Dr. Hauschka Review

Are you curious about the Dr. Hauschka line?

Dr. Hauschka is a skincare line with roots back to 1935. It was created by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. The mission of the company is “to support the healing of humankind and the planet.” The first products were released in 1967 – so they’ve been around for more than 45 years.

What is Dr. Hauschka?

If you’re looking for natural, holistic solutions for skincare, the Dr. Hauschka line may be what you have in mind. Ingredients are grown on sustainable farms to maintain a healthy balance with the planet. Some of the formulas contain witch hazel, alcohol, fragrance, linalool, citral, limonene, geraniol and more. All of these are irritants.

Quick Facts on Dr. Hauschka

  • Several irritants are used in Dr. Hauschka products.
  • Some products contain peanut oil, which may be an issue if you have allergies.
  • Fragrance and alcohol, two of the most irritating ingredients, are sometimes listed in the top 10.
  • Free shipping is available on some orders.
  • We found no mention of a return policy or money back guarantee.
  • Some products are available as samples.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dr. Hauschka?

“We love the history behind Dr. Hauschka, but there are far too many irritants used in the product line,” says our Skincare Editor. “It truly concerns us because we’ve found some that contain fragrance or alcohol very near the top of the ingredient list. That’s not healthy for the skin.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found a couple of things that came up in one review after another – bad feeling on the skin and poor scent.

  • “I like the Hauschka creams but this cleanser left a residue on my skin, felt weird.”
  • “But this definitely left my skin heavy and unclean.”

There are also some reviews that reported positive results.

  • “After rinsing it off, my skin is incredibly smooth and soft and actually a bit tighter.”
  • “It makes my skin so soft and smooth.”

Then, we read about issues with scent. It appears to be a love/hate relationship.

  • “Smells awful to me. Like spoiled champagne. I still trying to use it but makes me gag a bit.”
  • “Very dry and granulated with a funny smell.”

Others said:

  • “The smell is more of a natural smell that I really enjoy.”
  • “I absolutely love the way it smells.”

Let’s Run Out for Dr. Hauschka’s Products, Right?

Our Skincare Editor hit the nail on the head. The irritants in these formulas are concerning. There is a chance you could notice skin irritation, redness and breakouts – even after the first use. This leaves us with strong hesitations, so we don’t necessarily feel 100% comfortable recommending this line.

What Do We Like Better Than Dr. Hauschka?

Our top pick in 2016 is, without a doubt, BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients, users are reporting amazing results and it’s been shown to help fight the signs of aging.

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