Dermactin Review


At the time of this review, it appears that the Dermactin products may be discontinued. While we could find parts of the original line on sale at discount retailers and auction houses, we were unable to locate a company website or products for sale from any of the major online retailers. However, since many of the Dermactin items are still available through a number of discount sources, we feel it is important to educate the public about these products and whether they can deliver on their claims.

Dermactin created a long line of skin care products, including stretch mark treatments and anti-wrinkle formulas. Without a company website to research, we could not find any information about a return policy or customer testimonials for the Dermactin products. What we did find was discounts – deep discounts on products in some cases, making the Dermactin line a fairly good value at this time. However, without sufficient product and company information, it is a case of “buyer beware”, no matter what the final price of the item might be.

Product Details

The only Dermactin product that we could find a full ingredient list for was the stretch mark cream. Other anti-aging products like the Dermactin-TS Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream and the Collagen Filler Wrinkle Reducer did not appear to have ingredient lists available. We find it very hard to recommend skin care items that do not provide a complete roster of ingredients for a couple of reasons.

The first is that a lack of information like this leaves us in the dark about the potential effectiveness of a formula. We have no way of knowing whether the active ingredients included in Dermactin will be potent enough to deliver what is promised. The other problem is that the consumer cannot shop safely for a product that does not fully disclose this information, because they cannot know whether there are possible allergens in the formula. Since we cannot find ingredients for the Dermactin-TS anti-aging products, we do not feel comfortable recommending them to consumers.

The Good

  • The Dermactin products can be found at deeply discounted prices.

The Bad

  • There is no online presence for the company that makes the Dermactin products.
  • Complete ingredient lists are not readily available.
  • We were unable to locate money back guarantees or customer testimonials on any of the items.

The Bottom Line

While there appears to be some deals to be had on the Dermactin products at the time of this review, the lack of an online presence and the inability to collect sufficient information about the products makes us hesitant to recommend any of them. It seems to us that the company that marketed the Dermactin products originally has since gone out of business, which does not bode well for our confidence in the product line. You may be better off spending your skin care dollars on a brand that provides better service and information.


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