Dermaglow Review


Dermaglow is a product line created by the Canadian company VitalScience. This manufacturer claims to be very committed to creating new skincare technology and using it in the most effective way possible. They combine the latest science in dermatology and pharmacology with holistic ingredients that have been clinically proven. The website states that in Canada, three of the top 10 skincare products are part of the Dermaglow line.

Dermaglow may not be familiar to those in the United States, but the brand is becoming more popular due to word of mouth and because they bill their products as “Botox alternatives”. Dermaglow has a wide range of skincare products with Nuvectin and Nuvage being the most popular lines in the anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting areas. They also have products called Sensitive Rx, Radiance Rx, Correction, Miracle, and Lift&Firm. Many of these are cleansers, pore reducers, and microdermabrasion creams so we will look at a few of their most popular anti-aging products more closely.

The two products that really stand out from Dermaglow are the Nuvectin Advanced Wrinkle Therapy and the Nuvage Anti-Aging Therapy.

Product Details

The Dermaglow Nuvectin Advanced Wrinkle Therapy claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 50%, reduce skin roughness by 17%, and improve the plumpness of the skin by 4%. There are no ingredients listed with the product but it does say it is a concentrated blend of anti-aging peptides. This is billed as the #1 skincare product in Canada.

The Dermaglow Nuvage Anti-Aging Therapy says it is “The triple threat against aging to restore, repair, and prevent”. This product says it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 40%, corrects sun damaged skin by 58%, and greatly improves the firmness and appearance of the skin. There are no ingredients listed.

The Good

  • Peptides are commonly used in anti-aging products and are found in Dermaglow products.
  • Products available for many different skin problems and conditions.


The Bad

  • No ingredients are listed anywhere on the official website.
  • Hard to purchase. You will have to browse third party distributors.
  • The official website says everything is clinically proven but provides no details at all about who conducted these studies and what the results were.

The Bottom Line

The Dermaglow products sound quite appealing at first glance and are geared towards many different types of skin and skin conditions. There is an anti-aging line, microdermabrasion line, and even an acne fighting line. The biggest problem with Dermaglow is that there are no posted ingredients anywhere on the official website and a quick search of the Internet yields no results at all. Instead you usually end up at a website called “dermaglow” that manufactures professional-grade medical and spa equipment.

Dermaglow should offer a full listing of ingredients, money-back guarantee, and maybe a few inexpensive package deals to help their products become better known outside of Canada. If you know people who have used Dermaglow products you may be able to form a better opinion than relying on the lackluster website for important information.


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