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Editor's Review: 4.0 / 5.0

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Te Dr. Denese skincare line is another super sized skin care line of products promising to reverse the signs of aging. Dr. Denese is a well known physician in Manhattan who founded the Manhattan Anti-Aging Clinic. She is a medical doctor which at first glance makes this line of products more appealing to most consumers. The Dr. Dense skin care products consist of anti-aging treatments as well as a full line of cosmetic products. These products are sold exclusively on QVC.

Product Details

There are numerous products in the Dr. Denese line. This review will focus on several of the anti-aging products. The anti-aging line is also very extensive and it is not clear how many of the products must be used to achieve an overall more youthful appearance. It appears from the Dr. Denese website that 7 products are required for her anti-aging treatment each morning and an additional 8 products are required again as a night time treatment. This is a long list of products to achieve the same effects one single product may be able to achieve. This is also very expensive as well as time consuming for customers.

We have found that most consumers can not afford this super sized anti-aging line of products from Dr. Denese. The website from which the Dr. Denese products are sold does not disclose a full list of ingredients. This makes it impossible to clearly evaluate the safety of use for individuals with sensitive skin and to compare to other anti-aging products on the market.

The Good

  • The Dr. Denese line of skincare products is designed by a medical professional.
  • Products may be purchased online through QVC.

The Bad

  • A Full list of ingredients is not disclosed online for the Dr. Denese anti-aging products.
  • There does not appear to be any clinical trials to back the claims of the Dr. Denese products.
  • The long list of products required to achieve the more youthful appearance and to reduce wrinkles makes this line both expensive and time consuming.

The Bottom Line

The Dr. Denese skin care line of products may be able to reduce the signs of aging, but this is not well presented to consumers. There is no published evidence on the website selling the products to back its claims as an anti-aging product line. There is also a very long to do list to achieve the desired results as well as a long list of products. This is an extremely expensive anti-aging treatment when consumers can purchase other anti-aging products for much less with proven clinical results.

Consumers should look for an anti-aging product line which requires few products, but which has clinical trials to back its claims. There should also be a dedicated website to the product providing a free trial or a money back guarantee. Consumers should also look for products containing Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl. Both of these ingredients have been proven to reduce the signs of aging and reduce wrinkles.

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24 Comments/Questions/Answers to Dr. Denese

  • 1

    A guy who uses the products

    I am a 35 year old man who plays tennis 6 days a week. I use her products. And love them. Although there is a tint to the SPF, it is unnoticable once evenly put on. It also makes my skin look more youthful. If I ever apply too much, I simply blot my face in a bath towel. The product keeps my face matte. (I’m typically a bit oily) btw, I’m not affiliated with the brand / the dr. At all. Just my honest opinion on a product that none of my buds know I use!

  • 2


    I’ve been using Dr. Denese’s products for a while, and I absolutely love them. My skin is now hydrated and smoother, pores are smaller, and fine lines are much diminished. Yes, these products are pricy and it does take time and effort, but that’s usually how it goes for any good result to occur.

  • 3


    I use several of Dr. Denese’s products and where I agree with your review, it is confusing as to know which product(s) to use, if you listen to her presentation, you can find out a little more and you can decide for yourself what you think might work best. She doesn’t push that you have to use a whole regimen. Besides – when you purchase them through QVC, if you don’t feel they are for you – you can return for a full refund – where else can you do that? Just like any other line, there are things you will like and others not so much. What I DO like is that the products are made in the USA and after listening to her and seeing her on PBS, I feel that she is a genuine person who really cares about what she is doing and she believes in her products. I don’t feel that she is just out to make a buck.

  • 4


    In using the tanning gloves from Dr. Denese- what will remove those areas where I got too much – like on the ankle area? Someone said Baby wipes- is there something else or will that work?

  • 5


    Iam 32 years old and I have extra dry skin but recently a had acne problems in my chin.
    my question is? can I use HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum all over my face? I afraid to get more breakups and I really need hidratation in the rest of my face. Please let me know.
    Thank You;

  • 6


    I would avoid using the serum on the areas where you breakout and just put it on the dry areas.

  • 7

    Tami Morrison

    I also have breakouts on chin area and I have to say that since I have been using HydroShield they have stopped. I firmly believe it is due to the product. I say definately put it on those areas. It has totally worked for me!

