Dermaglow Review

Have some questions about whether or not Dermaglow works?

Dermaglow is a skincare line that’s owned by Valeant Pharmaceuticals. The company is widely known in the prescription medication market, but has moved into the dermatology sector. The parent business has been around since 1960, but the move into additional products was completed within the last five to 10 years.

What is Dermaglow?

From the products we could find online, Dermaglow specializes in anti-aging formulas for the face and lips. We did not find an official website for the line, but Amazon does sell some. We know products use shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E, but that’s about all we could find out.

Quick Facts on Dermaglow

  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals owns the product line.
  • Dermaglow formulas are difficult to find.
  • No complete ingredient list for any product is available.
  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • No official website exists.
  • Product reviews are few and far between.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dermaglow?

“Years ago, before Valeant took over the line, there’s a chance more information was available for Dermaglow products,” says our Skincare Editor. “Unfortunately, at this time there’s nothing to go on aside from mention of a few ingredients here and there. That means the customer has to go on faith and that’s not how this market works.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two issues that came up time and again in customer reviews are lack of results and rash. Neither is something the buyer should have to deal with.

  • “I would say this is a great value, as the product seems to be very helpful to my skin’s softness and less dry looking and feeling.”
  • “I recommend this to any woman who is looking for an ‘all in one anti-aging’ cream.”

There are just as many negative reviews.

  • “The lady at Shoppers said it would work to lighten age spots on my face. It does NOT work at all.”
  • “It is just a safe, basic cream but gives no drastic results by any means.”

Then, when you look at reports of a rash, there are people on both sides of the fence.

  • “It gave me a rash. I was a really bad rash on my thighs.”
  • “I have an itchy red rash on my belly, hips, legs and back of knees.”
  • “I bought the face cream for my daughter from TJ Maxx. She loved it.”

Are We Ready to Get Some Dermaglow?

Well, ThePerformanceLeader is all about giving you the facts about a product or line. With Dermaglow, there’s not enough information and it looks like it is no longer available. This could be because Valeant discontinued it or because it just failed. We can’t say with 100% certainty that this is a good choice.

What Do We Like Better Than Dermaglow?

We’ve been through hundreds of products in 2016 and our top pick is BioGeniste. It stands out from the competition because the ingredients are clinically tested and shown to help fight the signs of aging. We’re also thrilled with the number of amazing reviews.

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39 thoughts on “Dermaglow Review”

  1. I have heard about Dermoglow products but i have never tried it. I would appreciate it if I could get a sample of the Dermoglow Nuvectin Triple Action Eye Lift in order to check it out before investing my money in products I am not familier with.

    Many thanks


    1. Product is amazing. I have used it for over 2yrs now. Im told that I look younger than 35. Being 44 I take that as an amazing compliment. I have no crows feet it even evened out the wrinkles I had around my mouth. No sagging chin .. Its great product… my complexion even the broken blood vessels from waxing have deminished.

  2. This stuff is magic. I had some deep wrinkles on my chest and it cleared it up almost entirely…in a matter of three weeks. Wow!

  3. This product did the exact opposite of what it promised. I started using it when I had very mild acne (a pimple here or there), and 6 weeks later when I finally stopped using it my entire chin was broken out in cystic acne. It affected my job (I’m in sales), my marriage (it made me self conscious and embarassed) and I could not bring myself to leave the house without a pound of make-up on (which only made things worse). This is the WORST product on the market, and I STRONGLY advise people against using it. I am still trying to clear everything up and I stopped using it 3 weeks ago.

    1. sounds like you need an internal cleanse the product was not the problem. if anything it releases the toxins that are in your body… so if you arent eating properly and or need to do a toxin cleanse you body will want to release those toxins… the product is actually helping to eliminate the problem.

      1. I’ve heard it all and this one is so old. You could very well be allergenic to one or more of the ingredients. I eat very healthy, but still a have skin allergies. If it makes the problem worse stop using it, it’s not for you!

