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Dermaline is a skin lightening product created by Diana Stalder. Diana Stalder claims to be the first Filipino-owned beauty products company and wants to help people “pamper their skin” by using her product lines, as well as her Dermaline Direct Sales services. Browsing around the Diana Stalder site, it seems like Dermaline and other Diana Stalder products gain most of their recognition by being affiliate sales based. This means, the manufacturer doesn’t sell the products but instead allows others to sell them for them and make a commission. This is a very common practice and almost every product imaginable has some sort of affiliate program for brand name recognition or to increase sales, but it is always reassuring to have the option of purchasing beauty products directly from the manufacturer.

Dermaline is the skin whitening cream created by Diana Stadler and it claims to help even out your skin tone no matter where the problem area may be. This could include dark elbows and knees, age spots, and even freckles.

Product Details

According to various third party websites, Dermaline is a skin whitening cream primarily marketed to people with a naturally tan skin tone. Dermaline was also formulated to work best in climates that are hot and humid so this makes it a good choice for those living in the southern US along the coast, or those who spend a lot of time in similar climates.

Like other skin whiteners, Dermaline contains ingredients such as licorice extract and kojic acid. Licorice extract is actually just a certain protein derived from the licorice plant, and many websites claim that it has dramatic skin lightening effects similar to hydroquinone. The full list of ingredients isn’t available for Dermaline, but third party websites say it contains retinol, vitamin C, and petroleum.

Products that rely on third party distribution have a very wide price range and could have a great return policy or none at all. You will have to use your judgment and discretion when purchasing from a third party retailer. Make sure you check around for a good deal and only buy from a well-known source that provides contact info in case you have trouble with your order.

The Good

  • Dermaline contains a few different ingredients that may help lighten the skin.

The Bad

  • The main ingredients, though common in skin lighteners, don’t have a lot of scientific data to tell us how well they work.
  • The complete list of ingredients isn’t available for Dermaline.
  • Dermaline seems to be geared specifically for people who live in a hot and humid climate.

The Bottom Line

Dermaline may work for you if you live in a humid part of the world and have some skin pigmentation issues but we can’t recommend this product as the website gives very little information about it. Instead, we had to search through page after page of third party retailer descriptions. We highly recommend sticking with a more well-known product from that can be purchased directly from a well respected distributor if you are looking for something to even your skin tone.

3 thoughts on “Dermaline Review”

  1. Dermaline skin care may be good, BUT do NOT be taken in and expect to pay $4.99 S&H. They will charge you $84.99 from your bank account or credit card. Reading reviews, any $ back is hard to get.

  2. I love dermiline! I live in ny. So I dont think that climate affects the results that much. I learned about this product from my sister, it fanished the dark red strech marks she had on her chest. I began to use this cream to get rid of acne to take a away the redness. I am so pleased to say that my face is cleared up with no trace of me ever having a pimple.

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