Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream Review

What You Should Know

There are a number of skincare brands that operate exclusively online through their official websites. In fact, this is becoming more common as time passes. After all, it may be less expensive than selling skincare treatments and remedies in stores or shops. Regardless, one of these brands or lines is Dermagist. Previously known as Dermajuv, this brand offers skincare products in categories like Anti-Aging and Wrinkle, Daily Maintenance, and Acne Treatment. In this review, we will focus on one particular product from the Anti-Aging and Wrinkle lineup, which is Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream.

Product Details

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is a topical formula that can be applied to the neck skin daily in order to help with deep moisturizing and firming. This product is supposed to dramatically lift sagging neck tissue, and reduce wrinkles in this area. This product sells for $99.99 (60 milliliters). There are some before and after photos provided on the main website that depict how Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is supposed to affect the neck tissue after 30 days of use. Like all Dermagist treatments, this one comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are a few testimonials presented on the website for review.

There are four key active ingredients incorporated into Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream. These are Stem Cells (assists with regenerating damaged skin cells), Matrixyl (this component helps smooth out deep wrinkles), Sesaflash (helps to hydrate the skin and improve overall firmness), and Hyaluronic Acid (penetrates moisture deep into the skin, and helps lock in water). This topical cream also contains Shea Butter, which is added to assist with firming and skin hydration. Just so you know, Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is sold in a convenient pump bottle with cap.

The Good

  • This neck cream contains well-known anti-aging ingredients like Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid.
  • It is easy enough to acquire Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream directly through the main website.

The Bad

  • A full list of ingredients for this product is not available.
  • The cost of Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is quite high at $99.99.
  • There is no background information provided on the company itself.
  • This neck cream cannot be conveniently purchased in local department stores.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is unique in the sense that it is specifically for the neck area. Some women will appreciate this; especially if they are trying to address aging skin on the neck. Although this product does contain four active ingredients to assist with anti-aging, it would be nice to see some actual clinical trial results provided. Furthermore, there is no background information on this company, which may concern some individuals that come across Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream.

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  1. I have been using this product for four months and have seen some improvement. However, should I miss a schedule usage, negative results are noticeable. I cannot say that I am overly satisfied with this product.

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