Dermagen Review

Are you at least a little curious about Dermagen?

Dermagen Labs is the name of a company operating under AmexDrug, a pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical business. It’s also the name of an anti-aging eye serum and patch. It doesn’t appear that there are any direct products from the labs as they are only associated with private labeling. Though the founding may have been earlier, the official website was opened in 2008.

What is Dermagen?

The first Dermagen we came in contact with is the private labeling company under AmexDrug. The second, and likely the more popular, is an eye serum that contains vitamin C, Syn-Coll and Regu-Age. It’s supposed to smooth skin and eliminate dark circles, but without a complete ingredient list or official website, we’ve no idea if clinical testing has been completed or if there are irritants in the mix.

Quick Facts on Dermagen

  • There are multiple products and a company with the same name.
  • There is no official website for the anti-aging serum.
  • We did not find a complete list of ingredients.
  • Pricing is unavailable.
  • Available with a trial offer associated with an auto-ship program.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dermagen?

“We have a lot of questions about Dermagen, including a few about the ingredient list,” says our Skincare Editor. “We need an official website, or at least a source of more detailed information to make an educated decision.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

One issue we found deals with the trial offer, auto-ship program and cancellations.

  • “When he kept on, I just continued to say “No, NO, NO!” until he agreed to cancel my order. I asked for a cancellation number to protect myself.”
  • “They charge full price for the trial after 14 days and it is not clear that this will happen. I cancelled but was not able to get a refund even on unopened packages.”

We also found a few people who received products, but they never ordered them.

  • “I did not order this! Just collected my mail as usual and 2 pkgs from them w/ 2 different products.”
  • “I too am having problems with this company sending me 2 separate products that I did not order! It is so upsetting to me that this is happening.”

We were unable to find a single positive review for Dermagen.

Are We Sold on Dermagen?

Well, we can’t say that we are 100% certain this is the product that will work once and for all. There is no official website, a complete list of ingredients is not available and we were unable to find any positive reviews. These are enough to give us pause.

What Do We Suggest?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products in 2016 and the best we’ve found is BioGeniste. It’s formulated with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are out of this world positive.

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29 thoughts on “Dermagen Review”

  1. I ordered Dermagen and Nova care on trial for 13 days. i ordered on 1-5-16 and the products came on 1-11-16. I tried using them on alot of different days, but got nothing but redness and bumps. My trial period was to expire on 1-24-16, so i tried calling the number on the shipping list for 4 days to cancel, held the phone for 30 minutes at a time, even sent an email with no response. I called my credit card Co. and there was a charge put on there 1-22-16 for $86.15. I had until 1-24-16 to call. i got the phone # from my card co, and finally got thru. The lady i talked to was someone other than American, i had to ask many times what she said. They wouldn’t refund my money or even talk to me about it! This is deffanately a scam company! Do not order anything from them!!!!!!!

      1. Derma Gen and Nova Care were offered to me for a one time shipping of $1.00 each. They arrived approx 3 weeks later. Then I noticed that they cane back on the same day I was charged for another withdrawal of $4.95 each. Less than two weeks later they withdrew $99.15 plus $86.15 totaling $185.30. This continued for every two weeks…$270.60 and it went on until they overdrafted my account. All in all they got to me for $738.40I knew right then that this was a scam. Also I never received any paperwork or invoice, in fact inside of the envelope was a small piece of paper saying DO NOT come back to them with a problem since they only shipped the product!. In my state theft over $500.00 is a felony The local police filed a felony report on them. I’m facing a major organ transplant and I did not need this added stress. It nice to know this really is a SCAM from other’s points of view too.

  2. I too ordered Dermagen and Nova Care on 3/6/2016. Very misleading. Please do not order from these companies. They have billed my credit card for $99.00. My bank called me about it. They gave two numbers I should call. Two different companies, two different phone numbers. Same person answered on both calls. This is a scam and I will get my money back. I did get the future orders (That I didn’t know about) cancelled. Waiting to hear from supervisor.

    1. what did you do? did you call the companies? did you call and cancel your card you used to purchase the trials?

  3. This is definitely a deceiving method of selling a product. It is indeed a scam. They charge full price for the trial after 14 days and it is not clear that this will happen. I cancelled but was not able to get a refund even on unopened packages. The products are not as claimed and you are not getting a free trial, you pay extra just to try and then you are charged the full price within two weeks.

    1. I had the same experience. Paid the shipping on the trial offer and then got both products. I two weeks more came that I had not ordered and did not know would be coming. I called and cancelled 3x and finally they said if I returned the product they would refund the remainder of my money but said it was over 30 days and they would not refund the rest ($172.30). I will never do business of anykind with this company.

