Diadermine Review

Have a few questions about Diadermine?

Diadermine is an international anti-aging product line that’s been around for more than 100 years. There is an official website for customers in Austria, Belgium, Greece, Russia, and others, but nothing for the United States. What’s interesting is the main page is in English, but there’s no English option on the location-specific sites.

What is Diadermine?

Diadermine is a skin care line that includes products like Lift and Hydratant and Wrinkle Expert 3D. These are available for sale from Amazon to customers in the United States. The prices are affordable, but there are very few reviews and labels in English are hard to find. Ingredients commonly used include hexanediol, glycerin, tocopherol, hyaluronic acid, fragrance, methylparaben and propylparaben.

Quick Facts on Diadermine

  • We can’t find an English website.
  • You can order from Amazon.
  • Some ingredient lists are available, but not all.
  • The line contains irritants like fragrance.
  • Fragrance can cause skin irritation and symptoms of premature aging.
  • Contains parabens.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Diadermine?

“It’s difficult to decide whether or not this product line is worth a chance,” says our Skincare Editor. “There’s very little information and no English website. The details on Amazon are not enough to make a firm decision.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are very few reviews for the products. The ones we did find seem to like the line.

  • “Great Product which subtly lifts and moisturizes my almost 60 years away. I like it! “
  • “The cream is non-greasy and in easily absorbed into the facial skin.”
  • “I have only used this cream for one week, but I see some improvement on my skin.”

Are We Ready to Place an Order for Diadermine?

No, there’s not enough information for us to back Diadermine 100%. We know at least one irritant, fragrance, is used and there are fewer than 20 reviews online. Combine that with the fact that the company does not offer a US website and we have serious reservations.

What Do We Like Better Than Diadermine?

From hundreds of products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands out is BioGeniste. It’s formulated with clinically tested ingredients that have been shown to help tighten skin.

Click here to check out the details on BioGeniste today.

13 thoughts on “Diadermine Review”

  1. As my children are grandchildren of the founders
    (Bonetti Freres)of the Diadermine in Paris in 1904,
    I have been following the development of the creme, since Henkel took over.

    I wish you continued success

    Maria – Luise Bonetti

  2. I used the DIADERMINE anti-wrinkle cream for age 55+ for a couple of months and the result is fantastic. The cream has smoothed my face and reduced the wrinkles. I have tried all kinds including hydroderm (junk). What websites in the U.S. sell it?

  3. I’ve bought an anti-aging oinment and I’d like to know when and how I should use it? really I’ve bought it in Greece and the manual is in Greek and I can’t underestand it. please guide me

  4. I live in France and I bought the day and night creams with argan oil…I am extremely happy with the results…my skin is better now than it has been for a long time even though I was using far more expensive creams.

  5. Wait what?? 125 dollars?
    The Diadermine creams in the Netherlands range from 6-18 euro’s. Diadermine is considered a reliable drugstore brand. Not a luxurious $50+ brand. I like the brand, my favourite is the eye-makeup remover. Most of their creams are too rich for me, but the smell and texture is absolutely lovely.

  6. Hi Jen – I have just bought the day and night cream and find it good. I’m also in the Netherlands, and mine cost 10euro each. I wish they had an exfoliator.

  7. pls tell me what’s the product that i can use for DIADERMINE WHITENING for SKIN and face..And for UNDERARM WHITENING…pls help me.to choice the product.. cause there’s no english…

  8. I have been using Diadermine for over 2 years now and it is fantastic…I am going to be bringing the products into the USA for sale in the next month or two. I will stand behind the product and will tell customers how to use it. I was using luxury creams costing up to $360.00 a jar and now I swear by this cream and will make it available to as many women as possible. My skin looks amazing!

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