Dermagen Review


Dermagen is a subsidiary of AmexDrug, a growing cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical company that is based in Los Angeles, California. AmexDrug is US-FDA registered and all of its facilities are approved by the state of California, which has very high standards. Dermagen is actually a very versatile company that does more than just make beauty products. Dermagen also makes and distributes beauty product containers such as jars, pumps, sprays and bottles. When it comes to their own line of beauty products, they seem to be separated into four distinct sections. There is Bath & Beauty, Hair, Health, and Royal. While most are self explanatory, the Royal products seem to be their high-end product line.

As far as anti-aging products go, Dermagen offers a few different wrinkle creams, some skin tightening creams, and various supplements and creams designed to help with everything from arthritis to varicose veins.

Product Details

In the Royal product line, you will find the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream. This cream claims to help people firm up the skin around their face and neck. The full list of ingredients doesn’t seem to be available on the official website but some are in the product description, Dermagen says this product contains Vitamin C, Retinyl, and Alpha Hydroxy. These are all very common anti-aging ingredients that can be found in hundreds of various beauty products.

Oddly, no matter what Dermagen product you click, you are taken to the Royal product line so it may be all they really offer. This is actually a good thing because a relatively unknown company that has hundreds of products is usually a bad sign. By specializing in a few specific products, companies can devote a lot of time and research into them. Overall, the website is fairly plain and only has a paragraph describing each product. There are no testimonials, application instructions, or even a place to buy these products.

The Good

  • Products are created in a US-FDA approved facility.
  • The wrinkle cream contains Vitamin C, a well known anti-oxidant.

The Bad

  • Dermagen doesn’t have a lot to offer on its website and seems to cater more to those looking to buy packaging instead of products.
  • The full ingredients for Dermagen products are not listed on the official website.
  • There are no testimonials or product-related clinical trial data available.

The Bottom Line

Dermagen is a very versatile company that produces not only beauty products and dietary supplements but also the packaging they come in. It seems to us that this company probably makes most of its money selling this packaging and decided to add a few of its own products as an afterthought. We can’t really choose Dermagen products at this time as they just don’t seem to contain enough powerful anti-aging ingredients.


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