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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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With all of the anti-aging creams and lotions available on the market today, Derma Wand sets itself apart by offering an electronic device. Derma Wand claims to be a scaled down version of the specialized technology used in dermatologist and skincare offices around the world. Derma Wand emits a “stream of impulses stimulating at 114,000 cycles per second”. This is supposed to lift a wrinkled complexion and get rid of fine lines around your eyes.

The official Derma Wand website claims that you can get long-term tightening benefits for your skin and you will immediately have a tightened and lifted look to your complexion after making use of their product. For wrinkles, the Derma Wand uses something called “Thermal energy” that is supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on your face, as well as reduce the size of enlarged pores. This will theoretically give users an over-all healthier skin tone. Derma Wand also claims to emit “purified enriched oxygen”.

Product Details

Derma Wand doesn’t have any ingredients worth listing on this site as it is an electronic device. The official website does offer a 30-day free trial with a money back guarantee which is nice. The 30-day free trial comes with a Derma Wand, carrying case, DVD, booklet, 2 oz DermaVital Pre-Face Treatment, 2 oz DermaVital Hydra Infusion Treatment, and a 4 oz Hydrating Skin Mist.

Unfortunately, we could find no ingredients listed for these additional products, even though they seem to be an integral part of the Derma Wand skin care regimen. If you decide you like Derma Wand once your 30-day free trial expires, you make four payments of $29.95 plus $14.95 shipping. This puts the total cost of Derma Wand with its accompanying products at around $140.00, plus the cost of restocking the regimen supplements.

Many people will see Derma Wand and assume it is a gadget that zaps them with electricity and light, and that is fairly close to what it actually does. The Derma Wand uses mild electrical stimulation and you can control how strong it is with a dial.

The Good

  • 30-day free trial and money back guarantee.
  • A fairly reasonable price for a product that lasts a long time.
  • Can order directly from the official website.

The Bad

  • Zapping your face with electrical impulses is not for everyone.
  • No ingredients given for the accompanying products.
  • Needs to be used with other anti-aging products to be effective.

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy gadgets, this might be a cool product to have around. The problem we have with the Derma Wand is the products you have to use with it. We would definitely like to know more about these products before committing to the Derma Wand skin care regimen.

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172 Comments/Questions/Answers to Derma Wand

  • 1


    I bought my derma wand years ago but still haven’t tried it. I’d like to start using it but I don’t know if i can use it by itself or should be used with other facial lotion? Will it burn my skin? Please advise, thanks.

  • 2


    I haveopen pores in one of my cheek. can this gadget be helpful in restoring .

  • 3


    I got my Derma Wand about 3 years ago and I really like it. I wash my face and use my own cream and lotions. I use on my chest, neck, face and back of my hands.

    I use it daily and it firms my skin and gives it a nice glow.

  • 4


    Thanks Bronte. Is it normal to feel some sort of tingling/zapping when using it?

  • 5


    Yes, I put it up to 10 for everything but eyes.

    For the eyes, I started with 1, which I think, according to the instructions, is as high as you should go on eyes. But I have bumped it up to 3.

    If 10 is to high and the tingling bothers you just turn it down, til you get use to it.

    Good luck

  • 6

    mrs jayne white

    ive had a derma wand for a few years now & i would rate it 10/10. yes, you have to keep up with it about once a day is how i was using it then maybe every couple of days once youve achieved the result your looking for, wrinkles are noticeably improved, skin texture,tone & firmness noticed, results usually within a month if kept up with, would def buy another.

  • 7


    I’ve had the dermawand for only 2 weeks now and have been using it every other day. My deep wrinkles on my forehead are almost gone, my skin is tight and my face has a nice glow to it. I actually look a lot younger. I love this device and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to look younger!!!

  • 8


    Will Derma wand help for skin? i have crow and puffiness under eyes. Can any one suggest that should i purchase this?

  • 9


    I have been using derma wand more than 10 days but i did not see any result of my wrinkles. Please suggest me what should I do

  • 10


    The plastic top that fits on the top my dermawand broke. Can I get another one sent to me.
    Thank You.

  • 11


    Hola,ya tengo 60 años y hasta ahora me estan saliendo arrugas sobre ls labios ,a ls lados de la nariz y pequeñas el rededor de los ojos,y sobre los senos en medio.son velluda,pero tengo el cutis bastante bien para mi edad,cuanto tiempo necesito usarlo y ls minutos.. gracias

  • 12


    is derma wand effective for pigmentation and frackles? If someone have experience about this, please give me some suggestions.

