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More and more, skin care treatments are coming out of the woodwork to address facial wrinkles and common signs of aging. As you may already be aware, a young and radiant complexion is pretty desirable these days. One skin care product called Distinction Firmalift is available from the company Distinction by Leigh Valentine. This anti-wrinkle serum sells through the official website for $39.99 for one fluid ounce. It basically endeavors to minimize fine lines, reduce facial sagging, improve skin firmness and battle facial wrinkles. There is a before and after photo posted on the official website.

Similar to a number of other anti-aging products available these days, Distinction Firmalift serum aims to address both facial skin and under-eye areas. It’s claimed to encourage a softer and more youthful complexion. The primary ingredient offered in Distinction Firmalift is “Elastisome,” which is an exclusive component that may improve the overall radiance of skin. As stated on the official website, Distinction Firmalift has the potential to reduce the appearance of “fine lines up to 57 percent, while increasing skin firmness up to 35 percent.” Similar to most other anti-aging products, the results of this skin treatment may vary from user to user. Distinction Firmalift is intended to be used daily after cleansing, as part of a regular skin care routine.

Product Details

Distinction Firmalift is a skin care serum that is pitched as an “alternative to Botox.” This anti-aging treatment is primarily marketed toward middle-aged women, and is intended for the face and eye areas. Distinction Firmalift aims to reduce fine lines, improve skin firmness, smooth out wrinkles, improve softness and assists with facial sagging. Some clinical studies have been done with Distinction Firmalift serum. The average user is stated to have had a 37% wrinkle/firmness improvement. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any 100% guarantee offered with this skin care product. A full list of ingredients for Distinction Firmalift is not presented on the website, however, the key active ingredient is revealed as elastisome.

The Good

  • Distinction Firmalift can be acquired conveniently via the official website.
  • Clinical studies have shown that the average user achieves a 37% improvement with Distinction Firmalift serum.
  • A before and after photo is posted on the website.

The Bad

  • There are no reviews posted on the official website from customers who’ve tried Distinction Firmalift.
  • The full list of ingredients is not offered, which may concern individuals with certain skin allergies.
  • There is no money-back guarantee offered with this anti-wrinkle treatment.
  • A single ounce container, which is what’s offered, may not last users long, since it’s directed to be applied daily to the face and eye areas.

The Bottom Line

Since so many skin care treatments and anti-aging products are available these days, it can be difficult selecting one. In regards to Distinction Firmalift, there are not a lot of reasons to choose this serum over many others. While this topical treatment has had clinical studies done that have revealed wrinkle reduction in some users, there are no success stories posted on the official website. Furthermore, the website lacks a list of ingredients for Distinction Firmalift, as well as a product guarantee, which many consumers like to see when purchasing something new.

2 thoughts on “Distinction Firmalift Review”

  1. I use this product and have for years! y complaint is that discounted sites like QVC run out too quickly and it’s had to get it! It works! Even with the most pronounced bags of family and friends I put it on them and they saw the results within a few minutes! It lasts all day long. It doesn’t feel tacky you can’t rub it off accidently. It is perfect under dry mineral powder makeup and very natural looking. You just pump once and smooth it under each eye and let it dry and you can brush your teeth and wash your face and whatever didn’t dry, you can smooth in and do your makeup. One bottle lasts me several months.

  2. The purple gel … Called Firmalift Eye Ge . .. Was a great product. It is no longer available. Too bad. It really worked!!!

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