DermaVie Review

Are you curious about how DermaVie works?

DermaVie is a line of anti-aging products sold online. You can choose from a firming creme, eye treatment and skin whitener. Resurgent Beauty is the company that makes DermaVie. We don’t know when the business started, but the website was purchased in 2013. You can buy direct and there are affiliate websites that brag about the products.

What is DermaVie?

DermaVie sells anti-aging products that claim to improve skin texture, balance skin tone and fight dark circles, among other promises. None of the ingredients are listed on the official website and we’ve no label to check on the instructions for use.

Quick Facts on DermaVie

  • The guarantee starts on the day you order.
  • The BBB rating for the company is an “F”.
  • The free trial enrolls the buyer in an auto-ship program.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take on DermaVie?

“We have to look at everything about a product, including how the company treats the customer,” says our Skincare Editor. “There are complaints across the internet and that leaves us worried.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Our first issue is a direct reflection of the unhappy customer. The Better Business Bureau rating for the company is an “F”. There are numerous complaints that have not been resolved, which accounts for the low score. Some comments describe experiences.

  • “Shoddy product and consumer nightmare Customer service will hang up on you easily if do not give positive report on the skin care product.”
  • “I have also called the 1-888 number 3 different times and was put on hold for over a half hour each time and my calls have never been answered!”

But, there were positive experiences as well, though not as many as there are negative, by far.

  • “The customer service reps were very polite in explaining the company policy to me.”
  • “I accepted that I should have been better at reading the email notification outlining their procedure.”

Are We Sold on DermaVie?

We can’t help but have strong reservations about DermaVie. We found no ingredients, an “F” BBB rating and a long list of customers unhappy about their experience with the company.

What Do We Like Better Than DermaVie?

Our 2016 top choice is BioGeniste. The formula is packed with ingredients that are clinically tested and user reviews and testimonials describe some amazing results.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste today.

37 thoughts on “DermaVie Review”

  1. WARNING – Huge ripoff – Read the VERY fine print – none of this is free. The ad says it is free except for shipping and handling. The price is $92.36 for a 1 oz.jar!!! STAY AWAY

  2. Very deceitful way to get consumers to purchase product. Why not create an amazing product that people won’t have to be “conned” into buying monthly with an automatic payment…A high quality product that will be in high demand rather than an inferior cream that you have to trick people into purchasing. And to top it off, you charged my account and I did not receive the actual product until a few weeks later.

  3. I am very angry with this company. I accepted an offer for a free sample of this product if I paid the shipping. I did and nowhere was it stated that it was a pre-order for a continual supply. I was just charged 87.00 without my consent for another jar. What a scam!!!!

  4. I just received my sample but there were no instructions given as to when per day or how often it is to be used.

  5. I bought a DermaVie cream, it did not have a device with it, I’m not sure how to use it. Do you put it on after cleansing your face, massage it in and then wash it off before applying moisturizer or serums?

  6. I was also scammed on a 4.95 ‘free’ trial offer. 2 wks. later a charge of 87.41 appeared on my debit acct. Which of course I did not sign up for. They’re refusing my money back and I’m going through my bank now.

  7. I was also scammed, I ordered the free sample for $4.95 s&h. I was shocked at the $87.00 charged to my account

  8. I just received my free trial order. (except for shipping) I want to make sure i”m not automatically charged for more. I want to try it first THEN decide. Can you guarantee me that this won’t happen?

  9. I want to know that I won’t be charged for future product until I personally authorize it. Can you guarantee that?

  10. Do not charge my account with anymore product. If I decide I want more I will let you know by sending an order. Just received my free order yesterday and I do not want a surprise on my credit card stating that you sent me more product without my concent. Thanks, Diane

  11. Please do not be sending me anymore product until I decide if I want more.No charges on my credit card. Thanks Diane

  12. i sent the product back 1/20/2015 tracking number is EK 514822535 US . I have called numerous times to see when my reimbursement will be put in my bank. I am getting bullshit from the people I have talked to. I was told there was not a supervisor available.



  15. I too ordered the “free” sample just for the shipping. I then discovered this meant I was in auto ship, which would be an enormous monthly charge to my credit card. I emailed the company with this information & wanted the free trial stopped. I was told it had already been shipped. I told them I would not pay for this & to cancel. After several emails, they agreed & told me to keep the free sample. My cc was later charged for the shipping. You really have to check these “too good to be true” deals online & on tv. The statement about your order for a free trial & agreeing to auto ship at regular ridiculous price is printed so tiny, you need a magnifying glass to see it. That’s how they get you. I’ve been stung by Lumera & LA dermanique also & I just read online that there are many complaints toward them for the same trick. READ THE FINE PRINT! !!

