Dermablend Review


Dermablend is a line of skincare products created to assist in completely covering up flaws such as age spots, birthmarks, freckles, uneven skin tone, scarring, rosacea, and other skin conflicts. The Dermablend makers have product lines for foundations, concealers, setting powders and brushes.

Product Details

Dermablend does not have an actual anti-aging product line, but rather is created to be a temporary concealer for wrinkles, age spots, and other skin flaws. One of these products in the Dermablend product line is called Smooth Indulgence Foundation which allows you to cover up the fine lines and wrinkles without enhancing them. At the time of this review, we were unable to locate any listed ingredients for this product or any of the other Dermablend products. The product is reasonably priced at $28, but that is only for a 1.0oz tube of the product. There are a few customer testimonials available for Dermablend products but we could not locate any before and after photos. Dermablend may not include any anti-aging ingredients in its products.

The Good

  • Dermablend products are available through several online retailers as well as the official product website for Dermablend.
  • Dermablend provides several complimentary items in its line of concealers and foundations.
  • Dermablend is reasonably priced at about $28 per tube.

The Bad

  • No ingredients for Dermablend products were available at the time of review.
  • The Dermablend products may not contain strong anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid or Matrixyl 3000.
  • Although there were several customer testimonials on the official product website for Dermablend, there were not any available before and after photos.

The Bottom Line

Dermablend products are available through several online retailers as well as through the actual official product website of Dermablend. There are other complimentary items available for use with the Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation such as concealers and brushes within the Dermablend product line. We were unable to locate any ingredients for Dermablend products at the time of this review and we feel that all ingredients should be listed in case of allergens. The Dermablend products are not know to be actual anti-aging products, but merely concealer and cover-ups for wrinkles, fine lines and other skin flaws. We feel the Dermablend products should include strong anti-aging ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 or Hyaluronic Acid which are known to have excellent anti-aging benefits along with the cover-up qualities of the product. At the time, Dermablend products are very temporary fixes and are only effective for as long as the product is on the skin. It is removed with soap and water. There were several customer testimonials available but no before and after photos to provide proof that this product covers aging spots as effectively as it claims to.

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  1. Hi,
    What type of moisturizer, foundation, and blush do you recommend for good coverage,
    without being too heavy and actually causing the wrinkles to be more evident.
    Thanks a lot,
    Joanne Barwick

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