Dermafirm Review


Dermafirm is a “physician created” skin tightening cream created by Smooth LLC. This is a relatively new company, and at the time of this review, Dermafirm isn’t technically available from the official website just yet. Smooth LLC does have another product called DermaCleanse that you can purchase, but this product is just an exfoliation cream designed to help slough off dead skin to reveal the new skin cells that are growing underneath.

Dermafirm bills itself as a cream that is “Better than Strivectin”. There is a question mark after this phrase so we assume they are leaving the final decision up to the consumers to decide. Dermafirm claims to be a cream that works to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as cellulite. The official website can’t seem to decide if this product is an anti-aging product or an anti-cellulite product it seems.

Product Details

Dermafirm can’t decide which type of cream it wants to be. On the official website’s homepage, Dermafirm seems to be a wrinkle cream that also works to eliminate cellulite. If you navigate over to the Frequently Asked Questions section, it goes into detail about cellulite, causes for it, and tells you that exercise won’t help it go away. It doesn’t say much at all about wrinkles or fine lines on your face except that you can use the Dermafirm product on your face, neck and arms.

The official website seems to call Dermafirm Df2 in many places which is quite confusing. It’s hard to tell if they are talking about the same product throughout the website. There is an “order online” section but you can only purchase DermaCleanse at the time of this review. There are some testimonials but we aren’t sure if they are valid because Dermafirm isn’t actually for sale. There are other products with the same name but they wouldn’t have any bearing on this website.

The Good

  • Dermafirm has an official website.

The Bad

  • The full list of ingredients for Dermafirm is unavailable.
  • Dermafirm might not be for sale at the time of this review.
  • The official website can’t seem to decide if Dermafirm is a wrinkle cream or cellulite cream.
  • The return policies are unclear on this product.

The Bottom Line

Many women all around the world suffer from having excess cellulite and if Dermafirm can help tighten the skin in these areas, it could become a fairly popular product. The issue we have with Dermafirm is that it doesn’t seem to be on the market just yet but there are numerous testimonials claiming that it works wonders. That seems a little on the dishonest side. The manufacturer could at least wait until they release the product before placing such testimonials on their official site. We highly recommend sticking with a more well-known product that contains powerful anti-aging ingredients and that is easy to track down.

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