        1. I hate to come in and dispute what all of you are saying and might be thinking, but cystic acne is a hormonal issue. While it’s true some products can aggravate the problem it’s no the cause. I’d also like you to know that acne breakouts on the chin when there is very little breakout elsewhere can also be attributed to stress, chinstrap acne is very common in all ages of women. It is most important to not over stimulate and punish your skin with harsh anti-acne treatments that might be geared toward some who actually has a problem with sebaceous gland over production and/or exfoliation issues. Allergic reactions are something you would have notice far before the 6 week mark, as reactions are something that build and burn. My suggestion for anyone who might be having the same issue use an oil free cleanser followed by an oil free AHA cream for exfoliation, reduce stress and ask a doctor about supplements you might be able to take to combat hormonal issues.

  4. I would like to know about your product for redness. Is it just to use before make-up application so the red isn’t visible or does it actually get rid of the redness? Awaiting your reply. thxs Lorna

  5. I recently had a loss in my immediate family, which caused me to have enormous amount of greif.

    Im only 25 but after this ordeal 2 years later, people still commented on how tired I looked, due to the dark lines under my eyes.

    Went to shoppers and she gave me dermaglow radiance Rx, under eye brightener,
    Using it for the last month and noticed great reduction in lines. Although for 50 $, im not sure I would opt for this product again, it doesnt last 4 months as stated

  6. I am in my 60s and do not trust most product claims but the Dermaglow moisturizing cream is great. Re the ingredient list, while it is not on the website, the ingredients in Canada, by law, must be on each container, in both offical languages. It contains hyaluronic acid which is what I was looking for…. this is a natural product that plumps up the skin. I am a former government chemist and I worked in this area, but never for a manufacturer… By the way, the vitalscience website has testimonials that are also positive….

  7. Re the possible allergic reaction to dermaglow…I find it ridiculous that a person would continue to use anything for 6 weeks when a skin breakout is getting worse… if a mild acne turned worse I would see a dermatologist or at least my family doctor right away…I would be surprised if it was the product specifically, it could be diet or stress…in any case if this happens do write to the company for more info…

  8. I recently purchased the nuvectin Lash enhance. I have not put it on my lashed yet because i was told that there is a possiblity that my lashes could fall out. I would like an opinion on this.

    1. I would like to get your contact telephone number?I have a problem with a product packaging,The tube has split rite around the base where the product comes out.The product is dermaglow rx ageless primer. Thank you Joann Irvine

    2. No, your lashes won’t fall out. However, if you get itching while using it, stop using it. This is the most common side effect.

  9. i love derma glow radiance love love love it seen results in 3 days yes it tinkles when you start using it but i feel wonderful and im in menapuase and my skins glowing buy it in canada shoppers always has 30 percent off sale check it out

  10. All Dermaglow products are going on sale at Shoppers on May 21st for 50% off because they are changing the packaging.

  11. I’ve been having some serious dry skin on my face lately due to an allergic reaction I had to a new detergent I was using. I had terrible dry skin right around my eye that started causing ‘wrinkles’ to form and it started to look kind of scaley (gross, I know… I was freaking out… I’m 22.)
    So after trying Vitamin E cream on the affected areas for over 2 weeks and not much improvement, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to see if I could find another product that would help heal my face, (I also went there bc I needed to buy some cover up). The AMAZING cosmetics lady directed me to the Dermaglow line. She then sat me down and tried the Triple Action Eye Lift Roll On product. She also suggested the Day Lotion and the Tinted Moisturizer (to use as cover up bc beside my dry skin… my face is relatively clear).
    So I went home with my bag of goodies and tried all of the products. NO LIE – within 15 – 20 mins of using everything… my dry skin was 70-80% better! And I’m not one to exaggerate… this stuff blew my mind away! I actually went back to Shoppers and even thanked the woman who helped me! Even the tinted moisturizer worked great! So light and fresh feeling but still gave you good (light -med) coverage!
    I highly recommend the Dermaglow products and will continue to use them for a very, very long time! 😀

  12. I have been using Dermaglow anti aging therapy for 3 months
    . The lady at Shoppers said it would work to lighten age spots on my face. It does NOT work at all. Does anyone know of a product that actually does work for this problem?

  13. Well, it sounded like a good thing, but less than a week into using the Dermaglow Essentials foam cleanser and the Sensitive wrinkle therapy and I have red itchy welts and hives all over my face. Huge disappointment. Huge waste of a lot of money. They don’t put in perfumes and some other allergens – but whatever else they’ve added is worse for me!

