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These days it seems like everyone is searching for a particular skin treatment. Since there are a number of common skin types and countless skin conditions that may afflict you, a variety of products are required to remedy these skin dilemmas. Dry skin or dermatitis is a cosmetic affliction that many people suffer from. This is why there are skin treatments like Dermanique cream. This topical “skin conditioner” aims to soothe dry skin and hold in moisture. This product sells online through several websites and is made in the USA.

Dermanique is claimed to repair dry skin, which may have been affected by moisture or chemicals. Currently this treatment sells online through several websites for around five dollars (4.5 ounces). It’s stated to be odorless and non-greasy. Dermanique is infused with “15 natural Vitamin B complexes.” These are the primary active components offered in this hand and body cream. Ideally, Dermanique will promote “healthy skin tissue growth.” Although there doesn’t appear to be an official website for Dermanique, this topical treatment can be acquired online. Some websites claim that Dermanique cream is approved by the FDA and the USDA, as well as hospitals. At this point, there are no testimonials or success stories posted for this skin care treatment.

Product Details

Dermanique is basically a topical hand cream that can be utilized by women and men alike. This product is available online through select dealers. Although no real clinical data is offered to support Dermanique cream, the primary ingredients for this treatment are revealed as 15 natural Vitamin B complexes, which endeavor to promote new tissue growth. Similar to many other hand and body creams, Dermanique should be applied to affected areas daily after cleansing the skin. Unfortunately a full list of ingredients for Dermanique is not posted where this cream is sold, nor is there a money-back guarantee. Aloe Vera and Glycerin can also be found in this topical cream.

The Good

  • Dermanique can be easily and conveniently acquired online.
  • There is no dermatologist prescription required with this skin treatment.
  • Dermanique does contain moisturizers like Glycerin and Aloe Vera.

The Bad

  • There doesn’t appear to be any official website available for Dermanique cream.
  • All ingredients found in this topical treatment are not revealed.
  • There is no actual clinical data provided for Dermanique to support its effectiveness.
  • It’s unknown whether or not this product is sold with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • No free samples of Dermanique are offered where the product is sold online.

The Bottom Line

Overall Dermanique comes across as fairly simple skin care treatment or moisturizer. It’s always nice to see topical treatments that do not require a medical prescription. In regards to the effectiveness of Dermanique, it’s difficult to determine how well the cream works based on provided data. Especially since no testimonials or clinical data is offered where Dermanique is sold. It would be nice if the websites that offered this treatment cream at least backed the product up with a money-back guarantee.

7 thoughts on “Dermanique Review”

  1. Your marketing and billing practices suck. I’ve called numerous times to get a refund for the product per your agreement. You will be complained about in all business bureaus I can find!Please contact me if you wish and we may resolve this out of the court system.

  2. I paid for the trail size S&H of $4.95 and didn’t see the fine pale grey print on bottom of page stating they would keep sending the product every $97…they purposely put it in such pale print that you don’t notice it…and then they keep sending you the product..difficult getting hold of them by is a rotten trick to have people buy their should be stated clearly in large print what the conditons are..don’t buy it.. didn’tmake any difference to my skin..

  3. I ordered the trial size for $4.95+.I also tried the Lumera trial for $4.95 only to be charged $96.77 for something I never agreed upon.Please cancel any further charges on your product. Please send confirmation of this cancellation. Thanks
    Sally Wark

  4. I ordered a trial size from a Facebook ad that you said I would be trying out for you. Now you have charged me 98. 41. Please never charge me for for this again. This is false advertising and I am going to report this to the better business bureau.

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