Dermesse Vitamin C Serum Review


Dermesse Vitamin C Serum is a product of Axia Medical Solutions, a skin care product manufacturer that markets its products directly to physicians and other medical professionals. The Dermesse website provides surprisingly little information on its products. The Vitamin C Serum comes in a 5% and a 10% solution. The product is marketed as a potent anti-oxidant that minimizes the effects of free radicals. According to the company, the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum will restore skin tone and the “youthful appearance” of skin.

There is no information on the website as to the source of Vitamin C used in the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum. Many higher-quality skin care products use ascorbyl palmitate, also known as Vitamin C ester, but Dermesse does not give enough product information to know if this is the case. There are no other ingredients listed, although some websites indicate that there are six ingredients in the serum. Also missing from the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum website is any indication of clinical studies or documentation as to the effectiveness of the product. This is surprising in a skin care product marketed to physicians, so perhaps they are available upon request. Dermesse does not appear to provide a money-back guarantee or any free samples or trial sizes to consumers.

Product Details

There are very few product details available for the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum. The source of the Vitamin C is unknown, which can be problematic as Vitamin C can be volatile and easily broken down in liquid form. Some forms of Vitamin C are more stable than others, but there is no further information on the Dermesse site to be able to determine that.

No other ingredients are listed which makes purchasing the Dermesse Vitamin E Serum a risky venture for those with allergies or sensitivities to skin care ingredients. Also, without knowing what the other ingredients are, it is impossible to determine whether the product contains lower-quality “filler” ingredients.

The Good

  • Product minimizes free radical damage according to the company.
  • Dermesse Vitamin C Serum is distributed through doctors so more detailed questions can be asked of them.

The Bad

  • No ingredient listing of any kind.
  • No money-back guarantee or product samples available.
  • Only physicians can contact the company for further information.
  • No clinical studies are posted to support the effectiveness of the product.

The Bottom Line

Dermesse Vitamin C Serum has a lot of unknowns with respect to its ingredients, its effectiveness and its allergenic qualities. Although Vitamin C can indeed be a potent anti-oxidant for the skin, certain forms of Vitamin C are more effective than others. The Dermesse website does not provide any information to help the consumer determine the quality of this important active ingredient. The Dermesse Vitamin C Serum is not specifically formulated for wrinkle reduction so those who are seeking an anti-wrinkle product should look elsewhere. Without the other ingredients being listed, those with sensitivities or allergies to skin care products should definitely stay away from the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum. There are many high-quality Vitamin C-based rejuvenative products on the market that back up their claims with clinical studies and with a money-back guarantee. These products will be a less-risky purchase than this one. However, if your physician prescribes Dermesse Vitamin C Serum, this professional probably knows what’s best for your skin.

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  1. I am responding to the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum article on this site. I am currently using the product and thought I could add some additional information concerning this product and the company. Contrary to this article, the only claims made by the company, which by the way is Axia Medical Solutions, were claims often associated with topical vitamin C. As we all know, Vitamin C is touted as an antioxidant, collagen and elastin production stimulator, and hydrator. The company does offer the product in two strengths, 5% and 10%. I use the 10% serum and I find that it is not irritating to my skin. I called the company and inquired as to the use of the 5% and they said that it is used in sensitive areas such as the eyes. The prior article also mentioned that all ingredients were not listed. The bottle and box that I received both list all ingredients. Again, when I asked the company they stated that, as an FDA regulated facility, they had to list all ingredients and are committed to using the highest grade of ingredients. The ingredients are listed on the website. The main ingredient is L-Ascorbic acid which is the biological active conformation of vitamin C. The Vitamin C is stabilized and this is obvious by the clearness of the product. It is as clear as water and comes in an amber bottle to protect the vitamin C. I have heard that if any vitamin C solution starts to turn yellow, it is being oxidized which is not good. The company admitted that it did not include other ingredients like Argeriline and Matrixyl in the vitamin C serum but that they do have other moisturizing and sun protection products that do include hexapeptides and pentapeptides. In agreement with the prior article I find their vitamin C is very competitively priced. However, it is not available online. I was introduced to the product by my dermatologist and he informed me that the company has a policy of only selling through physician’s offices (good or bad). The company is a global pharmaceutical company and has a strict policy against selling on the internet or through retail outlets. I did try to find some advertising or marketing materials on the Dermesse products but was informed that they are only in medical professional journals or magazines specific to the medical industry. The company did confirm that they only sell through physicians. As I stated, I purchase my product through my dermatologist which gives me a comfort level knowing that this is a product recommend by a doctor. As for a refund policy, absolutely, so no worries about sampling the product. My doctor told me the company honors all refunds or exchanges even on their Dermesse prescription strength skin care products. I must say I am very satisfied with the product and the results that I am seeing. I do agree with the prior article that it would be nice if other ingredients were present.

  2. I don’t care what your Dr said, they may to him. But as for as in individual they will NOT refund. I got this stuff and didn’t even order it. Some how they got my information from another product I had order, I keep getting their product, I keep disputing it with disputes help from my bank. You are right, no l;isting of indegrients list, AND they make sure there is NO way to contact them. If you got it through a Dr, I bet you paid a pretty penny for it. The product did nothing for me. This is the worst I have ever encounterd with this type of situation. So Please NEVER NEVER NEVER except anything from them. Of course, You don’t know what it is until you open it because nothing is written on the box. So you open it, no info in it either. I think they are FRAUDS.

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