  • 13


    Mrs. Jayne white. Please let me know how long one session of derma wand is taking. I’m also pleased with it, but it’s a bit too time consuming. Maybe I’m not using it properly.
    Thank you, simona

  • 14


    Can anybody else reply to the question I asked mrs. White? How long a session with derma wand should be.
    Thank you, Simona

  • 15

    molli shah

    hi, pls let me know can i useDerma Wand as i heard thatits not very effective….i have loose facial skin and im 31, pl suggest what to do

  • 16


    Use the Derma Wand 3-5 minutes a day.

  • 17


    Thank you Misty. Probably I’m doing something wrong, cause is taking me a lot more to do all the areas described in the little book. Please be kind and advise.
    Thank you, Simona

  • 18


    They say on HSN two minutes a day twice a day ! Just the time it takes to brush your teeth.

  • 19


    Thank you Jodi. Have you used the wand on all the areas described in the manual? To me it takes a lot more than the 5 min. mentioned there.
    Merry Christmas, Simona

  • 20

    Holly Wood

    I am waiting to get my dermawand I purchased from HSN,a gift, now I need it for puffiness under the eyes, and how long, I would like some more details..Thanks, Holly M. Wood

  • 21

    Renu Bala

    How frequently it has to be used and the duration renu

  • 22


    I am a woman of 64 years old…will derma wand help my skin too?

  • 23

    catcher's mom

    First, there is no fountain of youth. Second, peeling off layers of skin (even by a trained professional) not only hurts for days but it’s crazy, sloughing off dead skin cells is one thing but a chemical peel is a “chemical” that burns your skin off. There’s Botox, which is injected into your body AND bloodstream (but anything with “tox” in the name makes me think of toxic). I have not seen ONE botox infected (I used that word on purpose) person that looks right. And then there’s plastic surgery which, lets face it, makes you look well “plastic”. Both of these make you look completely different. And in my opinion not in a positive way from results I’ve seen. And there is no going back!! You can have breast implants taken back out but if they cut too much skin off your face… oh well, how do they get the botox back out? Some kind of suction tool? I just want to look like me, just not a “rode hard and put up wet” me AND I have to live on a fixed income so payment plans are a nice plus. I don’t have money for skin therapy from a dermatologist, must less a plastic surgeon. Third, my neice’s dermatologist uses a high frequency wand (similar to the Dermawand) in her office and she charges a lot of money to do it and she offers this service because it benefits the skin (increases blood flow & oxygen and decreases bacteria & infection)–the doctor’s words, not mine. And she is a skin “doctor”.

    Anyway, I did a little Dermawand test today and here are my results: I used my wand for 15 minutes on setting 3 and then spent a few additional minutes on the wrinkle prone areas (as in the Dermawand DVD) while sitting around watching TV. The Dermawand Kit comes with a dvd that shows the steps and after watching it a couple of times you go through the steps without even thinking about them. The kit contains a Pre-Face Conditioner, a water based spritzer, a Hydro Infusion Lotion and a Hydro Support cream. The products are not a necessity. In my opinion, it’s the Dermawand that’s the key here, I didn’t love the products. You can use your current skin creams, etc.

    Anyway, here’s what I saw in the mirror afterwards:

    My pores are smaller, my skin is firmer and extremely radiant. Also, my wrinkles have decreased “JUST USING IT TODAY”. So what if it’s temporary? But with continued use….who knows? I don’t buy anything without reading the reviews, by the way… some customer’s are saying it works the longer you keep it up and I’ve researched many websites that offer reviews (not in any relation to the Dermawand brand). Also, some people have had some pretty bad skin conditions that went away or got better due to the use of the Dermawand (remember the decrease in bacteria/infection I mentioned previously). I can only tell you about me though…I am 45 and I look ten years younger. My sister is 36 and everyone thinks I’m the baby sis. Look, it takes effort to be healthy so I might as well put a little effort into my skin as well. I use an online skin care kit (Reclaim – which is fantastic-I noticed a big difference in my skin when I started using this as well and I did NOT purchase this kit because Victoria Principal looks young…she’s a botox patient – we are not stupid people! I chose Reclaim based on the reviews from several different websites. I have used Natural Advantage endorsed by Jane Seymore (atleast she doesn’t look botox infected) in the past but I kept breaking out. Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford uses a lot of AHA acids which reviews reported burning and stinging as side effects. AHA acids are important in an Anti Aging Skin Care System but the burning and stinging issue came up too often for me in those reviews. If you don’t have a skin care system, it really is important. My advice is this – know what’s out there, know your budget and read the reviews. There are test kits/trials (almost always under $40 and mine have lasted a lot longer than 30 days- Being a club member is optional!! After you receive your kit, call customer service and tell them when and “if” you want more of the product. It is not mandatory to receive a kit every 90 days. You must communicate with customer service though. Just remember, most of the skin care kits last a really long time. A lot longer than 90 days and some of the products I have used lasted almost a year. You don’t have to use a hand full of the cleanser. A dime size dollop is too much. I wet my face AND hands, squeeze out a small dollop on my fingertip, rub my fingers together & then all over my face and it takes every bit of my make up off. Follow the directions, just remember you don’t have to use as much product as they do in the video. Skin care doesn’t have to be a financial burden. The larger kits or what they call 90 day kits usually have the 3 divided payments and last longer. So check out the reviews for anti aging skin care systems and then let it be your birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. I’m rambling again. The only reason I even mentioned a skin care kit is because the Dermawand glydes better if I use a cream instead of a lotion or the Pre Face that comes with the wand. But for heaven’s sake, use what comes in your Dermawand Kit until it’s gone, I did. No since in wasting it. Then invest in a skin care kit. I also keep the Dermawand light clean (alchohol on a cotton swab). I use a surge protector too. I’ve heard some people have had problems with their wands but I haven’t so I don’t know if this helps or not but I paid almost $140 for my Dermawand kit, I might as well take care of it. Money doesn’t grow on trees (:

    If by some chance “you” don’t see results…the only thing I can think of is, you need to use the wand longer, maybe 20 minutes atleast and daily if possible. Some use it twice a day which I haven’t been able to do yet. Oh, and not at a high setting when you start out. Work up to the higher settings. I hope you have good luck as well. Be sure to read all the documentation about the refund policy on any kit you purchase. I have had great luck with kits in the past but I communicated with the company by phone. I would also advise placing an order by phone. Just in case you have questions. Be aware…you must contact customer service for an authorization number before you return most any kit you purchase including the Dermawand Kit. In my experience everyone does this now a days. It’s not that hard though. Best Wishes!! Carla

  • 24


    Ok,yes its good for pigmentation and slightly for freckles. I use my derma wand only once a week,at first once every other day,but now once a week just as a precautionary method I guess plus I love the results. I had sun damage pretty bad with freckles. Its lightened the freckles and my sun damage (I live in the south) is all but gone. I’m 43 and get accused often that I’m in my late 20s or early 30s…no one believes my age,lol…however,that’s largly due to my dna,but…I’ve noticed a huge differnce since I started using it just 6 months ago. Its taken a good 5 yrs off n I just wanted it for better toning as once I hit 40s,I started noticing my age creeping up fast,plus I’m a smoker since 17 n I’m in the sun n I NEVER use soap or lotions/creams etc on my face,it strips your natural oils,just use hot water n pat dry. However,when using derma wand,u haveta use a lotion or gel as a conductor,so once a week for a gel for the derma wand isn’t bad. Careful around the eyes,stay on the bone! Do NOT go over setting 1. Do not over use it.

  • 25


    Most deffently! My mother uses my derma wand an its done amazing work on her. She looks like she’s had a face lift n her tone is amazing! Just read the directions well.make sure ur face is well lubricated,stay on the boney areas n start off on low settings and adjust as u get accustomed to it…NEVER start off on mid or high ranges unless ur skin is leather n doesn’t feel anything at all!

  • 26


    I love the dermawand. I am 17 years old but I have wrinkles and dull, uneven skin. I just love it. My skin is less dull and subtly lifted the day after I used it. It takes me about 10-15 minutes. I apply my face cream first so my dermawand just slides effortlessly on my face. I use it at setting #5-6 normally and #1-2 around my eyes.

  • 27


    i use my dermawand twice a day with cocoanut oil on about setting 5-6. i’m 57 and it works for me. i like how it deals with my neck area and the hereditary lines around my mouth and between my eyebrows. just take care of it and it’ll take care of you.

  • 28


    I have used Dermawand since 2007. I live in San Diego and we had some VERY frightening wildfires here, which caused evactuations and my parents came to stay with me for about 4-5 days. I had just started using my Dermawand and I could not believe how relaxing it was during this trying time. The results on my face were very noticeable, it helps heal acne and helps my skin to absorb both serums and lotions. I have broken 2 and the customer service is fantastic, they have replaced mine (for a small fee) and I cannot live without my Dermawand (or Facemaster).

