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Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

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Sorting through the vast and diverse world of skin care can be a challenge at times. Naturally the key is pinpointing the topical treatments that work best for you individually. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the Dermalactives skin care line. The official website clarifies that this group of products was developed by a “team of skin care scientists, dermatologists and estheticians.” These treatments aim to combat common signs of aging by “activating your own skin’s wrinkle control.” While some topical treatments only affect the outer layer of skin, Dermalactives is claimed to work deeper.

There appears to be nine different products offered by Dermalactives, which can all be purchased directly through the website. These treatments are the Body Scrub ($70), Replenishing Body Butter ($70), Facial Soap Scrub ($70), Nighttime Treatment ($150), Illuminating Fusion Mask ($170), Foot Treatment ($90), Everyday Moisturizer ($150), Daytime Treatment ($110), and Beautifying Facial Peel ($70). By using Dermalactives products, elastin and collagen are supposed to be delivered directly into all layers of the user’s skin. The official website claims that most topical treatments do not accomplish this, and therefore fail to work well in regards to anti-aging. Some before and after photos can be found on the website for consumer review, in addition to a few videos explaining Dermalactives and how it works.

Product Details

The Dermalactives line of skin care products is one that’s marketed toward both women and men (primarily mature women), and that endeavors to assist with typical aging dilemmas like loss of elasticity, age spots, dryness, crow’s feet, fine lines, collagen loss, facial sagging, deep wrinkles and sun damage. Some of the key ingredients offered in these topical treatments are Jojoba Oil, Carthamus Tinctorius, Grape Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Emu Oil and Hydrolyzed Collagen. There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website at this time.

A full list of ingredients for the Dermalactives Nighttime Treatment is as follows: Water, Pvp, Emu Oil, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Glycerin, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Sd Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline, Algin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Aminomethyl Propanol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Thioctic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Dmae Bitartrate, Phospholipids, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben and Isobutylparaben.

The Good

  • There is a helpful FAQ page provided on the official website.
  • Full lists of ingredients are offered on the website for convenient review.
  • Dermalactives products offer some all-natural ingredients.

The Bad

  • The cost of Dermalactives skin care treatments is rather high at $70-170 per product.
  • Some of the ingredients incorporated into these products may irritate some complexions.
  • There is no real clinical evidence offered to support this skin care line and how it aids with anti-aging.
  • There is no refund option mentioned on the website, nor is there a money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The Dermalactives skin care line appears rather interesting to say the least. It’s always refreshing to see each product presented with a full list of ingredients on the official website. However, you might want to take a second glance at the cost of each Dermalactives treatment prior to actually purchasing it. Naturally some individuals will not be able to afford this line of topical treatments.

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66 Comments/Questions/Answers to Dermalactives

  • 1

    bette ashooh

    bought a jar of dermalactives elastin and collagen tx at a kiosk in las vegas Penny’s. It claimed to be a “dead Sea’ product…cannot find anything about it on http://WWW.dermalactives web site…it came up as FORBIDDEN. Has many of the sameingredients as the nite cream but does include a claims to be a facial peel and should be used one or two times weekly. Can you tell me what I have purchased??

  • 2

    alicia bellami

    I also brought and got the forbitten as well, yet I was foolish and spent $709.04 on 5/08/10 and cannot get a refund, i and going to try and go through the Attorney Generals Office this is a rip- off.

  • 3


    I bought the spa eye creme which I do not see on the website. Pd $80 very aggressive sales technique. Regretted when I got home for that reason. Did you mean $79.00??

  • 4



  • 5


    I have been using the face scrub since Oct. ’09 when I came across their booth in Vegas and love it. Getting ready to reorder it again.

  • 6


    Bought it in Vegas booth a few days ago. Got the daytime treatment, moisturizer and lip treatment for $150. Saw instant results and am very pleased. Wrinkles on left side near eye area have diminished after just a few days. Love the lip treatment as well. Disappointed there wasn’t more in website about it.

