Dermyn Active Serum Review


Dermyn Active Serum offers consumers the benefits of a face lift without having to pay the high price of cosmetic surgery. The product does not have an official website, which is a negative in today’s beauty market. The third party retailers offer information on the product including the details regarding the proprietary blend used to produce younger looking skin. With claims like increased epidermal cell contraction and improvements in the dermal fiber structure, this product requires a bit more research.

Product Features

The consumer must note that not all third party website information can be taken as true. Taking that into consideration, we searched through several retailers to find information on this spectacular product. According to some websites, the Dermyn Active Serum was awarded the Natural Cosmetic Product of the Year title. Other important information available through the retailers included the complete ingredient listing and application instructions. None of the retail websites we researched noted a refund or return policy for the Dermyn Active Serum. There were no testimonials or free trial sizes available.

Again, according to third party retailers, the main ingredient in Dermyn Active Serum is Tricutan Complex. This complex have been tested by Swedish doctors who found it beneficial in collagen regeneration, elastin regeneration and facial muscle stimulation. Unfortunately, that is where the information stops. There is no known source for Tricutan Complex or a listing of what is in the complex. All we could find out was the complex is “natural”. This product is not appropriate for people with sensitive skin due to the inclusion of chemicals and fragrance.

The Good

  • Available online for purchase.
  • May stimulate the muscles of the face.

The Bad

  • There are no known sources for the Tricutan Complex.
  • No appropriate for sensitive skin.
  • There is no official website.
  • None of the retailers offered money back guarantees.
  • No testimonials were found on the Dermyn Active Serum.

The Bottom Line

Dermyn Active Serum gets credit for a unique product stance. While most products are happy improving the look of the skin on the surface level, the Dermyn Active Serum brings the facial muscles into play. Thanks to a surge in the popularity of working out the facial muscles for healthier looking skin, this product could be on to something, but without an official website, there is little promotion occurring.

We cannot support the Dermyn Active Serum, despite the muscle stimulating formulation because the company is not willing to divulge the source or nature of the active ingredient Tricutan Complex. Consumers should beware of products for the skin that do not offer information on the ingredients. This could lead to allergic reactions or skin that looks worse after using the product. Dermyn Active Serum

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  1. I am Canadian and have purchased Dermyn Active Serum, and a Facial Cleanser from same. The ingredients are listed on each bottle. My conern is HOW DO I KNOW IF THE INGREDIENTS ARE SAFE TO USE ON AN ONGOING BASIS?

  2. Dermyn DOES have a website. On the box itself, the serum in under another name which is Natumin Pharma, AB Sweden. The website is I have just purchased as The Shopping Channel in Ontario, Canada, I am more concerned about the safety of the ingredients. It would be great if someone would give an answer.

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