Dermagor Review


Dermagor is a line of products created by a French beauty products company called Parapharmanet, that is based in the town of Toulouse. The official website isn’t really in English but you can navigate it and get a feel for what products are available pretty easily.

Dermagor is one of many different product lines created by Parapharmanet, but the company really doesn’t have a lot of specialized products available. There are a few products that they sell, and these are: Eau de Rosa, Phase Active Gel, Cold Cream, Rich Foaming Gel, Softening Bar for Greasy Skin, Maximal Sun Protection Lotion, and Milk with Collagene, and a couple other products.

The official website looks very nice but is hard to understand since the little English that is available to describe the products seems to have been run through an online translator and those don’t often produce the best results. We will dig a bit further and see if we can find out a little bit more about this company and its products.

Product Details

Unfortunately, the only real information we can find about the Dermagor line of products is completely in French or in terribly translated English. Most of the products seem to be combination makeup removers and moisturizers and we can’t really classify them as anti-aging products.

A couple of the Dermagor products seem to contain collagen which may help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but we aren’t sure whether or not these products use it in a form that would actually benefit the skin. Dermagor is a French product line and that alone may be enough for some people to want to give it a try. France has always been a center for fashion and cosmetics but in the US and surrounding areas, people usually won’t buy something if they don’t know exactly what they are buying.

The Good

  • Some products may contain collagen.
  • Many of the Dermagor products contain moisturizing ingredients that may be beneficial for the skin.

The Bad

  • The official website only has bits of badly translated English so it’s hard to get a feel for the products.
  • There are no testimonials or clinical trial data available on the official website.
  • We aren’t entirely sure if any of the Dermagor products would actually be effective for anti-aging purposes.

The Bottom Line

Dermagor is one of many different product lines created by the manufacturer Parapharmanet. With so many different types of product available by the same manufacturer, it makes us wonder if there was adequate time and effort put into the research and development of all of these products. The official website is very hard to understand and we are unable to give Dermagor a positive recommendation at this time, at least for those living in the USA. We suggest finding a product that contains proven anti-aging ingredients as well as a more recognizable brand name.

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