The dm SKINCARE line is produced by DermaMed USA, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of medical and aesthetic equipment. According to the dm SKINCARE website, DermaMed USA has been recognized by physicians and skincare specialists around the world for 22 years. The skin care line features antioxidants and botanicals in its formulations.

The dm SKINCARE line includes a cleanser, toners, moisturizers, serums and treatments, as well as a sunblock. One of the dm moisturizers, the Collagen Renewal Cream, is specifically formulated to reduce fine lines and improve skin texture. The products are available individually or in “routines”. The routine packages are Hydrating, Clarifying, Lightening, and Anti-Aging. Oddly, the Collagen Renewal Cream is not included in the Anti-Aging kit. dm SKINCARE does not offer online ordering, but the website states that this feature is coming soon. You must call the company to order. All prices are noted on the website. There is no indication of a product guarantee or any product samples or trial sizes available.

Product Details

The main anti-aging ingredients in the dm SKINCARE line are Vitamins A (as retinyl palmitate) and Vitamin C. Green tea extract is a common ingredient in this line and has been independently proven to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. What does not appear to be included in the dm SKINCARE formulations are peptides, such as Argiriline or Matrixyl 3000, which have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. Higher-quality anti-wrinkle formulas include these peptides to produce dramatic and long-lasting effects on wrinkles and fine lines.

dm SKINCARE does not appear to include a full list of ingredients for any of its products on its website, which makes it difficult to determine what other ingredients might be included. For example, parabens are found in many lower-quality skin care creams and serums. Parabens are cosmetic preservatives and are known allergens. It is also difficult to determine if these products contain synthetic colors, fragrances, or “fillers”.

The Good

  • Contains antioxidants and extracts that may help to improve skin.
  • Can purchase directly from the manufacturer.
  • dm SKINCARE is a full line of skin care products.

The Bad

  • Products may not contain peptides or other proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • No full ingredient list provided.
  • Cannot purchase online from the company’s website.
  • No money-back guarantee or product samples available.

The Bottom Line

dm SKINCARE products provide many treatments to help hydrate and improve aging skin. The inclusion of common ingredients like Vitamins A and C and green tea extract do not set this skin care line apart from its competitors. It would be preferable to see peptides included in the active ingredients to have some assurance that these products were effective. Not providing a full list of ingredients makes it difficult for those with skin sensitivities or allergies to assess whether these products are appropriate for them and they may want to avoid these products until a full ingredient list is available before purchase. There are many anti-wrinkle products on the market that include proven ingredients and stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee, and you may wish to try those instead for simplicity’s sake.

44 thoughts on “Dm SKINCARE Review”

  1. How do you get in touch with this company by email? I called to cancel my order and the girl said I would receive an email confirming this. but of course I never did get one…..

    1. just close your account take your money out and get a NEW ONE I HAD TO . i SENT FOR THE OIL AND CANT CANCEL THEM ONE SO JUST WATCH OUT??????

  2. SkinDM is a HUGE ripoff..Do not waste your money…I tried to cancel my order then looked on my account and there it was another charge!!

    1. i have been ringing allday they gave me this no to let them know if i dont want any more but no such no all day and thurs dont even go there

    2. i tryed to ring i have no closed my bank accoutt for internet so hopefully others will follow and the cream no good you would be better to buy so face cream from boots .

    3. Definitely a product that does no hold to their marketing. Cancel your account and open a new one and do not purchase any facial creams via the internet! Good luck!

  3. OMG what a SCAM, I purchased the trial received it, but all the other product never came how ever they keep charging my card, i cant return any product after 30 days but until I find my product with the postal tracking number i cant return it it wasn’t even shipped to the right postal code, but they are not responsible, give me a break this has SCAM all over it, call the 877-818-3245 number and there are tons of operators talking to upset people just like me, steer clear of this one!

  4. I agree they scam people. I ordered a trial. they said I would get it within 10 days. It arrived 17 days later.They only give you 15 days to return it.I returned it to the Ontario warehouse. because I did not have their permission to return it they charged my credit card over 100.00. They sent another , I refused at the post office. We put the rma number on it, when I called them they said it must have been lost in the mail and they again charged my credit card over $100.00. I had to cancel my credit card. Beware of this company.