  • 8



  • 9


    I started using Dr. Denese products about a year ago. Only use four products and there is a big difference in my skin. People have asked me what I have done. Well worth the money for me.

  • 10

    Josephine Christina

    Can you use Dr. Denese’s products if they are 3 years old but never opened?

  • 11


    I have been using Dr Denese’s facial pads and hydroshield serum and it is amazing. I generally have oily acne prone skin and it keeps it matte and reduces pores. Sunkin cheeks are usually caused by tooth loss, tooth shifting or acne scaring. Biologics has a product called Genesphere that will combat your problem.

  • 12


    Can you bring back the mauve lip gloss in tubes ..It is the best ….

  • 13

    Julie T.

    Hi, I agree with your review and in just using a 3 piece kit, I won’t need any other items from her line. That’s all I need. I’ve tested many other creams in varying costs, and I have to say my skin feels very comfortable: not oily, not stretched, just feels very nice. I have sensitive skin too, so I NEED to be able to return if products hurt my skin and these do not.Awesome.I’m in my 40’s by the way ;-)

  • 14

    Laura Paquian

    I want to love the products but after using them for a week I am giving up and going back to Murad. Dr. Denese’s products made my sensitive skin break out in an itchy, bumpy, stinging rash. I bought them from QVC and they are going back tomorrow.

  • 15


    I was going to give the product a try through the trial offer, but when I saw the requirement to buy monthly, I was discouraged

  • 16


    Until having a horrific reaction to Dr. Denese’s Firmatone eye treatment, I was a fan of her products. I used this product twice and have suffered for five days (this is the 5th day) of swollen, red eyes; I look as if someone has hit me. As a doctor, Dr. Denese should warn people that they can suffer a possible reaction. There are far too many ingredients in this one product. I no longer trust her products and how they are tested. I am going to contact the FDA. When checking out her website, I am also suspect about reviews of her products. Today is August 27, 2012, yet the reviews of the Firmatone RX eye treatment are dated Oct and Nov 2012, which makes me believe an employee has posted the reviews.

  • 17


    Does Dr. Denese use animal testing. Are her products cruelty free?

  • 18


    Absolutely the best products I have used. Over 60 redhead who has abused the sun. Have used Lancome for 35 years. I have extremely sensitive skin and I have no problems, but I also read and follow directions, which helps.I am using about 12 products, including cosmetics and have gotten so many compliments.Will be doing the microdermabrasion this week. Dr D. knows her stuff. Had used rx retinol for about 5 years. This far exceeds that. You get what you pay for. My skin looks fantastic, my dermatologist was amazed!

  • 19


    I use the HydroShield all over my face twice a day for years and it never made me break out. I am now 45 years old and it truly helps keep my face young looking

  • 20


    Dr. Denese’s medical specialty isn’t dermatology.Her degree is in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation..odd. I was about to buy some of her products from QVC, where she claims that “No one should have to use 8 different products to get results.” But it seems that’s exactly what you end up doing…confusing. No list of ingredients very disturbing. Phone disconnected @ her Manhattan Anti Aging Clinic. Negative reviews from the NY Times regarding her use of HGH. Cant get any other info about her. Too bad. I was looking forward to buying her products;

  • 21


    I am almost 50 year old woman and I’ve been using the product and at first I felt like it was drying out my skin(because I have dry skin to begin with) but after a few days, I’m loving this product. My favorite is the neck and eye cream. It’s awesome!! I can see the difference in lines around my eyes and also the neck on my skin is firmer. I know it sounds crazy but I see a big difference just in the time I have been applying it. I’m not fond of the day cream( I don’t use it) because of the tint. I wish it didn’t have that but…maybe one will be made without it soon!:)
    I’ve been using the other night cream as a day cream too. When the weather gets warmer, I will just apply facial sunscreen. It’s been only 2 1/2 weeks!

  • 22


    What should I use to help the lines around my mouth. I do not
    but have the creases around my lips. This causes my lipstick to feather outside my lip line.

  • 23

    sharon wallace

    How long before you see maximum results

  • 24

    sharon wallace

    Love this product but still having issues with under eye wrinkles what else can I do

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