Dr. Denese Review

Are you curious about how Dr. Denese works?

Dr. Denese is a huge skincare line that’s available for sale online via the official website and home shopping networks like QVC. We’re not 100% sure when the business started, but we know they hit online in 2003. That’s more than a decade in this market – an accomplishment.

What is Dr. Denese?

Dr. Adrienne Denese started the skincare line. Products for dry, aging, blemished and dull skin are all available online. There’s also makeup, body and hair options. Both ingredients and reviews are listed on the official website. However, all of the testimonials we read were 5 stars and that’s not likely a true representation of all customer experiences.

Quick Facts on Dr. Denese

  • Water and aloe vera are primary ingredients.
  • Prices can top out at more than $100 per product.
  • Trial sizes are available, but some cost between $10 and $15 or less than one ounce.
  • You have 30 days to return for a full refund.
  • You need the original packing slip, return form and purchase receipt to send an item back.
  • You cannot return products from other retailers to Dr. Denese’s website.
  • Preservatives are used.
  • Some products contain fragrance, which can be irritating.
  • Dr. Denese uses parabens.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take?

“With so many skincare lines out there, companies like Dr. Denese need to set themselves apart from the competition,” offers our Skincare Editor. “The trouble we have with these products is that the ingredient lists look rather common. We’re not sure the higher price for some items is really worth it.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the more important things to consider when choosing a skincare line is feeling and effectiveness. We found Dr. Denese reviews that mentioned both.

  • “Bought this item a month ago and have been using it day and night. I have yet to see a difference.”
  • “Got this product of Dr. Denese with 2 other products of hers. None have made a bit of difference.”

Others felt the products did work as claimed.

  • “I love the way my skin looks since I started using it.”
  • “I have a softer skin, when I use regularly, both night and day.”

A greasy, slippery, sticky feeling was reported by multiple users – though some didn’t feel the same.

  • “Slippery, plasticy feel that does nothing. Not impressed with this line at all.”
  • “Totally disliked this product because of the unpleasant odor and the very sticky, tacky feel it left on my skin.”

On the other side of the debate:

  • “My skin feels like silk.”
  • “It soaks into skin within minutes and leaves no oily residue.”

Are We Ready to Give Dr. Denese the Green Light?

We have to look at a product line like this from every angle. Like our Skincare Editor said, there are some issues with price as the formulas are nothing special or new. We also found that, in certain cases, reviews point to lack of results and an icky feeling on the skin. These factors leave us with reservations about recommending Dr. Denese.

What Do We Like Better Than Dr. Denese?

For 2016, our top pick has to be BioGeniste. This formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients that hydrate, fight the signs of aging and sell for an affordable price. You’ll also have no trouble finding users talking about amazing results.

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28 thoughts on “Dr. Denese Review”

  1. I am a 35 year old man who plays tennis 6 days a week. I use her products. And love them. Although there is a tint to the SPF, it is unnoticable once evenly put on. It also makes my skin look more youthful. If I ever apply too much, I simply blot my face in a bath towel. The product keeps my face matte. (I’m typically a bit oily) btw, I’m not affiliated with the brand / the dr. At all. Just my honest opinion on a product that none of my buds know I use!

  2. I’ve been using Dr. Denese’s products for a while, and I absolutely love them. My skin is now hydrated and smoother, pores are smaller, and fine lines are much diminished. Yes, these products are pricy and it does take time and effort, but that’s usually how it goes for any good result to occur.

  3. I use several of Dr. Denese’s products and where I agree with your review, it is confusing as to know which product(s) to use, if you listen to her presentation, you can find out a little more and you can decide for yourself what you think might work best. She doesn’t push that you have to use a whole regimen. Besides – when you purchase them through QVC, if you don’t feel they are for you – you can return for a full refund – where else can you do that? Just like any other line, there are things you will like and others not so much. What I DO like is that the products are made in the USA and after listening to her and seeing her on PBS, I feel that she is a genuine person who really cares about what she is doing and she believes in her products. I don’t feel that she is just out to make a buck.

    1. Hi, I agree with your review and in just using a 3 piece kit, I won’t need any other items from her line. That’s all I need. I’ve tested many other creams in varying costs, and I have to say my skin feels very comfortable: not oily, not stretched, just feels very nice. I have sensitive skin too, so I NEED to be able to return if products hurt my skin and these do not.Awesome.I’m in my 40’s by the way 😉

  4. In using the tanning gloves from Dr. Denese- what will remove those areas where I got too much – like on the ankle area? Someone said Baby wipes- is there something else or will that work?

  5. Iam 32 years old and I have extra dry skin but recently a had acne problems in my chin.
    my question is? can I use HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum all over my face? I afraid to get more breakups and I really need hidratation in the rest of my face. Please let me know.
    Thank You;

    1. I also have breakouts on chin area and I have to say that since I have been using HydroShield they have stopped. I firmly believe it is due to the product. I say definately put it on those areas. It has totally worked for me!

