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Dermavita is a skin care and beauty spa located in Kirkland, Washington. This facility opened back in 1992, and endeavors to assist women and men with procedures like hair removal, permanent makeup, acne treatments, laser and medical procedures, and anti-aging. Dr. George Marosan, who is a plastic surgeon, heads the Dermavita staff. There are some before and after photos presented on the official website to reveal the intended results of Dermavita skin care treatments and professional procedures. This business is open every day of the week, however, appointments must be made for all procedures ahead of time. There is a convenient contact form and phone number posted.

There are a number of ant-aging and acne facial treatments offered by the Dermavita spa. For anti-aging, these is Microdermabrasion (method of exfoliating outer layers of dead skin to reveal new skin beneath), Thermage (non-invasive skin-tightening procedure), Dermal Fillers (injections to remedy scars and wrinkles), Customized Facials, Facial Toning (small currents of electricity are used to tone the complexion), Anti-Aging Facial (hydrates and improves skin firmness), Vita-Active Peel (helps to exfoliate the outer damaged layers of the facial skin), European Facial (deep cleans the skin to improve overall radiance), Botox (injections to assist with wrinkle smoothing), Restylane (battles wrinkles around the mouth and nose area), and Obaji Blue Peel (resurfaces the skin to aid with discoloration, hyper pigmentation and photo aging).

Product Details

Dermavita is a professional approach to skin care treatments and cosmetic procedures. As opposed to relying simply on at-home skin care regimens, Dermavita offers all individuals an array of skin care treatments and potential remedies. The goals of these procedures are to clear up acne blemishes, remedy razor bumps, tone the facial skin, assist with rosacea, remove dead and dull surface skin cells, hydrate and improve scars, as well as minimize the signs of aging. All prices for Dermavita skin care treatments are posted clearly on the official website. It is also mentioned that specialized or custom procedures are available. The official hours are posted for this spa on the website so that appointments can be made any day of the week.

The Good

  • Dermavita is a spa that’s open seven days a week.
  • This day spa offers a wide array of skin care treatments that may assist folks with acne, dry skin, wrinkles, razor bumps, hyper pigmentation and facial sagging.

The Bad

  • There is no guarantee that Dermavita skin care treatments will work.
  • There are no topical skin care products offered via the official Dermavita website.
  • The cost of these skin treatments may be a little too steep for some individuals.
  • Dermavita is a spa only located in Washington State, which will not likely be suitable for individuals who live far away.

The Bottom Line

Like many beauty spas and skin treatment salons, Dermavita appears to offer all sorts of treatments that may benefit a number of skin types and cosmetic afflictions. Unfortunately this is just one day spa located in Washington, and it cannot provide skin care treatments to those located in other parts of the country or world. Therefore if you do not reside in Kirkland, you may want to seek out alternative spas and skin care products.

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