  14. The Moisturizing Body Oil gave me a rash. I bought it upon the recommendation from the shopper’s drugmart sales person. Who said it had more natural ingredients then the Sesame oil by Neutrogena. It claims to help with stretch marks. I bought it to smooth out the skin. After 2 uses, I have a itchy red rash on my belly, hips, legs and back of knees. Today, I emailed them asking what ingredients I maybe reacting to. I’ve applied teatree oil since this worked for my kid when he got a diaper rash… hopefully it works for me as well. I’m positive it’s from the oil, since it’s the newest thing on my body and my diet hasn’t changed. I’m actually quite irritated, which is probably why I’m writing on this website. I have never reacted to a product in this way. I have a latex allergy and I’m wondering if there is something similar chemically in this product…. I’ve been using mostly simple or organic products for the last 5 years and I tried this dermaglow oil because I was in a hurry to get ride of some of the winter dryness… I guess lesson learnt.

  15. Where can I purchase Nu Vectin eye cream in Ocean County NJ? I used to get it at Cost Cutters but they are now out of business. Thank you.

  16. I bought the Moisturizing Body Oil at Shoppers and it gave me a rash. I was a really bad rash on my thighs. I have only used it for 3 days and then I got a bad rash. would not recommend on using it since another person on this comment page also experienced a rash. I guess this doesn’t work on all skin type. Be careful and do put it on face.

  17. I bought the face cream for my daughter from TK Max. She loved it, but the shop no loger stock Dermaglow. Can you advise where she can get more?I live in Woking, she lives in Horsham

  18. I have dark spots on my face appeared after my pregnany .i need to know which one of your product will help?and dose dermaglow cellixer help removing those spots since i already bought this product.

  19. I’m pregnant and have been using dermaglow sensitive wrinkle cream…is this safe to use? Does it contain retinol? And can you please send me a list of ingredients?
    Thank you

  20. Why did the Vital Science corp. discontinue these products? Was the company sold? The website is gone, all the stores have removed it from their shelves.. I’m so disappointed. Dermaglow Advanced Wrinkle Therapy cream made my skin look absolutely perfect minimizing pores, great for under make-up, I loved it. It will be next to impossible to find a cream that even comes close. Guess I will move on to Dr. Hauschka line, after all it is all natural.

  21. I’ve been using Dermaglow deep wrinkle concentrate for a long time and I can only tell you that it is a truly amazing product. Your skin may tingle a bit at first (every skin reacts differently) but you will see results. I am now 46 years old and people are blown away when I tell them I have a son in university and look back at my face one more time. This is no exaggeration, I was asked for an I.D. once because you have to be 18 to buy a lottery ticket here in Alberta. Unfortunately this product can be very hard to find. I found the product at and stocked up on it. If you are seriously having a bad skin reaction then please stop using it. Otherwise, reduce sun exposure, get enough sleep, eat healthy, minimize alcohol, be patient as you use Dermaglow every night for about 3 months and watch this amazing product transform you! I only use this 2-3
    times/week now. The ingredients are found in the

  22. I would advise anyone thinking about purchasing the Derma Glow trial offer not to do so. After you purchase the trial offer they will start to bill your credit card 89.47 for the Derma Glow and another 88.78 for the Wrinkle Erase Set without your consent for a total of 178.25 per month. This is done without receiving any product. Maybe some of you think it is great stuff but I am allergic to the product and can’t use it. I have tried to contact them and waited from 12:52 to 3:15 listening to “we appreciate your patience and your call is very important to us, please stay on the line and we will be with you momentarily “. I finally hung up and notified my card company. If a person has to wait that long on the phone and never be answered, just how reputable are they???

  23. I love all the product line I purchased a few thousand worth when I heard the line of cream was disappearing. WOW so sad. . Has the line been purchased and branded under a different name.
    My husband loves the cream as well, I am almost out.

    Strivecten is the next best thing , they have great eye cream. With Dermaglow I don’t sweat

    wee can the cream be purchased

  24. I have bought DG anti aging face serum so how long would it take to work
    because I have to give lots of talks and am retired from work

  25. I have bought dg dermaglow anti aging face serum so how long would it take to work
    because I have to give lots of talk

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