Dermalogica Review

Is your curiosity peaked about Dermalogica?

Dermalogica is a line of skincare products sold online and in stores. There are a lot of formulas, many overlapping in the categories of anti-aging and overall maintenance. The business is at least 30 years old with sales spanning more than 80 countries.

What is Dermalogica?

Skin issues like acne, aging, dryness, oiliness and others are addressed by the Dermalogica line. The number of products may be a bit overpowering. For instance, there are 17 in the Age Smart line alone. Some of the ingredients used include retinol, glycerin, squalene, avobenzone, green tea extract and vitamin E.

Quick Facts on Dermalogica

  • Irritants like geraniol, citronellol and linalool are found in some formulas.
  • We found no mention of parabens.
  • There are irritating oils from grapefruit and lemon oil.
  • Witch hazel may cause redness for some users.
  • You have 30 days from the purchase date to return items.
  • Returns must first be approved by customer service.
  • Dermalogica offers a rewards program.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dermalogica?

“If you have an issue with your skin, there’s bound to be a product in the Dermalogica line designed just for that,” says our Skincare Editor. “The trouble is there are irritants and far too many options for some customers.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

A couple of issues we found in customer experiences and reviews deal with moisturizing problems and lack of results.

  • “The moisture is fairly good but leaves synthetic feeling on face after it dries.”
  • “The lotion needs more moisturizer. My skin feels a little dry after using it. There is also a tingling sensation. It may feel good on oily skin.”

Others who felt it worked, at least a bit, said:

  • “Fairly good moisturizer, but not the best I’ve used. Modest improvement to dry skin.”
  • “It’s mild and goes on thing which is great, but it does not give a matte finish, rather it makes my face shiny. It doesn’t do much for my already oily skin.”

Lack of results came up about as many times as moisture issues.

  • “I was all excited to see my redness lessen and my pores look smaller. I did not see either thing happen and I am very disappointed because it wasn’t cheap.”
  • “I liked how it was non greasy…but it wasn’t enough moisture and it broke me out.”

The opposite was also reported.

  • “This product gives skin a fine smooth finish.”
  • “I enjoy the light-weight, non-greasy feel of the product. In addition, it is an effective weapon against dull dry skin.”

Is It Time to Give Dermalogica a Try?

There are some ingredients in Dermalogica products that can help heal skin and fight premature aging – like green tea and vitamin E, but that doesn’t mean we are 100% sure you should try the line. We found far too many irritants, not all formulas are moisturizing and there are not results for everyone.

What Do We Like Better Than Dermalogica?

In all of 2016, we’ve reviewed hundreds of products and BioGeniste stands out above them all. It’s made with ingredients that have been clinically tested and users report amazing anti-aging benefits.

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26 thoughts on “Dermalogica Review”

  1. I’ve been very happy with dermalogica. I would really reccomend people to go to an aesthetician who will tell you which products are good for your face. Had I picked out random products I would have spend hundreds and probably not have very good results, but the aesthetician explained that I really only needed 3 products. While they seem expensive, they go a long long way. I bought the special cleansing gel for about $60, and it lasts me for about a year. You literally need only a dime size amount for your whole face, neck, and chest. Compare that to a Neutrogena where you will probably have to buy a $15 or $20 bottle of product a few times a year. I spend about $200 a year total on these products. I used to spend aroudn $300 just trying different things at the pharmacy. My favorite part about these products are that they have no dyes or fragrances, which you will find in almost every pharmacy brand of skin care products. My face burned and itched horribly for years, and it wasn’t until I used dermalogica that my face calmed down and just stopped hurting all the time. I still have acne, but it’s more manageable than it’s ever been, and I am able to put a little makeup on, and just forget about my skin for the day. So like I said, don’t go buying up every dermalogica super moisturizing thing if you have dryness, go to someone who knows the products because you’re much less likely to waste a lot of money.

    1. A good acne line should allow you to totally control your acne. There are more effective professional acne lines available from estheticians. Find someone with whom you can work for facials and homecare. Interview them and ask for references. Some professionals (me included) will guaranty their work. You deserve clear skin!

      1. Hi Pam,
        I am starting on my career as a esthetician, in the metro Detroit area, do you have any recommendations? The school here uses Dermalogica and I would prefer to focus on teen acne. Thank you in advance, Kelli

  2. I had been using Proactiv for many, many years until it began to badly dry out my skin and cause acne to flare again. I decided to give Dermalogica products a try and it’s been 3 days since an I have noticed a drastic difference. My skin has calmed down considerably and the acne bumps that were lying beneath the skin surface isn’t as noticeable. I do recommend one to go get Face Mapped and ask for samples if they feel hesitatnt to purchase the products in full.

