Dermapeutics Face Vitalight Review


One issue that may come up when you’re searching high and low for the right skin care products is variety. In this day and age one thing is for certain; there is an utter plethora of cosmetic brands out there to choose from. One company, known as Dermapeutics, offers several skin care products, which are the Collagen Copper Complex, Alpha C Facial Wash, Alpha C Firming Body Lotion, Alpha C Lip Enhancer, Eye Vitalight, Face Vitalight, Hydro B5 Copper Serum, Night Renewal Complex, Rosacea Moisturizer, and Rosacea Creamy Cleanser. Although no official website seems to offer these topical treatments, they can still be acquired online through select dealers.

The Dermapeutics Face Vitalight cream is primarily geared toward mature women who may suffer from dry complexions, fine lines, facial sagging and deep wrinkles. Essentially this skin care treatment aims to boost the skin’s collagen levels by utilizing “collagen boosters.” Unlike many facial creams, lotions and serums, Dermapeutics Face Vitalight contains SPF15, which may protect the user’s complexion from harmful UVA rays. Two-ounce jars of this face cream sell online for $33.99. However, free trial samples are not offered. Some of the major active ingredients found in Dermapeutics Face Vitalight are Marine Enzymes, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Vitamin A and Benzophenone-3.

Product Details

Dermapeutics Face Vitalight is a daily moisturizer suited for women with dry/mature complexions. It can be warn during the day, and it also offers SPF15. This topical cream is directed to be “applied liberally” to the facial skin and massaged in daily. The intended result is a firmer, smoother and more even toned complexion. There is a before and after photo presented online where Dermapeutics Face Vitalight is sold. However, it doesn’t appear that any customer testimonials or clinical studies are offered. Unlike some facial anti-aging treatments out there, this topical cream may assist with fading out brown spots and treating past sun damage that appears on the skin’s surface.

The Good

  • There are several active ingredients incorporated into Dermapeutics Face Vitalight cream.
  • A single before and after photo is posted where this skin care product is sold online.
  • Dermapeutics Face Vitalight is available without a dermatologist’s prescription.

The Bad

  • There doesn’t seem to be an official website at this time for Dermapeutics Face Vitalight.
  • A satisfaction guarantee is not offered with this treatment cream.
  • All ingredients for Dermapeutics Face Vitalight are not revealed online where the product is sold.
  • No free samples are offered, which may make it difficult for some consumers who would like to try Dermapeutics Face Vitalight before buying it.

The Bottom Line

As far as skin care lines go, Dermapeutics seems to offer a similar line of treatments when compared to most others out there. As far as Dermapeutics Face Vitalight cream goes, a lot of promises are made about this facial anti-aging treatment. However, it may be difficult for some consumers to discern whether or not this topical cream is actually effective in battling age spots, wrinkles, sun damage and facial sagging. Especially since no testimonials or clinical data is provided where Dermapeutics Face Vitalight is sold.

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