  • 7


    just bought the exfoliating body scrub $20.00 and replenishing body butter $25.00 OMG I LOVE IT! I am doing away with my manicures do to these products my skin feels like silk!Also got the cleansing milk for free b/c i bought the facial peel for $60.00 the more i bought the better deal i got. I don’t know about the facial products yet b/c i have sensitive skin and a little bit of acne but I’ll let ya’ll know how it works.The salesman said today was their anniversary so thats why i got such a good deal but he seems like hes a deal worker and says he’ll ship from his store. to reply by email for those who would like to try he gave me this email address I am recommending him b/c based on the deals I was given.He is located at Baybrook mall in webster t.x hope he gives ya’ll great deals to.

  • 8


    Well i’ve been using the facial milk it’s great for someone without acne it makes your skin very vibrant and there’s no need for for any creams,however i have a mild case of acne and it hasn’t cleared that up so i think i’ll try a different product that they have.

  • 9

    patsy walker

    The two sales people at the Indianapolis Circle Center Mall misrepresented the dermal actives company. I’ve been DUPED!

    I was lied to. My first question to the salespeople, “I want literature about your company in my hand.” She handed me a xerox copy. I said, “No, I need bonified literature from your company.” She said it’s on the website. I believed that.

    In good faith I purchased the products,went home and contacted the website. There is absolutely nothing on the web FROM that company. When I telephoned the contact number in Indianapolis, the telephone was DISCONNECTED. Hello, red flagS!

    I spent my hard-earned cash, TRUSTING what I was told to be facts.

    In conclusion,Nothing on the web FROM the company. NO bbb rating. RESEARCH info on the web ABOUT the products and company IS negative. I have contacted the bbb and the Mall.

  • 10


    I just bought it all on Thursday and am extremely unhappy that I got “suckered” into paying so much. She was very slick and I didn’t realize how much I’d actually spent until I got home. She broke it up by running my card after each product line presentation. Not a good excuse for me–I should be smarter than that. I’ve been sick about it ever since–can’t sleep. How could I have been duped so easily? All I can hope for is it does all they say it does. Even at that, is it actually worth $1000? Maybe this is just my “learning” moment so I don’t get swindled later on with a more expensive price tag. I am actually embarassed that I fell for it.

  • 11


    Actually I got 8 products not 7 for 395.00 (without tax). Three of which were free/no charge, so it worked out to 53.75 per each of the 8 items. You don’t get anything free in this world. The scrub is really nice, but why can you only use it once a week? (She kept saying the scrub and cream are therapeutic formulas by an MD,. I even asked for documentation stating they had been on the Oprah Show. Not available- red flag. I will, continue to use the products. One of their claims is that the product last 2-3 yrs each. what a joke… I can see a few months, depending on use, but not 1-3 years as, the girl from Israel kept saying. She is a very sly and cunning seller of these products. They should have a handout/booklet, not just a sheet of paper. I was talked into buying these products when I was tired and in a lot of pain. Beware

  • 12


    I was hounded in the mall (Baybrook)and told that “mam do you really purchase eye cream? Your eyes look very bad. I can fix it for you.” He was a smooth talker from Israel. He took my wrinkles away. He tried to sell me the product and I told him no I would go home and look up the info on the internet. By the time I got home my eyes were crusted with the product he put on under my eyes. I DID NOT BUY. BE AWARE, ALWAYS CHECK OUT FIRST WHAT YOU BUY. EVEN IF IT MEANS GOING HOME AND DOING RESEARCH YOURSELF. BE SAFE NOT SORRY.

  • 13

    Claudia Porter

    Very dishonest company.I wouldn’t ever buy from them. They lied about how long the product will last, said I could get a refund. Wrong. I threw away $800.00. Very sad!

  • 14


    While it wasn’t cheap and the more you spend the more they give you “free” I am pleased with the results for the eye cream, cleansing milk and scrub. My eyes haven’t looked this good in years. Purchased from the kiosk at Galleria Mall.

