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Dr. Felix Grandel is a chemist out of Germany that began a skin care and dietary product company back in 1947. The products were based on wheat germ. This family business is still going strong with spa treatments and beauty products that are sold in fine spas. There is a map provided on the official website, which makes it easier to find out where you can acquire Dr. Grandel products in your area. Some of the categories you will find listed on the official website are Cleansing, Hydro Active, Vita Body, Puriface, Men, Hydro Lipid, Eye Care, Protect, Timeless, and Ultra Sensitive.

After sorting through the Dr. Grandel skin care line, it is clear that these topical products endeavor to assist with anything from daily cleansing, to toning, to moisturizing, to firming, to healing, to dealing with hyper pigmentation, to helping with sun damage, to smoothing out wrinkles. As with most other skin care brands, a strong focus is placed on anti-aging. A few of the key active ingredients utilized in Dr. Grandel skin care treatments are Vitamin E (assists with healing), Plant Extracts, Avocado Oil (helps calm and hydrate the skin), Vitamin A, and Vitamin C (helps with skin cell renewal and overall radiance).

Product Details

The Dr. Grandel line of skin care products is apparently suitable for women of all skin types and ages, and there is additionally a series of products for men as well. Like other skin care lines, this one is claimed to assist with routine concerns like dryness, oily complexions, razor burn, anti-aging, sun damage, sensitivity, expression lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and facial sagging. Unfortunately there is no clinical data offered to support the products, nor are the actual prices offered for each Dr. Grandel treatment. After all, they cannot be purchased directly through the website. Fortunately there is a page that provides contact information, which makes it easier to ask questions.

The Good

  • Some of the major ingredients for Dr. Grandel products are listed out on the website.
  • There are general descriptions of each product category on the website.
  • A convenient map is offered to show consumers where to find Dr. Grandel products near them.

The Bad

  • None of the prices for these skin care treatments are posted on the website.
  • There are no full ingredient lists offered for Dr. Grandel products at this time.
  • No typical, modern anti-aging or anti-wrinkle ingredients are listed out on the website.
  • Customer reviews for these treatments are not provided for review.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Dr. Grandel is merely one of many skin care lines that are addressed as spa-level. Some individuals will naturally like that this company is fairly old and has stood the test of time. However, there is little data offered on the official website. For example, none of the prices are posted, there are no specific product descriptions (just category overviews), and clinical research is not presented either. You may want to do some serious shopping around before purchasing any Dr. Grandel skin care products.

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  1. im an Esthetician who is looking to open a small spa buisness from home . i need some informations about prices , maniuals, catalougues , if there is any special offers or discounts for proffessionals

  2. Living in Iran, I love Dr. Grandel repair cream. Because my skin is too dry and at the same time too sensitive and acne-prone this product has well helped my skin get hydrated.

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