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Dr. Alkaitis claims that you can only truly feel good and have an inner glow if both the inside and outside of your body are in touch with each other. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and, by taking care of it, you can prevent all kinds of health problems as well as look your best. Dr. Alkaitis products utilize plants and minerals that come from organic areas that are free from pollution.

On the official Dr. Alkaitis website, there are a handful of products, each one organic, that span the categories of cleansers, toners, masks, serums, gels, shampoos, and makeup removers. Each product has the word “organic” right in the name so that the consumer makes sure to remember that. The official website for Dr. Alkaitis products is set up very nicely and has a lot of information. The mission statement of the company is summed up well in just a couple paragraphs, and the products themselves are described in a few short sentences. These products contain all-natural ingredients so they don’t need a 5 page report describing the synthetics used to accompany them.

Product Details

Out of all of the Dr. Alkaitis products, only a few seem like they may be beneficial in the anti-aging area. The ones that stick out are the Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, Organic Day Cream, and the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil.

The Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask contains oats, blueberry, bilberry, strawberry, raspberry, and tons of other berries and herbs. This product claims to rejuvenate your skin while also providing it with healthy antioxidants, minerals, immune system boosters, and phytonutrients.

The Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream uses aloe vera and shea butter along with some vitamins and herbs to create a mild cream that is supposed to improve the functioning of facial glands while rejvenating the skin.

The Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil combines a multitude of all natural oils such as jojoba wioth all kinds of vitamins and herbs. This product claims to be great for massages and for helping your skin remain elastic.

The Good

  • For organic products, the Dr. Alkaitis line really is not too expensive.
  • These products contain all-natural ingredients.


The Bad

  • No Dr. Alkaitis products are technically formulated specifically for fighting wrinkles.
  • None of these products contain powerful moisturizers or wrinkle fighters.
  • We don’t see a money back guarantee on the website.

The Bottom Line

Organic products are selling well right now as people shy away from products containing various chemicals. The Dr. Akaitis line of products offers very “earth friendly” products that may appeal to a wide range of people. The problem we have with these products is that they aren’t technically wrinkle fighters so if you want something to help get rid of wrinkles, you will probably want to keep looking.

2 thoughts on “Dr Alkaitis Review”

  1. I have never found comparable organic skin care. In the 5 years I have been using Dr Alkaitis I have not gotten one new wrinkle (I’m 64), my age spots have faded, and I get compliments on how beautiful my skin is (never got compliments before now), and no more large pores, no more rosacea. All the products are incredible.

  2. I use all his products and love how they make my skin feel, but most importantly look!
    They smell beautiful and have even cleared up my daughters Excema, no more hydrocortisone cream!
    I can not recommend this product enough

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