DermaVie Review

Are you curious about how DermaVie works?

DermaVie is a line of anti-aging products sold online. You can choose from a firming creme, eye treatment and skin whitener. Resurgent Beauty is the company that makes DermaVie. We don’t know when the business started, but the website was purchased in 2013. You can buy direct and there are affiliate websites that brag about the products.

What is DermaVie?

DermaVie sells anti-aging products that claim to improve skin texture, balance skin tone and fight dark circles, among other promises. None of the ingredients are listed on the official website and we’ve no label to check on the instructions for use.

Quick Facts on DermaVie

  • The guarantee starts on the day you order.
  • The BBB rating for the company is an “F”.
  • The free trial enrolls the buyer in an auto-ship program.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on DermaVie?>/h2>

“We have to look at everything about a product, including how the company treats the customer,” says our Skincare Editor. “There are complaints across the internet and that leaves us worried.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Our first issue is a direct reflection of the unhappy customer. The Better Business Bureau rating for the company is an “F”. There are numerous complaints that have not been resolved, which accounts for the low score. Some comments describe experiences.

  • “Shoddy product and consumer nightmare Customer service will hang up on you easily if do not give positive report on the skin care product.”
  • “I have also called the 1-888 number 3 different times and was put on hold for over a half hour each time and my calls have never been answered!”

But, there were positive experiences as well, though not as many as there are negative, by far.

  • “The customer service reps were very polite in explaining the company policy to me.”
  • “I accepted that I should have been better at reading the email notification outlining their procedure.”

Are We Sold on DermaVie?

We can’t help but have strong reservations about DermaVie. We found no ingredients, an “F” BBB rating and a long list of customers unhappy about their experience with the company.

What Do We Like Better Than DermaVie?

Our 2016 top choice is BioGeniste. The formula is packed with ingredients that are clinically tested and user reviews and testimonials describe some amazing results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.


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