  • 15


    The money I paid for Dermalactives products was totally wasted. I, too, fell for the sales person’s spiel. Checked website, called number which was disconnected; if it was ever connected, who knows? This company needs to be put out of business.

  • 16


    Don’t waste your money on Dermalactives. I fell for the sales person’s spiel but certainly not for some of the amounts I have noted that others paid. If I had paid hundreds of dollars, I would be calling the Atty Gen of my state. I also bought from an Indy kiosk. Guess that was the first clue: Do Not buy from someone who is temporary and does not have an honest company behind them. Research before buying!

  • 17

    Donna Burnham

    Can you get your money back or exchange some of the products is they have not been used?

  • 18


    I have been using the night time and day time treatment, before my face was very dry and sensitive. It’s been 5 days since I started dermalactives and my face looks and feels great. DAYTIME TREATMENT works very good for my as follows:
    1.- Apply a very thin layer and leave it to dry
    2.-Then apply eye cream
    3.- Apply moisturizer and the wait few seconds and finish with applying your sunblock. I have really seen dramatich changes on my face. Great stuff for sensitive dry skin =)

  • 19


    Of course it won’t last that long…Anyways I’ll still buy it again. In fact some days later I went back to the mall and bought some more as I’m going away for a few months. it is the best product I’ve ever had on my face I love it!

  • 20


    me too, I’m very happy with it!!! (:

  • 21


    I disagree. You pay what you decide to pay. I would say first try the product for free, go home and see how it feels if you just like it but don’t love it, DON’T BUY IT. But if you love it run to get it before they are no longer there, I DID! and will be going back when I run out of it hope they are still there hahaha

  • 22


    Galleria in Houston, girl was from Israel & put cream on my hands & persuaded me to sit on stool & put cream under 1 eye & don’t smile for at least 1 minute. Could see a difference in mirror but it was the price and the sales pitch that raised red flags: then on removing at night it was all crusty/flaky under that eye. Very odd like my skin was “glued” into place for a while. If anything is that good it should be sold in reputable stores.

  • 23


    This is a scam – buyer beware – smooth talking sales folks from Israel – don’t buy – overpriced! Products aren’t worth the money. I suspect that all of the positive comments on this site are set up from the company!

  • 24


    I got talked into the products as well at the mall and $400 later, have all these products that I really cannot see results after 1 month later of use day and night. I see know change in my crows feet around my eyes . I feel I was ripped off because of the expensive of these products and there is no money back guarantee, which I wish there was.

  • 25


    That same young lady sold the night treatment to me…….just got it so she would leave me alone, they saw me coming….omg it works on my forehead the lines really are leaving dotox never had this kind of results….

  • 26


    I bought the facial peel and dead sea salt scrub for $50 for both items. Haven’t really started using them as i cannot remember the instructions given at the little kiosk. Anyone have any suggestions for the facial peel? i got given some sticks and told to apply to the ‘t zone’but that’s all i recall….

  • 27


    i bought a bunch of the products in vegas. I did walk away feeling a little like I was taken advantage of, BUT the products are nice and so far have done what they claimed. The guy at the stall was of course a real slick sales man. But anytime i said no to buying he kept throwing in freebies and dropping the price. I spent about $450. like someone else mentioned they show you a product and you buy…then show you another and you buy. so its several small purchases, that has you thinking well its just another $40 or $60.
    I got to try everything before I bought it and he gave me an information sheet that explained how to use everything in case I forgot what he’d told me.
    I would go back to purchase more of the products, especially the salt scrub, but I certainly would not purchase online from their website as the prices are insane.
    I’m going back to vegas next month so I will purchase some more then. I just won’t go alone to the mall as I did last time. There’s safety in numbers and hopefully my credit card won’t be abused again :) lol

  • 28

    Lois Sutch

    Got caught by fast talking salesperson……walking past a Kiosk in Los Vegas at Circus Circus….Purchased day and night eye creme… is good, night cremee is causing my eyes to fill with fluid….Tried to conmtact for refund….absolutely no response…….nuthin, tried three or four times with e-mail…it is nice that they stand behind their product…NOT……I am not a very happy buyer as this stuff that I cannot use was very expensive…Thanks for guaranteeing you crap that makes me l;ook like a monster in the morning….