  • 29

    brenda goodreid

    I was given my Dermawand some time ago, and when I went to use it could not find the instructions, that were in printed form. Can you please send me the instructions again please. Thank You

  • 30


    I have a dermawand and have been using it. I accidentally had the dial up to high and did around my eyes. They are now red swollen and itching. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and if it goes away?

  • 31


    does a dermawand last or do need to replace it after so long

  • 32


    I just ordered Derma Wand. I am looking forward to trying it.

  • 33

    Marsha Smith

    Morgan, when you say neck area does this include the ‘jowls’? I hate that word and the way my lower face looks if I look down the least bit. In august I had Radiesse and that helped so much and ‘they’ are still there. I don’t think it is going to last a year for me and I spent the savings I had ‘to try Something’. I’m 61 and everyone thinks I’m 40 something-lol, as long as I keep my head up. So I’m wanting a device to tighten etc that area mainly. Of course I would use it over my face, I have the ll’s between my eyes(family trait I guess)I think it’s because we are Thinkers hah hah. I have reseached for a year. the more I read the more confused I get. its like whatever people bought, they love it.I decided to concentrate on the area that Ages me and that the Dang Jowls. Thanks for your time Morgan and anyone else’s input.

  • 34

    Patricia Blanco

    Can you use the Derma wand if you have a tooth implant?

  • 35


    Their “we will pay for shipping to send it back if you are not completly satisfied” is not true. And even after I paid and sent it back WITH the RMA # they gave me,they are stating they “never got it”.. this company is a scam!!

  • 36

    Shelly sandal

    I am living in India and purchased through teleshopping and unfortunately i have broken its buld noe i would like to know how i can get it repair? (if its possible to get it done in India itself.) Thanks.

  • 37


    Yeah its true. Its been a month now and they havent refunded me and the sad part is i paid the whole amount. They just kept on postponing the refund..

  • 38

    U Hoffmann

    Enriched oxygen? Are they NUTS! There is no such thing its written as O3 and it is called OZONE.

    Most people can detect about 0.01 μmol/mol of ozone in air where it has a very specific sharp odor somewhat resembling chlorine bleach. Exposure of 0.1 to 1 μmol/mol produces headaches, burning eyes, and irritation to the respiratory passages.[8] Even low concentrations of ozone in air are very destructive to organic materials such as latex, plastics, and lung tissue.

  • 39


    I did try it and felt good and tingly, BUT moisterizer must be used too. It worked but has a drying effect on skin. Anything that brings blood to the skin is good, creams simply don’t do that , unless it is Alpha Hydroxy.

  • 40


    you can send it back to the company and for 25 dollars, they will fix and return it to you

  • 41


    I have had skin cancer and still do have pre-cancer cells removed twice a year on my face. Is it safe for me to use the Derma Wand?

  • 42


    You rant waaay too much. This was just supposed to be a simple review about derma wand not your views on the effects of plastic surgery or Botox etc

  • 43


    I am 44 yrs old and i am seriously inquiring on buyig the dermawand. I have my doubts about the machine staying intact and working for a few weeks or so. I would have already purchased the DW, but from all the reviews i’ve read im afraid to order it.i am a smoker and i’ve been a sun bather for years as well as the tanning beds. I havn’t always taken good care of my skin the in past when i was younger, and it sure does show now. I am going to buy one of these products eventually, but i want to see which is the better one. I have also researched the one that suzane sumers has its called the Facemaster. Its a bit more expensive than the DW, but it has a vacum with it. Some reviews say that its hard to keep the machine working long. Will someone help me out on which one may help the most. I am very desperate to try something, but i dont want to make more problems than i already have. They say the skin care called meaning beaut is really goos. I think thats the name of it. Thanks for listening.

  • 44


    Melissa, did you ever get the refund, or your dermawand back?This is terrible. I dont know what i would do in that situation. Please let me know what they ever did to satisfy you. Thanks

  • 45


    I ordered dermawand a month ago and haven’t received it. No one will answer me… But I’m sure they will bill me and I got email said it was sent….

  • 46


    Do I use it right on my lips like I would Lipstick? It says it plumps lips so I’m thinking yes on lips. Let me know. Thanks

  • 47


    I ordered my dermawant from an infomercial over 2 weeks ago How long does it normally take to arrive.. Also if used on the scalp do the think it would activate better hair growth…I am thinking of it for my
    husband who is contemplating
    hail transplants. Also anybody have any experience in correction of hooded eyes with this device? Thank you..we can all learn from each other.