  5. You have billed my account for 89.41 for what I do not know. Your sample was received on December 15, and you billed me the 89.41 on Dec 27. I tried the cream and broke out from it. Why did you bill me without my ordering more? Reverse that payment or I must write to the Better Business Bureau of Long Island, NY
    There are too many disgruntled receivers of the product on your site. What kind of a scam are you running anyhow? I think you timed this with the Christmas rush to get your stuff through.

  6. Same thing happened to my mom. They billed her credit card 100 dollars for the free trial products! I don’t know how they keep getting awAy with it

  7. I truly believe these people are out and out Spammers, Scammers, and out and out Lyers.
    They tried to bill my Credit Card another 85+ dollars even after I canceled and wanted me to send the empty Jar Back. (talk about a bunch of crap) I told them to sue me and then take the invoice to either the Men’s room or the Women’s rooM and wipe the butts with it.
    I truly believe these people should be in the CAN.

  8. Absolutely shocking how they can get. Away wiv this scam and ur not even covered by insurance etc I’m fuming cream is a rip off it doesn’t even work at all so angry stay clear!!!cancel in ur bank!!!

  9. hello
    i’m from uk and i have ordered this cream which has not arived yet after 9 days … i believe it was not being shipped from USA as there was an english website!!!
    my question is: is this a scam and do i have to be worrid about them taking more money from my bank account with out me knowing ??? any advise would be appeciated !!!

  10. Report them to the Better Business Bureau, I tried the product for $3.95 shipping, I called to cancel, they tried to talk me into trying the product for 2 more weeks. If I stopped my order now, it would cost me to ship back the product or they would charge me $19.97. I asked what if I try it for 2 more weeks and want to cancel. They told me then it would cost me $97 in two weeks. They charged me $19.97, then I reported them to the better business bureau, and called my bank and reported the charge of $19.97 had been disputed.

  11. THIS product made my skin bright red and very scaley. They say when you order it costs postage only and if you telephone to cancel you get the USA EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE UK. They keep you hanging on for ages and then you have to return the product not used at your expense – WHY. Do they fill it up and send it somewhere else? They suggest you also use Skin SM for it to be more effective. Also although the telephone process [2 different numbers] is the same and the voices whilst waiting, the paper work and the return address is the same they claim to be two different companies so you have to make two calls and send 2 different parcels back. There must be some kind of scam!

    1. I experienced the same call..I ordered the SkinDM and the RejuvaGLOW,but they were supposedly two different companies.I asked why I had the same customer ID for two different companies…they replied because both products are shipped out of the same warehouse.
      SkinDM I was talking to Thaddeus and RejuvaGLOW I spoke with Tanisha but when I called back to SkinDM and spoke with a Dorothy she let the cat out of the bag and mentioned “Oh your last call you spoke with Tanisha” I said “NO,I spoke with Thaddeus”
      Immediately I realized that this technical support/customer care call center is processing lord knows how many products for DermaMed USA, Inc.


  13. This is scam. I also bought free trial, paid just for delivery. I got creams, but now they took from my accaount £100!!!! I blocked card but i do not believe that i will get my £100. Do not buy anything from them.

  14. This company is Shameless.I thought I was getting a FREE trial size Jar of SkinDM for shipping charges of $3.95.This is how they advertised their product!
    I receive my Visa and see there is a charge of almost $100.00 for this product!! I call the toll free number and heard all about how it was a 14 day trial offer and if I didn’t contact them before the 14 days were up then my credit card would be charged the full amount of said product.
    When I ordered this product from it’s advertisement on Facebook it didn’t say anything about this contract.I would have thought they would have contacted me before there so called trial time was up to see if I wanted to continue with their product.
    They do not contact you because once the charges are on your credit card there is nothing they will do for you!It’s a win,win situation for them to be dishonest with how they promote and sell their products.

  15. please anybody tell me how to stop payment ????? they keeping take money from my card every couple weeks 89.00$ please help me :((

    1. You can contact your credit card company fraud division and tell them that this company has made an unauthorized purchase with your card. Then change your card number. And if they want the unused portion back tell them to send you a box with $3.95 for each product!

  16. Total scam….ordered free trial for 3.95….received product in a week….called them said I was notifying my charge card & blocking them…never advertised 14 day trial…pay to return…auto billing….DO NOT ORDER from!!!

