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DermAvance Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a skin care company that was founded in 2006. This “pharmaceutical” manufacturer focuses on innovative and effective skin treatments for women. First and foremost, the key goal of DermAvance products is to combat aging skin. Unlike many other brands that cater to individual users, these “professional” skin care remedies are distributed to aesthetic physicians and licensed dermatologists. In a similar fashion to other skin care providers, DermAvance claims that their topical treatments are based on the most current “scientific technologies.”

The official DermAvance website reveals five different categories for their facial treatments, which are Arnika Forte (oral supplements in the form of a capsule that endeavor to assist with bruising and swelling), Hyalogy (this is a complete line of skin care treatments that are used daily to cleanse, prevent wrinkles, hydrate, exfoliate, renew and maintain the skin), Hydro-Q (treats hyper pigmentation), Soya (moisturizer and exfoliant) and Vivelif (reduces fine lines and wrinkles). The major active ingredients found in DermAvance products are SNAP-25 (protein complex), Hyaluronic Acid (relaxes facial muscles to assist with wrinkles), Hydroquinone (aids with reducing hyper pigmentation) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (exfoliates dead skin cells). A convenient contact number and email address are presented on the official website.

Product Details

DermAvance is a “professional” skin care brand that’s located in Pennsylvania. Currently there are no actual prices listed on the official DermAvance website, nor are there any customer testimonials supporting DermAvance skin care products. This line of facial treatments offers key components like SNAP-25 (protein complex), Hyaluronic Acid (relaxes facial muscles to assist with wrinkles), Hydroquinone (aids with reducing hyper pigmentation) and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (exfoliates dead skin cells), but it can only be attained through a professional dermatologist or aesthetic physician. There is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee posted on the official DermAvance website.

The Good

  • All active ingredients offered in DermAvance treatments are posted on the website.
  • Some DermAvance skin treatments contain moisturizers.
  • The official website displays all the professional treatments they offer.

The Bad

  • Clinical trials and/or research are not presented on the official website to support claims made about DermAvance products.
  • None of the DermAvance treatments are accessible through the official website.
  • It’s unknown how much each DermAvance skin care product costs, since no prices are revealed on the website.
  • DermAvance treatments are primarily just suited for aging/middle-aged women.
  • No customer testimonials are offered on the official website at this time.

The Bottom Line

The DermAvance line of beauty treatments may interest some individuals who are searching high and low for “professional” skin care. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these products are not attainable via the official DermAvance website. Since they can only be acquired through medical professionals, it may be wise to consider the countless other skin care treatments out there these days. Based on what the official website offers, there are numerous other anti-aging lines that incorporate similar or the same ingredients. Furthermore, they may be easier to get your hands on and not require a doctor’s permission. However, if your trusted doctor suggests DermAvance, they probably know what’s best for your skin.

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