Dermagen Review

Are you at least a little curious about Dermagen?

Dermagen Labs is the name of a company operating under AmexDrug, a pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical business. It’s also the name of an anti-aging eye serum and patch. It doesn’t appear that there are any direct products from the labs as they are only associated with private labeling. Though the founding may have been earlier, the official website was opened in 2008.

What is Dermagen?

The first Dermagen we came in contact with is the private labeling company under AmexDrug. The second, and likely the more popular, is an eye serum that contains vitamin C, Syn-Coll and Regu-Age. It’s supposed to smooth skin and eliminate dark circles, but without a complete ingredient list or official website, we’ve no idea if clinical testing has been completed or if there are irritants in the mix.

Quick Facts on Dermagen

  • There are multiple products and a company with the same name.
  • There is no official website for the anti-aging serum.
  • We did not find a complete list of ingredients.
  • Pricing is unavailable.
  • Available with a trial offer associated with an auto-ship program.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dermagen?

“We have a lot of questions about Dermagen, including a few about the ingredient list,” says our Skincare Editor. “We need an official website, or at least a source of more detailed information to make an educated decision.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

One issue we found deals with the trial offer, auto-ship program and cancellations.

  • “When he kept on, I just continued to say “No, NO, NO!” until he agreed to cancel my order. I asked for a cancellation number to protect myself.”
  • “They charge full price for the trial after 14 days and it is not clear that this will happen. I cancelled but was not able to get a refund even on unopened packages.”

We also found a few people who received products, but they never ordered them.

  • “I did not order this! Just collected my mail as usual and 2 pkgs from them w/ 2 different products.”
  • “I too am having problems with this company sending me 2 separate products that I did not order! It is so upsetting to me that this is happening.”

We were unable to find a single positive review for Dermagen.

Are We Sold on Dermagen?

Well, we can’t say that we are 100% certain this is the product that will work once and for all. There is no official website, a complete list of ingredients is not available and we were unable to find any positive reviews. These are enough to give us pause.

What Do We Suggest?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products in 2016 and the best we’ve found is BioGeniste. It’s formulated with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are out of this world positive.

Click here to give it a closer look today.


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