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DermaFresh is an “at home” microdermabrasion system that can be found in your local “As Seen on TV” aisle at many retail stores, as well as ordered directly from TV infomercials. DermaFresh is a hand held device that has various removable heads for different effects. The system was made to exfoliate your skin and to help with conditions such as scarring, acne, fine lines, and sun damage.

The DermaFresh Microdermabrasion system has been featured in a few different popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan and O. There is little information available on who actually created this product or who distributes it available on the official website. Instead, the entire website showcases various products for all uses that you might have seen in commercials or infomercials.

Product Details

The DermaFresh Microdermabrasion system is a basic do-it-yourself skin exfoliator. This system is a hand held device with three different attachment heads. One head is for exfoliation, one is for cleansing, and the other massages. The directions say that you should first cleanse the area that will be treated with a gentle soap, exfoliate with the included cream and exfoliator head, then massage to encourage cell growth and firm the skin. There is no clinical data and no user testimonials provided to let us know if this product does what it is supposed to do however.

When you order the DermaFresh Microdermabrasion system, you will get an applicator sponge, cleansing brush, and massager head along with two ounces of the exfoliating cream. The exfoliating cream contains grape seed extract but we can’t seem to find the exact ingredients list. When you order DermaFresh, you will also receive a case with a built in mirror. The DermaFresh website is very bland as it has hundreds of descriptions for the many different “As Seen On TV” products that are offered. We can’t find any type of return policy, no products have very many details, and few products list all of the ingredients.

The Good

  • Very cheap. $19.99 plus shipping is the average price of DermaFresh.
  • Exfoliation can be beneficial for the skin.

The Bad

  • The official website has a very vague description of this product.
  • There is no visible return policy on the official website.
  • The exfoliating cream doesn’t list its ingredients.
  • Microdermabrasion usually doesn’t help much in the wrinkle department, although it is generally perceived as benefiting the overall complexion.

The Bottom Line

The DermaFresh Microdermabrasion system is pretty cheap and might actually help to exfoliate your skin. For $19.99, at the very least you will get a nice case with a mirror to hold a face massager. This product really doesn’t have anything that sets it apart from other microdermabrasion products so we can’t recommend it at this time. If you are looking for an anti-aging product, there are many creams and serums available that contain very powerful ingredients at an affordable price. However, if you’ve experienced spa micodermabrasion already and found the effects pleasant, an at-home kit like DermaFresh could be something to look at.

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  1. I have a DermaFresh Exfoliate system and my granddaughter got ahold of it and broke the adaptor,so now the cleaning brush will not hold.Do you sell replacement parts
    (Facial Massager ModelFAM-21c)

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