Dr. Hauschka Review

Are you curious about the Dr. Hauschka line?

Dr. Hauschka is a skincare line with roots back to 1935. It was created by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka. The mission of the company is “to support the healing of humankind and the planet.” The first products were released in 1967 – so they’ve been around for more than 45 years.

What is Dr. Hauschka?

If you’re looking for natural, holistic solutions for skincare, the Dr. Hauschka line may be what you have in mind. Ingredients are grown on sustainable farms to maintain a healthy balance with the planet. Some of the formulas contain witch hazel, alcohol, fragrance, linalool, citral, limonene, geraniol and more. All of these are irritants.

Quick Facts on Dr. Hauschka

  • Several irritants are used in Dr. Hauschka products.
  • Some products contain peanut oil, which may be an issue if you have allergies.
  • Fragrance and alcohol, two of the most irritating ingredients, are sometimes listed in the top 10.
  • Free shipping is available on some orders.
  • We found no mention of a return policy or money back guarantee.
  • Some products are available as samples.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dr. Hauschka?

“We love the history behind Dr. Hauschka, but there are far too many irritants used in the product line,” says our Skincare Editor. “It truly concerns us because we’ve found some that contain fragrance or alcohol very near the top of the ingredient list. That’s not healthy for the skin.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found a couple of things that came up in one review after another – bad feeling on the skin and poor scent.

  • “I like the Hauschka creams but this cleanser left a residue on my skin, felt weird.”
  • “But this definitely left my skin heavy and unclean.”

There are also some reviews that reported positive results.

  • “After rinsing it off, my skin is incredibly smooth and soft and actually a bit tighter.”
  • “It makes my skin so soft and smooth.”

Then, we read about issues with scent. It appears to be a love/hate relationship.

  • “Smells awful to me. Like spoiled champagne. I still trying to use it but makes me gag a bit.”
  • “Very dry and granulated with a funny smell.”

Others said:

  • “The smell is more of a natural smell that I really enjoy.”
  • “I absolutely love the way it smells.”

Let’s Run Out for Dr. Hauschka’s Products, Right?

Our Skincare Editor hit the nail on the head. The irritants in these formulas are concerning. There is a chance you could notice skin irritation, redness and breakouts – even after the first use. This leaves us with strong hesitations, so we don’t necessarily feel 100% comfortable recommending this line.

What Do We Like Better Than Dr. Hauschka?

Our top pick in 2016 is, without a doubt, BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients, users are reporting amazing results and it’s been shown to help fight the signs of aging.

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26 thoughts on “Dr. Hauschka Review”

  1. What are the actual ingredients in the face cream?
    I do not want anything which can be absorbed into my skin therefore my systems. I have read that some face creams have ingredients which are detrimental to ones body.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. ANYTHING you put on your face will be absorbed into your skin and therefore your “systems”. Better something holistic than scary industrial chemicals!

      1. Oh dear, completely incorrect. Almost nothing can be absorbed by the skin as the majority of molecules are too big to penetrate. Hence why pharmaceutical companies have developed ‘carriers’ which transport topical drugs through the skin. These are not used in the cosmetics industry, else they would be classified as a drug.

        1. ALSO erroneous. Micro or nanoparticles of various substances can be used to penetrate the skin without reclassifying a substance as a drug.

  2. In regards to “The Bad”

    “There is only one customer testimonial posted on the official website.” — Not true, there are numerous product testimonials on their web site.

    Regarding “No free trial skin care treatments are offered at this time.” — Not true, when shoppong at my local health foods store I was given samples of several Dr. Hauschka products so I could try them before I buy.

    1. Not where I live. I used to buy more products and suddenly the stores here stopped giving samples and what is worst: they are selling them!

  3. Dr. Hauschka products are amazingly good. I purchased the trial size on their website and received 3 free samples as well. Also you will find loads of info on the products.

  4. Dr. Hauschka products are DEFINITELY NOT for sensitive skin. Although holistic, they are heavy and full of oils and well as strong fragrance. Very irritating to me.

    1. dr. hauschka products, are for sensitive skin, if you choose the right products. on their official website, you can click on the link for sensitive skin and you are given choices of products specially suited for sensitive skin, ie cleansing milk, rose light day cream and facial toner. you can also choose the right mask for sensitive skin. i have extremely sensitive skin and when i choose the right products my skin has never felt more hydrated without excess greasy feeling and my skin has an allover glow without my usual red rosecea showing. please try the sensitive skin line before totally giving up on these products from dr. hauschka. they are totally organic, herbal ingredients. that will do no harm.