  • 29

    Lois Sutch

    Thanks for responding (NOT) to my e-mails. I have e-mailed you two times and called the saleslady who sold me this crap that has turned my eyes into a monster come morning. The day eye creme is good, the night eye cream caused an alergic reaction and puffs my eyes up…i will not use it again……..I have tried to get compensation or money back….no reply at all….this is not acceptable…poor business tactics…at least e-mail me back……These products are very expensive……..I believe they should be guaranteed….TY Lois Sutch

  • 30


    for years I was looking for a way to get rid of my wrinkles, tried botox and every product in the market but nothing helped I spent 2500$ at Dermal Actives I am very happy with the products it takes away my lines gives me a smooth face and neck in just few momants… these products are graet! if you can offored it go and get it! i love it! looking to perchace the lip treatment who knows where i can?

  • 31


    I just bought the cream for the face and I use it once.Do i have to wash my face after I use the cream? please reply.Thanks

  • 32

    Susan Taylor

    Did you get any where with the Attorney General. I just bought $400.00 worth and it is not the same as it was in 2009. The product I bought then actually worked instantly, on the deep lines in my face. It was amazing, but the stuff I just got is not the same. :(

  • 33


    I just left the Galleria in Houston and am so glad I wasn’t duped into buying these products. I thought the guy from Israel was too slick and pushy!

  • 34


    Please tell me about your body scrub I punches it for psories does it work good and how do I use it do u have any comments on this product.

  • 35


    I also was scammed. The product tested on me was not the same as I purchased. The night serum made me break out and the day serum has done nothing at all to change my appearance of wrinkles. Same with the eye cream – nothing at all special.

    The body wash isn’t anything special either. Your better off going to the drugstore and getting a cheaper and better brand.

    Please don’t waste your money on any of their products.

    These people should be put out of business for false claims and advertising.

  • 36


    Definitely a scam. I purchased the body scrub & face peel for $130 at a kiosk at Fair Oaks mall, VA. The face peel did not work like the demo. It left little balls like glue on my face that would not come off. I typically buy products that are as organic as I can find. The body scrub has several toxic ingredients which, like a dummy, I didn’t look at before purchasing. After purchasing the sales girl tried to pressure me into buying more products. She was very aggressive & obnoxious which really made me regret making the 1st purchase. I went online & found the $70 body scrub on amazon and for $29 for 4 containers. This company is not reputable. I agree with jfit that the positive comments posted here are set up from the company.

  • 37


    I was scammed at Fair Oaks Mall, VA. I bought 2 products – the body scrub for $70 and the Facial peel for $60. The facial peel left little glue balls on my face that took 6 days for me to completely get off. The sales girl was pushy and became very aggressive when trying to get me to buy more products after I made a purchase. I’m surprised that the malls allow them to operate on their premises. Also, I checked online & Amazon sells the body scrub for $29 for 4 jars as opposed to the $70 I paid for one jar. I usually check the ingredients in products and should of with these as several toxins are listed. I tried calling the company but I get no answer. Will keep trying but I don’t expect they will answer.

  • 38


    also scammed at Fair Oaks mall in VA. Very aggressive salesman. I am embarrassed that I fell for it. After reading other comments I am afraid to put the eye stuff on my eye. The skin scrub seems to work but wayyy over priced and seems we all paid a different price depending on where/who we purchased it from.

  • 39


    was this the galleria mall in fairfax va??? They promised if I didn’t like the results that they would give me back my money. I paid in cash to a tune of $680.00. I was walking around the mall for a while, and the products they put on me in the demonstration (and of the course what I was sold) burned my skin. I went back an hour later and requested my money back. I was told they needed to get MGR approval as they couldn’t take the cash out of the register. A bunch of other b.s too…..She called her mgr….I was given a form to complete which needs to be faxed to the company to be considered…..My sales lady assured me again, that she would get my money back. I will keep you posted as to what happens. If I don’t get my money back I will be reporting them to the Attorney Generals Office and will try to get them shut down in the Mall.

