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Dermatique appears to offer just three products at the time of this review; a Cell Renewal Formula, a Clarifying Lotion with 10% Glycolic Acid and a Deep Cleansing Lotion. The science behind the products appears to be a bit vague, but seems to be based on stimulating cellular growth to promote skin renewal. The products are available for sale through the company website or through distributors located across the globe. It is interesting to note that only one Dermatique distributor is listed for each country, making us think that distribution of these products is done on a rather limited scale.

It does appear that some cosmetic surgeons may use the Dermatique products in conjunction with treatments like microdermabrasion to provide the best results to patients. However, it also seems possible for the general public to purchase products from the website for personal use. We did find customer testimonials and information about a 30-day money back guarantee on the Dermatique website.

Product Details

For the purpose of this review, we will take a closer look at the Dermatique Cell Renewal Formula. Before and after photos on the company website indicate that this product is an excellent choice for treating fine lines and deep wrinkles in the skin. The ingredients for this product include Deionized water, Nut oil, Cetyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, isopropyl myristate, petrolatum, lanolin, Sorbitol, methylparaben, beeswax, ceresin, propylparaben, retinyl palmitate, (Vitamin A) triethanolamine, tetraiodothyronine, betaestradiol.

According to the Dermatique website, the three “wonder” ingredients in this formula are tetraiodothyronine, betaestradiol and retinyl palmitate. While these substances are touted as the ones that make all the difference in the Dermatique products, we can’t help but notice that all three are at the bottom of the printed ingredient list. We are also curious as to how exactly these substances work to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Retinyl palmitate is the only one that is commonly used in wrinkle products, and it is not considered one of the most effective in reducing the look of age lines. We prefer products that include proven wrinkle ingredients like matrixyl, argireline, collagen and sodium hyaluronate. None of these are included in the Dermatique formula.

The Good


  • Dermatique has a strong online presence.
  • The company website provides a money back guarantee, customer testimonials and complete ingredient lists.

    The Bad

    • Proven anti-aging ingredients are missing from the formulas.
    • The company only markets three products for sale at this time.
    • Sales of the product appear to be limited to the company website and a few distributors.

    The Bottom Line

    The Dermatique line provides information about their products, but the ingredients listed don’t seem to match up with the results promised. We prefer products that include proven anti-wrinkle ingredients that, unfortunately, the Dermatique line does not offer. We believe that consumers may get a bigger bang for their anti-aging buck by looking for these ingredients in other products.

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  1. Dermatique Recuperating Cream is supposed to be for people with sensitive skin espeically those with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, well I have dermatitis and I’ve had an extremely bad reaction to this product, my skin is exceptionally red now, and slightly sore, it looks like a burn. Be very careful when using this and don’t get sucked in by the wonderful marketing.

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