    1. Heather, Thank you so much for your review- I am in the same boat, I currently use Proactive and my skin is getting really dry and acne is flaring up again. Please tell me what products you would recommend from Dermalogica!!! Thank you so much for your time! my e-mail is

  3. i heard dermalogica products are good.i want to give a try.i hve a combination skin so i prefer for a dermalogica consultation before using.where can i hve consulatation.

  4. After having a horrible reaction to Clarins I tried Dermalogica. I went and did the face mapping. The consultant suggested which products I should use and told me to order samples off the internet as there is a site in Australia which sells them much cheaper than in salons. I couldn’t be happier with Dermalogica. I use the Special Cleansing Gel, Hydra Mist, Skin Smoothing Cream and every second day the Daily Microfiliant (the best Dermalogica product on the market). The products last a long time and if nothing else I strongly recommend the Daily Microfilliant, it is amazing. I am thinking of moving to the Age Smart range when I next need to re stock.

    1. Would you share the site in Australia that you purchase discounted Dermalogica from? I would like to try it but it is very expensive.

  5. I am a licensed esthetician. I’ve worked with @ least 10-15 different skincare lines and Dermalogica is definately my favorite. I love the pro exfoliants and super love the take home products. This is the best for sensitive and rosacea skin for sure! I haven’t found another reasonably priced pro skin line that delivers RESULTS! I now work with Pevonia and Murad in treatment (I prefer Murad of the 2) but my medicine cabiinet is full of Dermalogica!

  6. I have been using Derma products for about 22 years now – just after they first came out. I am overly pleased with their products. I had horrible skin. I always get pegged for being younger than my age and I think it all has to do with their line. I use cleanser, toner and moisturizer with SPF. It does run a bit on the high end, I won’t lie about that. Also, there is no way that a bottle of cleanser can last a year as a previous comment said. It is well worth the money!!!

  7. After trying these products, I was very disappointed. I didn’t find them any better than something I could just pick up at my local drug store. I also have learned that some of their sales reps are dishonest and either outright sell thier products for their own personal profit or trade for goods that benefit themselves personally. I would not pay the prices for these products ever again especially because they are likely inflated to cover the cost of all the missing inventory.

  8. I personally love and prefer the dermalogica system. It is a bit pricey but worth it. The cleansing gel does not last a year, but for me about three months. I started with a mapping then a travel kit to see how the products worked on my skin. After a month’s trial with the kit, there were a few things that i did not like and my consultant worked with me to find the right combinations for my skin type. Now my skin is vibrant and happy and so am I.

  9. I’ve been using the Medi bac line and Ultra Calming line now for 1 month. My face has never looked this bad! My face literally hurts! I’ve already spent $244.00 for all of these products so I feel I should use them until they are gone, but I’m not sure my face can take much more of this. Not to mention I’m so embarrassed of how bad my skin looks!

    1. it sounds like the medi bac is too much for your skin. i dont know what your skin type but if your skin is reacting to it try using the ultra calming line that you already have only for a little while

    2. The same thing is happening to me. My face is breaking out worse and I’m getting white heads everyday. I at least get 10 -20 whiteheads on my face a day. Its embarrassing. This never happened with any facial product I used. Not even Neutrogena and that’s the cheapest face product I used

  10. I am 28 years old but I do not have wrinkles (the last time I checked that is!) I have combination skin, oily on the tzones, dry cheeks. I chose Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum because of the good reviews I saw from different online sites. They say it is easier to prevent wrinkles than actually curing them when you get it. I wash my face first before putting the serum.

    I have used the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum for almost two weeks and I have not experienced any rashes, breakouts or red spots. I have no complaints at all. I would use their Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer also but I think I have to finish up my Oil of Olay stash first. I will definitely use more Made from Earth products.

  11. I have been researching for a good eye cream. I currently use Resilience Lift Estée Lauder or Philosophy miracle and for extra moisture Shiseido. I love the moisture of the Shiseido but I need more wrinkle control. The skin around my eyes is very thin. I purchased the Dermalogica Age Smart. Not sure if that was a good choice. I was not given a skin mapping :-/

    1. I don’t know how old you are but the bottom line is that once a wrinkle is formed. It’s formed. They don’t “go away” but products help temporarily plump the skin to diminish the wrinkle. As for thin skin around the eyes, there is no cure. The only option you have at this point is a cosmetic surgeon. If it bothers you enough, spend the money on a consultation. Eye life surgery is day surgery and filler injections can last 6-8 months with amazing results. This will also prevent new wrinkles from forming. I wish it could be purchased in a bottle, but all we can do is prevent, create a temporary illusion or see a surgeon for real results.

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  12. is this a good line for my 7 months out off acutain. ive been using kinerase with no problems but have heard so much about this line. please help or give any info u can. thank you

  13. I have been using dermalogica for years. But it getting far too expensive. Is there any other ie Boots products that can match dermalogica ?

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