    2. I had the same experience. Then I received another jar not realizing I supposedly agreed to this monthly shipment. It is NOT made clear on the ordering site. I wasn’t able to use this product because it caused my face to break-out and clogged my pores. When I called the customer service center about the additional jar, they tried to tell me they would cancel future shipments and would only bill me for the jar I received- over $80.00.
      I told them I refused to pay for this shipment or any others. Then they tried to haggle me down to 35%, 50% until I stated, “What part of this conversation do you NOT understand?”
      “I will send this back and I will NOT pay anything for this product. I will dispute this charge right now since it was not clearly disclosed this was a monthly shipment”. The representative finally relented and stated I would receive a full refund in 3-5 business days and no further shipments. I will wait to receive an confirmation email and a credit on my card before I make any other comments. IT’S A SCAM just to sell cold cream.

      1. Tracy, did you in fact recieve the credit on your card? I just reviewed my statement and saw the extra charges for the “samples” I received. After much talk and threat on my part they agreed to credit my card fully in 3-5 days. Will they do this???
        Thanks for your response.

  4. I have 4 boxes of product sitting here that I did not order because I hardly had time to even use my trial offer. I have spoken to a representative of the company and mailed them a letter trying to return the product than I did not order. I was told there was no return a policy. So far they have deducted $439.21 and today another $97.41=$536.62 from my checking account in a 2 1/2 month period of time. Buyer BEWARE!

    1. Report the fraud activity to your bank or credit card company and get a new card number, if you haven’t already. That’s what I did.

  5. I did not order this !
    I got 2 pkgs .in the mail today from : Fulfillment Center

    Just collected my mail as usual and 2 pkgs from them w/ 2 different products. These are all just scams and I do not want it or intend to sample it. It has an order # on packing slip and shows no charges. I just want it gone and Have No idea how to return it , at my expense probably. This just really pisses me off. If anyone knows how to contact them , I’d appreciate a phone number or direct web site to get it back to them.

    1. Hi I too am having problems with this company sending me 2 separate products that I did not order! It is so upsetting to me that this is happening. Were you able to get a phone number for them or an address ? So far I haven’t found anything. Thank you !


  6. Scam? Definitely! JUST SAY NO!
    When I called to cancel BEFORE the time I would be charged a large monthly amt. that they do NOT make clear in the promo, the representative made repeated “offers” at discounted rates for more “trial periods.”
    I just continued to say, “No, I am not interested. I DON’T WANT IT OR ANY OTHER OFFER.” When he kept on, I just continued to say “No, NO, NO!” until he agreed to cancel my order. I asked for a cancellation number to protect myself. It’s best to say NO to DERMAGEN’s ‘Free Trial Offer’ in the first place.

  7. Can’t seem to find a phone number for DermaGen face serum and cream. I want to cancel any future deliveries of this product. It’s interesting that they can be located.

    I asked for the free trial, I certainly didn’t ask the company for future deliveries. I want it stopped.

    1. DermaGen
      They charged me $99. I called this number and demanded a refund. First they offer to stop future payments, then they offered to refund $47.50. Finally they agreed to refund the $99 and cancel any future shipments. The 2 items they had shipped look like dollar store items and the ingredients I see are not helpful. Hyaluronic acid is almost the last ingredient.

      1. I ordered the trials of Derma Gen cream and Nova Care serum. They were each like 4.99 (this was months ago when I ordered…I just spotted the bottles in my bathroom drawer and wanted to search to see if anything has changed regarding business ethics). There is a full list of ingredients, but there was a red flag right away. I used a very secure charge card to purchase these and my Visa company rejected the card. I tried more than once and it wouldn’t go through. I then tried my debit card and it went through. The next day I received alerts from my bank, making sure I made these two 4.99 purchases. I said yes…but why all the fuss? THEN I did some searching and found out the company is a fraud and will charge you a large sum in a few weeks, and will continue to try and do so. The next day I went to my bank, cancelled my debit card and got a new one. They said it was a smart move to be safe and they see this situation a lot from health and beauty online sales. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is, and here it was. I didn’t have to deal with them again. I haven’t used the creams in months…

  8. Avoid these companies like the plague and report them to the consumer protection agency in your state!! The products are useless, a scam, and a fraud. It is almost impossible to get your refund or to get them to stop shipping the product!

  9. The second jar arrived today. Called my bank right away because I did not order anti-wrinkle cream. There was a $99.01 charge against my credit card. The fraud department of my bank cancelled my credit card, will issue me a new one, and will disregard the $99.01 charge. The charge was made at 1:41 a.m. this morning, 8/24/16. Thank you for the postings because they were what alerted me to this scam. Otherwise I might have been charged each month, etc.

  10. where can i find a phone number for nova care and dermagen? i need to make sure they don’t charge me after free trial. What a scam….

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