  • 40


    I bought the day and night treatment for 87.5$ each in Vegas, I absolutely love them so far, I can see a huge difference immediately after using:)

  • 41


    I’m soooooooo mad at myself for paying over 600.00 pOn junk. After. Checking out my boxes of cosmetics I noticed the jars are OLD and had been refilled with product….. Purchased in Las Vegas mall………..

  • 42


    Thank you for posting your comments. I just about fell for it tonight. But, they only got me for $59 for two products. Interestingly, the salesman was from Isreal. Are these products really made in the US? Or, are our purchases supporting a questionable organization?

  • 43


    Wow. Just bought $70 worth of product but after reading these comments I am very inclined to take them back. The man told me he would refund me if they didn’t work, however the receipt says otherwise. Hope someone else was able to return their spoof of a product.

  • 44


    does this treatment cause
    cancer as it prenetrates
    the skin

  • 45


    Well I was literally pulled into a stool by some israel guy who first complemented me and then slammed an insult on me … he showed me the facial peel on my wrist then the milk… afterwards hr asked what he had to do to get me to walk away with a product. My response was “im a college student and I am hard pressed for cash. I have 30 bucks in my pocket right now.” After pulling out my wallet I convinced him I wasn’t lying. He put the facial cream in my hand and took the 30 bucks and sent me on my way …. didn’t even know I bought anything or agreed to anything and before I knew it I was broke and now had a jar of face cream to my name … BEWARE: don’t let them touch you… RUN AWAY … SCREAM or something because they are definitely slick

  • 46


    Bought the nail kit 5 years ago. The buffer is really a good product, but the lotion and oil are ordinary. I have not been able to just purchase a repacemet buffer because they package it with the lotion and oil for $68. Too much to pay for a buffer

  • 47


    I had just lost my husband and was in the Woodlands Mall in Houston, Tx when the Israeli girl got me. I knew better but I suppose in my state of shock I just wanted some attention and I bit.
    Thought about it after I got home and tried to take it all back but no such luck. The receipt said “No Refund”….so $400 later and the products are crap. I think the Daytime creme is just a form of Preparation H to take the wrinkles out temporarily though I’ve never put that on my face I’ve heard for many years of people doing it. It is crusty and flaky feeling. Did anyone else bite on the mask? Stuff is black as tar, sticks like glue and getting it off with their magnet is a joke. RUN RUN RUN if you see them EVER! I know if I go by and they have someone in a chair and yelling “SCAM, SCAM, SCAM”.

  • 48


    I too was duped by a “Jewish” guy who sounds very much like the guy from Israel described above. He was relentless and just wouldn’t let me leave without buying something. He too, kept adding more products or dropping the price to make a sale. I finally left with the eye cream for $60.00 +tax. He originally tried to sell for $164. and made me promise not to tell anyone the price I paid. Before I even left the Fashion Show Mall (in Vegas) I was regretting my purchase but since the receipt stated “No refunds, exchange only”, I decided that I would return it for the hand salts and leave it at that. (After checking the website, I didn’t feel at all comfortable about using this product on the delicate skin under my eyes.) My Jewish friend was no where to be found but instead, manning the kiosk was this young girl of Eastern descent. What an experience that was!! She absolutely refused to exchange my product unless I paid more money for another product. She was the nastiest person I have ever spoken with and there was absolutely no reasoning with this girl! I felt my request to exchange for a lower priced product was more than reasonable but that wasn’t an option at all! Anyway, chalk it up to a learning experience and take my advice; Don’t be taken in by these people; they are laughing all the way to the bank. My Jewish guy…was very good at what he does, I’m sure he’d sell ice to an eskimo; I just wish the girl had been doing the sales on the day I had been there because I would definitely still have my money in my pocket! She was one nasty piece of work!