  • 48


    this is america.

  • 49


    I don’t have a derma wand. I’m sure it works, however, using radio frequency machines on your skin everyday is extremely unhealthy. you may look great after using it but years later you could have severe problems. i would not recommend. i am a licensed aesthetician.

  • 50


    Perfect reply, C.!!!

  • 51


    I greatly appreciated the ‘total’ review given by Carla. Most helpful! Thank you so much, Carla, as your input helped me greatly in my decision about this product.

  • 52


    no manners, must have been raised in a barn. rolling around with the pigs. had to be a female hating on another female.

  • 53


    HSN models were demonstrating how to use Derma Wand ,the models were wearing full makeup -can the Derma Wand be used over makeup?

  • 54


    I have large pores, redness and oily skin, will Derma Wand help with these issues? I so want flawless skin..

  • 55


    I returned my dermawand, per instructions, used your return label, and # given me by costumer service. I also sent it registered mail so that it had to be signed for.
    You have recieved it. Now please return my money Now not later. Thank you.

  • 56

    christina boves

    I am responding to Rachel regarding her recommondation of not using radio frequency (derma wand)on your skin every day. Derma wand is specifically engineered with a lower amperage than the clinical machines, so that it is safe and effective. Therefore daily use is paramount in order to enable remodelling of the dermis. I would love to answer all of your questions, so please email me directly at I am the creator of derma wand and want to make sure your concerns are addressed and that you get the results that you are looking for. Christina

  • 57


    In response to comment “you rant way to much” ….you must not be very intelligent since you obviously like “simple” answers only. Maybe you just can’t retain such thorough feedback. I suggest you start reading things like Dr.Suess and work your way up to “adult” literature Maybe then you will appreciate that the more information obtained increases IQ !

  • 58

    carmen smith

    Hi Christina, i havent recieved my DW yet but i am very excited! my question is i had botox and resttalyn done around 6 mo ago, will it still be ok to use my DW ? Thank you Carmen

  • 59


    You Americans really are rude.

  • 60


    How great that you are on this site and offering up direct contact Christina! My question that others may be interested in is regarding the microcurrents and radiofrequency that is mentioned about the product. When I researched radiofrequency and skincare, it confirmed what your site says. However, when I checked with the FDA, is has an import alert on your product, and lists it as a medical device that uses static electricity, not radio frequencies. Could you clarify?

  • 61


    shame on you all, learn other languages it will be great for your soul.

  • 62


    Does the Derma Wand use Bipolar or Monopolar radio frequency?

  • 63

    christina boves

    Hi Skippydoo

    The models do wear makeup on the air, but it is much better to use derma wand with a moisturizer. I and many others have been known to quickly touch up with make up on, but not as a practice.. it is much preferable to apply derma wand over a hydrating product for your treatments. Christina

  • 64

    christina boves

    Hi Terri The derma wand does cause excess stimulation of the perhipheral circulatory area.. Please ask your doctor regarding the use of anything with your condition. Christina

  • 65

    christina boves

    Dear Molly thanks for your email. Molly in your email you say….. “However, when I checked with the FDA, it has an import alert on your product,”
    Molly, would you please be kind enough to send me link or show me where you saw this so called FDA ” important alert ” relating to the DermaWand?
    If you go to and enter derma wand ( two words ) into the search bar at the top of the FDA site’s home page and press search, a new page then opens up. The heading at the top of the page that opens is,

    ” Results for ‘ derma wand ‘ in All of FDA ”

    The second listing on the page is as follows,

    Proprietary Name

    Proprietary Name: Derma Wand; Dermawand. Classification Name: STATIC

    Remember , the heading at the top this page is, ” Results for ‘ derma wand ‘ in All of FDA. ” If as you think you saw an FDA ” import alert ” on the DermaWand, it should have shown up on this page, which it hasn’t, so again,
    I’d be very grateful if you send me the the link or notice, where you thought you saw the so called FDa ” important alert ”
    Just for information, the DermaWand has been Listed and Registered with the FDA, without any problems, for some five years.
    Also, to explain, why we call the the DermaWand a radio frequency skin care device, if you go to my Facebook I have attached our independent Electrical Engineers report on the DermaWand in relation to it being a radio frequency static electric generator.
    Remember, static electricity is by nature a ” micro ” current. Also, even though under the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ) regulations, DermaWand is classified as a radio frequency device, it is under FCC regulations classified as an ” Unintentional Radiator ” and consumes less power than 6nW, and as such, it does not have to be registered with the FCC.