  17. Charged shipping for SkinDM anti-aging cream for a free 14 day trail. Gave option to send remaining product back after trail or pay $19.95. Right after I stated I would pay, I changed my mind & am told it is to late that charge had already gone through! Unused product will be thrown away, but it’s a scam to presuade you to keep the product! No more FREE Products for me, because I’ve had it! Unhappy Customer 🙁

    1. I was going to order, but after reading all the problems I have chosen not to. One thing I will warm people is that they do let you know yo will be billed the $89 after 18 days. If you actually read the terms and conditions you would know that. I had that trouble with another company, so I always read terms and conditions now! I also try and pay with a pre-paid Visa. This way they can only charge me once!

  18. They never told the ingreants i am allergic to vitamin E . Thank God i checked this web site to try to find a phone no. Never told me how much it cost till they got my credt card no. This company should be shut down

  19. When I purchased the free trail My Bank spotted them as a possible fraud and they contacted me right away. If you need help stopping the charges call your bank right away and ask them to block your card-and tell them about how this company keeps taking a lot of money that you did not authorize. Let them know that you cannot contact the company because they don’t answer their customer service number-ever! The bank will send you a new card. It will take approximately 2 weeks but is worth the peace of mind knowing that they can not get into your bank account again!

  20. Please give me a phone number to your customer service line for Rejuvaglow. I have been trying to obtain a number with no results. Please respond. Thank you, Lisa Zulli

  21. Unfortunately I have very sentitive skin and I would not recommend this product to clients who are having the same problem. It contains cetyl alochol and Hyaluronic Acid not shown on the webpage or on the website purchased from. Please be careful, it has burned my entire face obviously I cannot use this product, and it do nothing to fade or fill lines around eyes. AND NO they do not return your money!!!

  22. sent it back charged me for it any way sent me another one had to shut down my credit card so they can not do it again to me

  23. Don’t do it! Not only do these products not work even tho they send you enough to bath in, they are based in Ireland and you have additional fees for that. My credit card company is handling this for me. Don’t do it!!!

  24. I am so furious with theses crooks I too got suckered into it. I saw te ad on Facebook for a free trial just pay the shipping. No where does it say its a 14 day trial until you receive your credit statement billed for the ful amount. I actually got thru via phone and cussed them out and I plan to take action with BBB and my credit card company. These idiots are crooks and what they are doing is very unethical. Don’t fall for their SCAM!

  25. This is a ripoff when you call to cancel they still charge you! I had to close my account and file affidavit to get my money back!! SCAM ALERT

  26. I agree with all of the above comments. I accidentally hit the order button. I called the following day and canceled it and was told that it was already sent out. I waited 4 days and still had not received the product so called back. Jeremy (Supervisor) said since I had not received the product that he would have to send another one out. When I receive that one I will have to call back and get the RMA number and instructions for returning the product. Plus already been charged the shipping of the first shipment not received and now I will have to pay to return the product when he sends out the second one. He did say he extended my trial period until August 6th. So we will see. This is ridiculous! Don’t order from this company! The number I called was 877-818-3245 and that is what number he said to call back to return the new shipment when/if received. To much hassle to just get something cancelled before they ship the product then say they already shipped it and now I have to wait for the second shipment and pay return postage before they can cancel my account!

  27. I just ordered this yesterday and now I read all the horrible reviews, I should’ve read these before I ordered but the guy in customer service told me that i can cancel anytime within the 14 days free trial to avoid further charges, he said everyone’s mad cuz they don’t read the fine print so should i change my credit card to avoid further charges? Advice please!!!

  28. It doesn’t matter if you call and cancel before trial is up or not. They are going to charge you:SkinDM=$95.41 and Rejuvaglow=$92.61 for the free trial bottles you received. So basically you are paying almost $200.00 for 2 ozs of sht that doesn’t work. I wish I had seen this site before my stupidity got the best of me! And I read the fine lines, but I interpreted to mean I would be sent more and charged for that not this.

  29. this company is a ripoff just taking money from unsuspecting people!!!!Do Not…do not get roped into this scam!!!!!!!!!

  30. I suggest that people pay attention: Dm Skincare is NOT the same as Skin DM. Reading comprehension is really helpful.

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