Dermalift Instant Lifting Review


The Dermalift Instant Lifting Serum is an anti-wrinkle serum created by Benev. Benev is a company that creates not only cosmeceutical products but also prescription pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products as well. Benev products are typically sold to dermatologists and other health care professionals only.

According to the official website, the product called “Dermalift” has actually been replaced by a new and improved formula. Benev calls this product simply Instant Lifting Serum or ILS. The official website claims that this product will increase skin hydration by 130% in one hour, increase the firmness of the skin by 25%, and reduce the appearance of all kinds of facial lines by 20%. There are some before and after pictures on the product description page but little other information seems to be available.

Product Details

The Dermalift Instant Lifting Serum doesn’t list all of the ingredients on the product description page but it does say that this product contains Argireline, a well known ingredient that is very common in anti-aging products. Argireline relaxes the muscles in your face, giving the skin in this area an overall smoother appearance. We can’t find out what the other ingredients are unless we submit a question form on the official website, but some third party retailers list: Purified water, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Chitosan, Lactic Acid.

The official website suggests you use the Instant Lifting Serum in conjunction with another Benev product such as Redoxa or a moisturizer if you want to benefit from the maximum results possible. You can’t purchase Benev products directly from the official website but they offer a Physician Locator section so you can find someone in your area that can order Benev products for you. You can also skip all of this and order these products from third party retailers on the Internet.

The Good

  • The Dermalift Instant Lifting Serum contains Argireline, a common ingredient in anti-aging products.
  • The official website is easy to navigate.

The Bad

  • You have to purchase this product from a physician or a third party retailer. It is unavailable on the official website.
  • Expensive. One bottle of this serum will cost around $80 for half an ounce.
  • This product doesn’t contain multiple anti-aging ingredients.
  • The complete list of ingredients isn’t available on the official website.

The Bottom Line

The Dermalift Instant Lifting Serum, which is now just called Instant Lifting Serum, does contain a popular and proven anti-aging ingredient and that is Argireline. The problems with this product seem to outweigh the benefits, however. It seems very inconvenient to actually acquire the Instant Lifting Serum and there are many similar products available at half the cost that contain the same ingredients, if not many more. We can’t recommend this product because it just seems like a hassle to get a hold of and is too expensive. However, if a trusted dermatologist suggests Dermalift, this doctor probably knows your skin best.

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    1. I have purchased Dermalift cream from you on January 26th this year, unfortunately the cream didnt suit me.I have posted it back to you on the 13th Feb with correct reference obtained from your office and to date I havent received the money back that you quaranteed when I was purchasing it. I dont know who to cantact regarding this matter, could you please advice me what steps to take to get my money back as prommised. Thank you for help Mrs J. Lee

  1. I have been charged TWICE for cream purchased on 18/01 I urgently need to contact company for a refund I have proof from bank

  2. I order this product because the offered cost was about $2.58. However my credit card was charged for that amount plus $84.99. They won’t give me the address to return this product neither drop the charge of $84.99.

  3. Well like to cancel my order now!!!! Was told to b free and not so cancel my order now. And let me k ow ASAP that u did. Thank you for ty our cooperation.

  4. I ordered your “FREE” lift cream from the web just pay shipping of $3.95..YOU HAVE CHARGED MY BANK CARD TWICE FROM TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES 1 CHARGE OF 78.73 AND 77.93. I DEMAND immediate contact via my e-mail address with a phone number to contact and I will be submitting a BBB complaint for FRAUD

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