products for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eye care, masks and lips. All Dr. Hauschka products are claimed to utilize active ingredients like plant extracts and natural minerals, which come from organic sources. No animal testing is involved with the production of Dr. Hauschka cosmetics. Furthermore, the packaging for these treatments is “eco-conscious.” There appears to be a single customer testimonial offered on the official website. Users are able to return Dr. Hauschka products for exchange or refund if dissatisfied in any way. All Dr. Hauschka skin care treatments are available for purchase through the website.

Product Details

The Dr. Hauschka cosmetic line is an environmentally-conscious brand that manufactures numerous face care, bath and shower, hair care, sun care and deodorant products. Similar to many other skin care lines, Dr. Hauschka aims to assist with anti-aging, sun protection, acne, fine lines, collagen loss, dark circles, hyper pigmentation, dry skin and daily cleansing. Primary ingredients found in Dr. Hauschka treatments are natural minerals and plant extracts. Actual clinical research regarding Dr. Hauschka products doesn’t seem to be presented on the official website. Virtually all Dr. Hauschka treatments appear to be geared toward women.

The Good

  • All Dr. Hauschka products are developed using a “holistic” approach.
  • Dr. Hauschka offers all sorts of products suitable for hair, body, face care, bath and sun care.
  • Key ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Dr. Hauschka skin care treatments contain natural minerals and plant extracts.

The Bad

  • There is only one customer testimonial posted on the official website.
  • No free trial skin care treatments are offered at this time.
  • Dr. Hauschka products appear to be geared primarily toward women, not men.
  • There may be ingredients found in Dr. Hauschka treatments that irritate the complexion of some users.
  • Actual clinical research regarding Dr. Hauschka products is not offered on the website.
  • Many proven, cutting-edge wrinkle fighters area not included in this product line.

The Bottom Line

The Dr. Hauschka line of treatments is certainly unique considering the all-natural ingredients that are incorporated without preservatives. Some individuals will appreciate the holistic approach that Dr. Hauschka appears to take. Then again, it’s also important to remember that there is no clinical evidence presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Dr. Hauschka treatments. Finally, it would be nice to see a section of Dr. Hauschka products geared toward men, as well as some free trial samples offered.


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