Diadermine Review


Schwarz Koph and Henkel, a German company that produces luxury toiletries, skin care products, and cosmetics, is the maker of the Diadermine wrinkle cream. It is a big company that employs over 53,000 people from all over the world. According to the manufacturer, Diadermine cream is a high performance skin cream that is especially formulated by dermatologist that guarantees a younger skin appearance. Also, they say that the cream works by “plumping” wrinkles in all three dimensions – by stimulating and repairing skin cells and by targeting wrinkles right at their source to help the skin achieve its normal health status. They say that the wrinkles are being “plumped” from the inside, in depth, surface and in length. The materials used are said to work on these three dimensional effects. Included in the range of Diadermine skin care are products such as skin cleansers and moisturizers.

Product Details

Diadermine wrinkle cream is very famous in Europe, mostly in Spain and France. However, this product is not available in the US. It is sold in many online shops but the information and instructions are available in German language. When buying the cream from US online shops, they will provide customers with translation on how to use the cream. The product costs around $125. The manufacturer has a website for Diadermine wrinkle cream however it is in German language and the list of ingredients is not available. Also, it is difficult to find English reviews and information regarding the product.

The Good

  • There is an official website.
  • The cream is very famous in Europe, particularly in Germany and France.
  • It is easy to navigate the website.

The Bad

  • Most of Diadermine information is in German.
  • There is no way you can order directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • No free gift comes with every purchase of the product.
  • It is difficult to purchase Diadermine in the US and the product information is not in English.
  • It is expensive to purchase the product from an online store.

The Bottom Line

There is no clear information about the product that is written in English. Currently, the price of Diadermine is considered to be expensive when bought online from US distributors. However, it is much cheaper when purchased in Germany. It is one of the best selling facial cream in Spain and it seems to get a high rate and positive feedback from European women. However, it is difficult to rate the product not unless we can get more reliable information. It is difficult to review a product if we don’t know what the ingredients are. Currently, there are no standardized controlled tests made regarding the product’s effect on wrinkles, so it’s hard to recommend that this cream should be used and if it is better than other products. If the manufacturer of this cream will introduce the product to the US market, then most likely there will be more information about the product in English.


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