  • 49


    Purchased Day & Night and eye cream while in Vegas about a month ago and am pleased with the results. Several friends whom I haven’t seen for awhile have made very positive comments. Yes, it is pricey, but so is Botox which didn’t last very long.

  • 50


    I to was like all the other people on here in las vagas fashion mall the girl just would not leave me alone promise me that these cream are execellent she got me to promise never to tell anyone that the cream she sold me was 200 dollar and let me have for 89.00 dollar a big rip off see no different in my eyes it just a great big con and I should have not be so stupied to buy never ever again I will be screaming scam scam scam

  • 51


    May I ask which mall? I wouls like to try much was it? thank you

  • 52


    My friend and I are sick about how much we spent on this product in Vegas. $1700.00 split between us. Dean, from Israel, is very good at selling.

  • 53


    My daughter and I just returned from Vegas and while there we purchased several items from Dermalactives.So far we are both pleased with our purchase. Michelle, a beautiful woman from Israel was our sales person and could not have been nicer. We both really liked her and she was not pushy. We are not sorry we bought our. Items!!!

  • 54


    My daughter and I just returned from Vegas where we bought several items each. We are happy so far with the items! Our sales person, Michelle, a beautiful lady from Israel, was so nice and not pushy.

  • 55


    Which mall did u buy it at and did u get Michelle’s contact number or email. Been using daytime treatment since 2009 absolutely love it nothing has come close to working this good for me for under eye puffy. Rep I usually buy from does not sell anymore. I live in CA so don’t want to drive to Vegas. Thanks for help Mary

  • 56


    I just returned from Vegas. Very good salesman. Probably in all 20 bottles of product. Paid $1200 for all. Gosh reading all these messages scares me. I’ve always been a Estee Lauder user. At 42 hoping he gave me the good stuff. Cross fingers hoping for the best. Have to try it can’t throw away so much money. Also wish for instructions.

  • 57


    Hard lesson to learn. Don’t be “nice” to everyone. Don’t sit in a chair by a kiosk in a mall because someone seems nice and generous. I got suckered into spending thousands of dollars because a “generous” Israeli woman, Tamar, kept “giving” me more free products for my daughters and husband. “Shhhh” she said. “Don’t tell anyone. I am giving you this because we make a connection and you are beautiful inside. I want to give you this. Don’t tell anyone because I could get in trouble. This gold mask costs $4000 at our spa in Beverly Hills, but I will give you 2 free jars for your daughters if you buy one.” And so on. She gave me a small suitcase of free products as she kept selling my husband more and more. She would ship it for free. I was floored after he paid for it with our credit card and told me it was in the thousands! We had lunch, decided we didn’t want to spend our money this way. It would put us in financial trouble. Went back to the kiosk to cancel the transaction and the woman showed us a sign behind some bottles on the top shelf that said “No Refund”. We were shocked. The sign was tucked away. Then she told us it was also written on the reciept my husband signed. Yes, it was. We didn’t know to look for it because she hadn’t disclosed it. We said she hadn’t shipped the products yet, so we really didn’t buy it. She “called her manager”, not. We think she faked it because it was so quick, but she gave us an extra jar or the $4000 gold mask. Said she was so sorry but not to worry. We would be okay financially and there is always enough money. Yah!!!!
    I came home and looked on the website and saw that the products didn’t cost nearly as much as she was selling them for. TOTAL SCAM! How do I report this? Has anyone had any success in getting their money back??? I’m mortified for falling for this. HELP ME!

  • 58

    Lisa H.

    So happy I discovered Dermalactives. Ran into a kiosk selling their products in the Houston Galleria Mall and fill in love with their White Tea/Water Lily Body Butter and Body Scrub. My skin feels so soft and smooth, like a babies butt. Plus the scent is heavenly.

  • 59

    Megan P.

