DISTINCTION Face Lift Kit Review


The DISTINCTION line of skin care products is made by Leigh Valentine, who is frequently seen on QVC with the products. The DISTINCTION Face Lift Kit is a 5-piece product grouping, including Mask Powder, Mask Activator, Firmalift, Skin Renewal Booster, and a Face Lift Brush.

The main active ingredient in the DISTINCTION Firmalift cream is the proprietary elastisome, which appears to be a form of Butylene Glycol, an ingredient found in many skin care products. The DISTINCTION website does provide details of a clinical study supporting the conclusion that Firmalift reduces wrinkles by up to 57% in four weeks. The DISTINCTION products are available for purchase on the Leigh Valentine website. The company provides a product discount for joining their membership club. Joining the club will allow you to receive refill products automatically every month at a reduced price. There does not appear to be a product guarantee on the website, nor are free samples or trial sizes offered.

Product Details

The DISTINCTION Mask Powder and the Mask Activator are mixed together and applied to the face with a brush every three days for the first two weeks, and every week thereafter. The mask products contain a number of active ingredients. Among them is AHA or alpha hydroxy acid, an ingredient commonly found in anti-wrinkle or skin rejuvenation formulations. AHA can cause redness and itching of the skin and can also increase a person’s photosensitivity, which means it will react with the skin if exposed to direct sunlight for up to a week following the treatment.

The Firmalift contains a patented form of Butylene Glycol, found often in skin care products. Also included are Gotu Kola and Echinacea extracts. The website does not provide information as to the effectiveness of these ingredients on skin firming. Firmalift is to be used morning and night according to the instructions.

The Skin Renewal Booster is to be used morning and evening after the Firmalift. The Skin Renewal Booster contains natural fruit acids that encourage cell turnover to remove old, dead skin. The product also contains alpha hydroxy acid or AHA, which can cause skin sensitivities.

All of the DISTINCTION Face Lift Kit products contain parabens, such as methylparaben and propylparaben, cosmetic preservatives that are known allergens. Many high-quality skin care products do not include parabens in their formulations. Because of the number of ingredients that could trigger sensitivities or allergic reactions, it is important for those with sensitive skin to study the ingredient listing prior to purchasing the product.

The Good

  • Can purchase products on the company’s website.
  • May reduce wrinkles based on clinical study.
  • Can receive a reduced price through club membership.

The Bad

  • Many product ingredients have no information provided regarding their effectiveness.
  • No money-back guarantee is offered.
  • There are no apparent free samples or trial sizes available.
  • Products contain known allergens.

The Bottom Line

The DISTINCTION Face Lift Kit implies that it can deliver surgical results with topical applications. There is not enough available information to be able to assess that claim. Although a clinical study is quoted on the effectiveness of one of the active ingredients in the product, there is no evidence of clinical studies on the product formulation itself. Proven ingredients like peptides do not appear to be included in these products. If you suffer from skin sensitivities or allergies, you should be very wary of this product set. There are many anti-wrinkle products on the market with high-quality proven ingredients that are non-allergenic and carry a money-back guarantee. You may wish to choose one of those skin care creams or serums instead.

7 thoughts on “DISTINCTION Face Lift Kit Review”

  1. I was receiving non-surgical face lift kit every 3 month for many years … lately I do not received any more .. Why???Please i’m waiting for the answer … Thank you… Ms. Dubrova

  2. I started using Leigh Valentine’s nonsurgical facelift kit through automatic shipments about 20 yrs ago through Distinction Club A. I received the product that way until the last couple of years. The phone number I have for them is no longer current and I can’t find them on the web. I have ordered directly from the Leigh Valentine site. I like the automatic shipments. I could call and skip a month or so and change my order. I think it is a good deal. The facelift is really good for a quick fix and the longer you use it, the better it works.

  3. My name is Teri Krantz I am a member of use this product for years but I did not get my March monthly product I really would like to receive it I was told it was backordered and they would ship it as soon as possible it’s the firm a lift kit I’m if you could please let me know when this will ship or how to get a hold of you by phone

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