Dr. Eslee Review


Dr. Eslee was founded on March 18, 2000 by President Kyu-jick Park. President Kyu-jick Park has over 30 years experience in the skincare business. The Dr. Eslee brand offers a large line of skincare products including acne creams, under-eye formulas, pore tightening lotions, anti-wrinkle creams, shampoos, toners, and many more products to choose from. Many of the products claim to help improve complexion and fight the signs of aging, as well as visibly reduce fin lines and wrinkles. Dr. Eslee’s staff still does research to uncover the many causes of skin damage in the hopes of discovering a cure for wrinkles.

Product Details

Dr. Eslee’s products contain no preservatives, no artificial colorings and no surfactants. The products also contain anti-blemish components as well as Saururus. Saururus is an herbal extract that can be found in north East Asia. Dr. Eslee’s products are considered to be non-irritating to the skin and also very environmentally-friendly. The products are also designed for every skin type, and they are targeted at both men and women making them appealing to many customers.

Dr. Eslee’s products claim to contain a vitamin that helps heal rough skin and prevent the signs of aging. These products also claim that they contain no side effects, such as allergic or irritative reactions to the skin. Many websites agree that Dr. Eslee’s products were found to be extremely effective in treating infections in men who shaved their beards and developed folliculitis barbae. The websites also agree that the products were effective in treating oily skin for women of all ages. However as far as the effects of firming the skin and diminishing lines, there is no proven research that we could find.

The Good

  • Dr. Eslee’s product line includes many products.
  • Dr. Eslee has very competitive prices.
  • Dr. Eslee products are designed to treat acne, wrinkles, and skin disorders.
  • It is very easy to find information regarding Dr. Eslee and his products online.
  • Some of the products offer protection from harmful ultra-violet rays.

The Bad

  • Many people who have purchased Dr. Eslee products have stated that there is an inadequate refund policy.
  • Many people state that the products that they have purchased dried their skin out.
  • Many people look for Collagen products and none of Dr. Eslee products promote Collagen.
  • The Dr. Eslee brand seems focused more on general skin health than on treating wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

Dr. Eslee offers a wide range of anti-wrinkle, acne and skin care products that are very affordable. The products are effective in the efforts to cure acne and fight the signs of aging. The Dr. Eslee’s line are all-natural products that contain no preservatives, no artificial colorings or surfactants. Most of Dr. Eslee products contain herbal ingredients, including extracts of Saururus, which is an herb found in Asia. All of Dr. Eslee’s products are considered environmentally friendly and the company claims that these products help many individuals who are looking for anti-aging formulas that can help them turn back the clock and reduce wrinkles, however, there is no research backing this claim. There are many products out on the market today that provide successful anti-wrinkle ingredients as well as have full refund policies.

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