    I was also at the Galleria Mall in Houston, TX last month and I was stopped by a nice lady at a kiosk. She showed me the Premium skin care collection that included the Facial Peel, Purifying Cleanser and Toner Gel, and the Triple Power Moisturizer. At first I thought I was wasting my time, but after she placed the Peel on top of my hand and wiped it off, I knew I had to buy it. The back of my hand felt so soft and once I got home, I tried the collection on my face and it was soft as a babies behind. No really, it felt so hydrated and smooth, I think it’s because the cleanser and moisturizer has Aloe and oils in them. My skin usually feel rough so I knew Dermalactives was what I needed.
    I recommended Dermalactives to my family and friends and the ones who bought it also loved how smooth and soft their skin became. I am definitely a fan of Dermalactives products!

  • 60

    Scott Havsy

    The products you buy at these kiosks can be bought for varying prices. Just like a car. You show do your research. Many if the products have ingredients from the Dead Sea. I have used many of these products and find they do work. Some extremely well. Some okay. I bought three products and paid 200 bucks and no tax. I like them and do does my significant other who had me go back to the Las Vegas outlet mall outside of town to buy more. After that sale I got thepitch to buy more. Ever been to a car rental place of Verizon? The Israel aggressive nature that we observe is not exhibited by all. My sales person was an attractive 29 year old and we spoke about Zisrael, the Middle East, my experiences there etc for over 20 minutes after I made my purchase. Believe me I feel worse when I buy junk at the local fair and it doesn’t work in your home. The point is we all feel bad when we feel we over paid. For beginners I suggest you go yo Mexico to learn the art of the deal. The Israelis are more sophisticated then our friends south of the border and just a few months earlier were in the military. Give them break because they are on the front line fighting terrorism at the roots. And if someone is rude walk away. Don’t bitch when you pay close to 200 dollars for similar products by Clinique etc. the products do work but not the same for all. That is why we have more than one anti-biotic folks.

  • 61


    Ok, I got scammed, and I went to beauty school! The Collagen Facial Peel to me two days to pick it off my jaw. Now my face is sore. Oh and I only paid 29.00, the sales boy, tested it on my wrist, where there is no facial hair. Everyone has down facial hair. and that is why the test it on a place. OMG! I looked at my receipt and there it is”NO REFUND, EXCHANGE ONLY” well stupid me! Never again, makes me want to stand at the mall in Bakersfield, CA and tell everyone, keep walking it’s a “Scam don’t buy it!!!! All day!!!!

  • 62

    Beverly S.

    I love how the Dermalactives’ Age-Defying Cream works for my skin. I have been using it for the last couple of months now after my sister in law told me about it. Since using it, you can tell my skin looks more youthful and feels so soft. The dryness and dullness has disappeared giving me a nice healthy glow.

    Also, I noticed some of the fine line wrinkles on my face are less noticeable and my face feels firmer. They appear to have vanished. I know when you get over 40 years old, about signs of aging become more apparent, but I am sure like many other women, they don’t want to look older either.

    I do recommend the Age-Defying Cream to help reverse the signs of aging.

  • 63


    I was scammed in las vegas a year ago for 650$. came back to the hotel and saw that the jars were refilled. called bank of america and they refused charges to my debit card…..the one time I really was happy with BA customer service. I explained them exactly what happened, and they tried to call the company and told me no answer on the other line for days. Now I have my money back.

  • 64


    Cancelled my order all of what u are saying is right. I will get my estition to shrink my skin with her fraxel treatment. Last for a year looks great1200.00 face and neck I have loose skin.

  • 65

    Katie W

    Absolute scam. I bought, asked for it to be shipped and before I left cancelled it. They shipped anyway (a week later so they knew I cancelled) and I returned it. They now have my thousands AND my products. Checking the Attorney General’s office and Mall Management. This was in Las Vegas.

  • 66


    Purchased in Vegas @IBS show high pressured tactics told a chg of 299. but chg 432. tried to return WOULD NOT. Now dispute with CC company. Priced to high Havent uses want a refund

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