  16. returned the cream in feb and today i saw a charge of 87 dollars. now they want me to pay for something I returned.

  17. I also feel I was ripped off big time. I went for the offer with free shipping as well and received 2 billings for this product. I am not paying for it and asked for a return shipping label. When I called the lady at customer service and I went around and around. This is a total rip off.

  18. TOTAL SCAM !!!!!! When I agreed to pay a small amount for shipping and handling for a FREE trial jar of their product, before I could even figure out how to use it(no instructions on how or how often to use) I received another jar with two charges over $80.00 to my debit card plus bank charges because it caused my debit card to be overdrawn. I am a disabled widow on social security disability. I was TOTALLY dismayed!!! I agreed to the small shipping and handling charges to be charged to my debit card PERIOD.

  19. I accidently received your product. I returned the product according to the instructions given me by your employee. I was charged an overdraft frOm my bank on the first shipment. I checked my bank account today and I was charged the second timefor it in the amount of $87.41 which caused 2 overdrafts of 60.00 total. I called your company and was told they could not find so I was billed for it. Your staff should find this because it is there somewhere I returned in the box it came with the RMA# I was given. The person I spoke who could not speak plain said he would refund me 30percent. This is notacceptable to me since I didn’t want in the first place.

  20. What a mess!! I ordered the free sample. Today I get my account and am charged $120.93 more for product I didn’t receive or order. I have no number to call to complain, I want this cancelled NOW.

  21. I was charged $87.41 for a product I did not order. When I received the trial product, the jar had no seal and had dark yellow goop all around the top of the jar.

  22. I was scammed I ordered the free trial for a charge of $4.95. I just got my CC billing and charged me $87.41 later and then sent and jar and charged me $92.36. I was never informed I could return the items. I had called and canceled the order then the billing came and when I tried to contact them by there phone number they tell me my account is closed and hang up on me. So I can’t question them about the billings. Big time SCAM.

  23. I simply ordered a trial size for 4.95 and then I find out my account has been charged 87.41 and called them and they said to mail back the sample and once they got that they would credit my account. If there is anymore, I will try to put a stop payment at bank. What a scam. I am fired up

    1. I had the same experience. I only wanted to try one of the products but there was no way out of the website so by the time the costs hit my bank account it was already shipped and they told me they couldn’t give me back the shipping costs and I had to return the product for a refund.

  24. They give you a 14 day trial then an opportunity to cancel. I just received my samples & they arrived late! There is no way I will have 14 days to try their products! This is totally unfair! And I saw nothing on the web page that I ordered samples from that I was required to send back samples. I absolutely refuse to return my samples! Samples are meant to be just that ” a part of item meant to represent a part of a whole thing; to take & test a sample of”! I am beginning to believe that as all the above comments state that this is definitely a SCAM!!!! I have never heard of sending samples back! they have already charged for shipping & to me that was the full deal. I will try to make sure that I am not charged for another delivery but from what you (above) state ; this will be a difficult task! I also will take to bank & file a dispute if I am charged for another shipment! SO MANY SCAMS OUT THERE!!!! THOUGHT THIS WAS LEGIT UNTIL I READ ABOVE COMPLAINTS! THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT & WARNINGS!

    1. Yes they are scammers. I cancelled within the 14 day trial period and they still charged me. They say the trial period begins as soon as you put your card number in, not the day it is shipped or received.

  25. Cheryl Morris ,THEY ARE A SCAM, I RECEIVED MY FREE SAMPLE,AND JUST GOT CHARGED FOR BOTH FREE SAMPLES.92.36 &87.41. I talked to them and they said they could only credit me. 50.00 back in 2 to 5 days.

  26. This is the most horrible company scam. I can’t believe I took the bite. Do not deal with this company at all. if the company is all about deception the product follows.

  27. This is a major scam. It does not work at all and you will be charged. I placed the order for the free trial and then I received a call asking me if I wanted to continue and I told them no. I continued to received the cream and my card was charged. Do not get sucked into this.

  28. First of all NEVER order anything off the internet with a debit card. Since I read all of the reviews I ordered was charged the shipping and handling and then put a hold on my credit card. As soon as shipment received, sent email request, you have to have the request in writting. then called for return info. sent registered mail with receipt, when shipment is signed for and everything has been canceled, request the cancelation in writting and emailed to you. No more shipments or charges.

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