    2. I use the HydroShield all over my face twice a day for years and it never made me break out. I am now 45 years old and it truly helps keep my face young looking

    1. I have been using Dr Denese’s facial pads and hydroshield serum and it is amazing. I generally have oily acne prone skin and it keeps it matte and reduces pores. Sunkin cheeks are usually caused by tooth loss, tooth shifting or acne scaring. Biologics has a product called Genesphere that will combat your problem.

  6. I started using Dr. Denese products about a year ago. Only use four products and there is a big difference in my skin. People have asked me what I have done. Well worth the money for me.

  7. I want to love the products but after using them for a week I am giving up and going back to Murad. Dr. Denese’s products made my sensitive skin break out in an itchy, bumpy, stinging rash. I bought them from QVC and they are going back tomorrow.

  8. I was going to give the product a try through the trial offer, but when I saw the requirement to buy monthly, I was discouraged

  9. Until having a horrific reaction to Dr. Denese’s Firmatone eye treatment, I was a fan of her products. I used this product twice and have suffered for five days (this is the 5th day) of swollen, red eyes; I look as if someone has hit me. As a doctor, Dr. Denese should warn people that they can suffer a possible reaction. There are far too many ingredients in this one product. I no longer trust her products and how they are tested. I am going to contact the FDA. When checking out her website, I am also suspect about reviews of her products. Today is August 27, 2012, yet the reviews of the Firmatone RX eye treatment are dated Oct and Nov 2012, which makes me believe an employee has posted the reviews.

  10. Absolutely the best products I have used. Over 60 redhead who has abused the sun. Have used Lancome for 35 years. I have extremely sensitive skin and I have no problems, but I also read and follow directions, which helps.I am using about 12 products, including cosmetics and have gotten so many compliments.Will be doing the microdermabrasion this week. Dr D. knows her stuff. Had used rx retinol for about 5 years. This far exceeds that. You get what you pay for. My skin looks fantastic, my dermatologist was amazed!

  11. Dr. Denese’s medical specialty isn’t dermatology.Her degree is in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation..odd. I was about to buy some of her products from QVC, where she claims that “No one should have to use 8 different products to get results.” But it seems that’s exactly what you end up doing…confusing. No list of ingredients very disturbing. Phone disconnected @ her Manhattan Anti Aging Clinic. Negative reviews from the NY Times regarding her use of HGH. Cant get any other info about her. Too bad. I was looking forward to buying her products;

  12. I am almost 50 year old woman and I’ve been using the product and at first I felt like it was drying out my skin(because I have dry skin to begin with) but after a few days, I’m loving this product. My favorite is the neck and eye cream. It’s awesome!! I can see the difference in lines around my eyes and also the neck on my skin is firmer. I know it sounds crazy but I see a big difference just in the time I have been applying it. I’m not fond of the day cream( I don’t use it) because of the tint. I wish it didn’t have that but…maybe one will be made without it soon!:)
    I’ve been using the other night cream as a day cream too. When the weather gets warmer, I will just apply facial sunscreen. It’s been only 2 1/2 weeks!

  13. What should I use to help the lines around my mouth. I do not
    but have the creases around my lips. This causes my lipstick to feather outside my lip line.

  14. I am a 64 yo f and have been using Dr Deneses’s system of products for more than 3 months. I have tried most facial products from low end to high end and have to say this line is by far the best for where I am with my aging skin. Every age group needs to find something that works for their skin type. This product line may have been too costly for what my skin needed in my 20’s and 30’s (Olay worked perfectly), but at this stage I have to say I love this product line, especially the hydroshield face serum, the firming pads, the Med MD 33 reserve cream is awesome and the neck cream is great too. The products feel great and I , and others, have noticed my youthful and healthy looking skin. Not the cheapest out there, but good price point for the quality and amount of product and QVC offers good buys on their easy pay
    system. I will stick with this product line unless or until my skin changes and need to try something else.

  15. I purchased the TV offer based on Dr .Dense’s demonstrations, illustrations & explanation of her products. I used the product for a full 30 days as per the instructions provided in the packaging. I’m 43 and used Olay products since my late 20’s. I was completely disappointed with the results concluding the 30 days. I saw absolutely no change that the product claimed to address. There were to many products to use, which became confusing and frustrating. The ordering & cancelation process were a nightmare. The product price was not clear & deceiving. The customer service reps where not knowledgeable of the very products they were to assist you with. Overall I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  16. I tried to use it for 30 days, however, my skin felt dry and it looked like I had even more wrinkles, after 2 weeks I stopped and it took about 3 days for my skin to start to feel normal again. When I called to cancel I was put on hold several times and they kept trying to sell me something else. I had not called in time to stop the next shipment As soon as I got is sent it back via UPS so I could track it, they received it on 08/26 and here it 09/08 (8) business days and I have still not been refunded. Not only is it a horrible product, but horrible customer service and a company that wants to keep your money even though they say you can return it for a full refund.

  17. I got my skin care line in the mail yesterday put some serum on, it left my face very greasy
    Then I put the moisturizer on went to bed
    Woke up with glowing skin, so soft and silky
    I won’t use it in the day, only at night
    But I’ll see if its a keeper when I’ve used it for a while

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