    2. I have sensitive, hyper-reactive skin with eczema and roseacea. I had to see a Dr. Hauschka esthetician to figure out what products (very complex line) but I’ve got a routine now that is very mild and works well. I’m highly allergic to fragrances – can’t even do Aveeda or Origins or any mainstream “holistic” products. But I do fine with this and my skin is visibly improving.

      1. I have sensitive skin as well and actually Dr. Hauschka skin products have really helped my skin the light rose cream is a great cream. I mix this with his day cream and works great. I am almost 55 and day after day I am told I have beautiful skin so I believe completely in his products

  5. Dr Hauschka’s body products are amazing. They have this incredible lemon bath oil and blackthorn body oil which is amazing for firming and toning your body. My skin loves it and their products smell and feel amazing! So luxurious, I highly recommend.

  6. I love Dr. Hauscka products. No peptides or promises – no line fillers. In the high and dry Rocky Mountains I have found this product makes my skin feel and look great. Please know that Dr. H products are sold in many herb stores. In order to carry the product, the persons selling the products must go through training. I previously purchased the products at local herb store in my town; however, they closed and the nearest store is 300 miles, so I purchase on web. I often find a bargain on Canadan Pharm. But please know your credit card company will charge an extra 3%.

  7. Love the day cream for my face, the best thing I have found for a dry complexion. I am 45 and live in a dry climate so I need the moisture and it is great.

  8. I started using the Dr.Hauschka products about two weeks ago. I was keen to use an all organic range, i bought the Cleaning Cream, the Rose Day Light Cream and the Facial Toner. I was really enjoying all three of these products, loved the smell and the experience of using them as well as the way my skin felt after use. However, sadly i have had an allergic reaction to these products, i am not sure which one(as i have been using all at the sametime). I am very disapointed, i presume i am allergic to the esentual oils in the products – as this is a most common. I am not usally allergic to skincare so i was really shocked and disapointed! will have to find someting new 🙁

    1. grace, you could try evan healy’s line. she worked for years with dr. hauschka. she is completely organic and sustainable as well. she offers sample kits you can try.

  9. I began using Dr Hauschka many years ago now. I had acne as a young woman and was very harsh on my skin drying it terribly for years. I started with a cleansing cream, clarifying toner, Quince cream routine and as my skin normalized over a period of months I switched to using the Cleansing Milk, Claryifing Toner and a mix of Toned Day Cream with Moisturing day cream (equal parts). I have read lots of reviews and none have mentioned the toned day cream. I truly love the entire Dr Hauschka product line and have been using it now for over a decade. The extra tone in the day cream gives me a warm skin tone and I don’t need a foundation makeup. Bonus!

  10. My neck is definitely less wrinkled. I am amazed after only 3 weeks using theDr. Hauschka Neck Rejuvenating cream. It was expensive, but the results are for real. People I hadn’t seen for awhile have been saying ‘You look fantastic”. Hmmm! just past my 57th birthday. Will buy it again. Oh ,it lasts a long time! I use it with the moisturizer as recommended.

  11. I am thinking about trying the line, I am going to speak to someone who has been trained in order to get the correct items, but is there any assistance with wrinkle control?

  12. On the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, this product does not have a good score. Why is the score low if the products are all natural?

    1. I just noticed this as well. Dr. Hauschka products received a horrible score on the Environmental
      working Groups website. 1 is the best, and 10 is the worst, some of their ingredients are an 8, some a 7. etc. Mostly for fragrance, as well as immunotoxicity. I was so surprised. Now I’m super confused. They use Coumarin, and Citral, and ethanol, and geraniol. I have no idea what these things are, but the products have them and they are rated as very bad for health. Their rose cream was a 6 overall. Perhaps this line is not as pure as they have purported. Advertising isn’t always true.

  13. Here are my top favorite ‘5’ for skin care ~ Dr. Hauschka, Eminence, Mad Hippie, Ogleby Sisters Soap & Elishea. I’ve tried them all and I like them all

  14. No free trial skin care treatments are offered at this time.

    I’ve used DH for many years, and find it to best line for my skin needs. I’m surprised that the above line was mentioned in this review, as DH has offered samples of the line the whole time I’ve used it. You get free samples by just placing an order or I’ve gotten them from my local health food store at various times. As a long time user, I guess I don’t write reviews, but I have written to the company about my satisfaction of their products.

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