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Dermedex is a Singapore-based company that is a distributor of many beauty products to spas and beauty parlors. All of the Dermedex products are sold through these spas and beauty parlors and cannot be purchased from the Dermedex website. The Dermedex line of skin care products is marketed as providing “surgical result without surgery”. The largest Dermedex skin care line is the Biotox line. This name can be confusing, perhaps intentionally, to consumers as it sounds very close to “Botox” which is an injectible treatment that paralyses facial muscles, thereby smoothing out stress-induced lines and wrinkles. Botox is not available in a topical form and the results of Botox cannot be attained in any other manner. Most higher-quality skin care companies make it clear on their websites that their products do not claim to have the same result as Botox or other surgical treatments. The fact that Dermedex is claiming that its products provide “surgical result without surgery” could be perceived as misleading.

Dermedex’s Biotox line of skin care products includes the Biotox Refining Challenge Pack, the Biotox Skin Refining Set, and the Biotox D’Light Challenge Pack. Each of these sets include two or more of the Dermedex products, including cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizing creams. No information on any ingredients is included in the website and the products are not labeled as non-allergenic.

Product Details

Dermadex claims that its products help to rejuvenate skin but it does not provide details as to the ingredients included that do that. Without knowing what is in the Dermadex formulations, it is difficult if not impossible to determine whether they are appropriate for sensitive or allergic skin. None of the products are specifically formulated for wrinkle reduction but there are some that claim to clear up acne. There are no application instructions on the website and no way to purchase retail directly from Dermedex.

The Good

  • Produces a full line of skin care products.
  • Dermedex promises “surgical result without the surgery.”

The Bad

  • Realistically, no topical treatments can produce a surgical result.
  • The name of the leading Dermedex product line is misleading.
  • There are no ingredient lists available.
  • There is no clinical testing supporting the product’s claims.
  • Products cannot be purchased through the manufacturers website

The Bottom Line

Skin care products that do not reveal any of their ingredients are suspect, and can potentially be dangerous to those who are sensitive to chemicals and colorings. Dermedex provides no money-back guarantee on its website and does not appear to offer trial sizes or free samples to test. If you find that the Dermedex products do not work for you or induce allergies, there is no apparent way to get your money back. None of the Dermedex products are specifically formulated as anti-wrinkle treatments so you may want to choose a different product with proven ingredients for that purpose.

4 thoughts on “Dermedex Review”

  1. I’ve been starting using Dermedex product(Cleanser,soothing gell,Recovery cream) any of this product got problem?? My skin is very sensitive & dry so I’m afraid that this would have any side effect on my skin.However,since the product been banned by Singapore gov, why it still can be purchase in s’pore?…

  2. I was so dissapointed that eventhought in Singapore’s government website, the product is stated recall in year 2009. Recently, i went for my facial and the beautician recommended me this product. I bought the cleanser only to found out that it was a recall product. What a waste of money and also dissapoinment in load.

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