  • 66

    christina boves

    Please note the reply I sent to Molly just before yours regarding your question.

    Have a wonderful day Christina

  • 67


    If you don’t like it, leave.

  • 68

    Millie Johnson

    I have used the Derma Wand for over 3 years now and the results have been awesome. The trick is to use it 2 times per day and follow the instructions on the DVD. It was just featured on the Dr. OZ show about 4 weeks ago.

  • 69

    Millie Johnson

    Thanks Christina,
    Its great that we can talk to the acutal inventor of this great device.

  • 70

    christina boves

    thanks Millie..

  • 71


    Apparently you have to unplug the Derma Wand in order to turn it off. I sent an email to them regarding this, but they never replied back. I want an off switch. It doesn’t seem safe to me if you have to keep plugging it in and unplugging it to turn if off and on again. I threw mine away (after waiting weeks for a reply).

  • 72


    Hi shelly, i am also from india, can u plz tell me how much it costed total in indian rupeess? and is it good to use?

  • 73


    I am very excited about this product. I’m 70 and have that jowel I’d love to “pull up”. In reading all these pretty much positive comments, for those who have returned your product, call your bank and tell them you are having a problem getting a refund. My bank, if I have a problem like that, starts a dispute and my money gets returned pretty quickly. In the meantime, I’m going to get one then write after some time, how my 70 year old skin changes, hopefully for the positive.

  • 74


    I’ve been using the dermawand for about 3 weeks, and have noticed am improvement, wish I had taken a before photo. When using the wand on yours hands, do you use a circular motion or an up/down movement. Any suggestions?

  • 75


    I ordered the demawand 12 days ago and have not received it yet. I paid for the item in one payment so I could get express shipping. 12 days later I have not seen the item and had to call the company. They informed me that it was on back order and it will be going out today. (wondering if I didn’t call how many days would of still gone by.) I tried to cancel my order but they would not let me. They said I would have to receive the item before I could cancel. I think within the 12 days they could of notified me that their main item was on back order. Well, I hope their wand is as good as they say because their service is NOT!

  • 76


    To Anonymous: You’re so ungrateful and rude!

  • 77


    Please respond to those who have complaints against Dermawand. I am interested in ordering one, but when I read the complaints and no response from you, I’m having second thoughts.

  • 78

    christina boves

    Hi Odessa, I have replied to many here, but my posts do not get applied. That is why I have left my personnal email, so that anyone with a problem can contact me directly. Hopefully this will get posted.. here is my personal email

  • 79


    I have melasma for two years now, im planning to buy derma wand, will derma wand can ligthen my melasma

  • 80


    This is the internet not America. If you’re going to act like this YOU should leave. (By the way, not all Americans are rude.)

  • 81


    Ladies, can we all just try to get along, my my!…. Treat those they way you would like to be treated. Remember what they say about “Karma”. As for Dwema Wand, I’ll try it!

  • 82


    This is not America, this is the world wide web. Thanks for doing your part to debunk the misconception that Americans are stupid and rude! Really, thank you .. especially the responses. Wow.

  • 83


    YES. I have used the DW twice and I am experiencing these side effects. Headaches, burning eyes, and respiratory irritation.. I also feel as though it’s aggravated my asthma. How disappointing, I actually saw a difference immediately but it’s not worth my health.

  • 84


    Peggy I did the same thing paid in full, took me awhile to receive it. Finally got it about 2 weeks later. I agree with the wand. I have using it for 2 days now. We will see!

  • 85

    Nancy Iliffe

    I love my Derma Wand! I require a new instructional DVD and booklet, where could I purchase these items?

    Cheers, Nancy

  • 86


    What depth does the derma wand penetrate the skin and can it cause fat atrophy?

  • 87


    I’m really sorry some people are so rude. Not everyone in America speaks English. I’m embarrassed by these people that are so hysterical about you using your native language.

  • 88

    Jennifer Carmichael

    I have just got myself a Derma Wand and i would like to know will there be any side effects when useing it for many years. Can it caused any kind of health issues later. Thank you and much appreciated. Jennifer

  • 89

    Jennie Cox

    Always use a credit card, not a debit card. The CC company will back you up.

  • 90


    This is not America, this is the internet and we can read information from any place in the world… And sorry, but America isn’t the whole world. Learn other languages and open your mind, and stop being RUDE

  • 91


    I agree, i am a lab tech and graduated in 1972. But i don’t thing the chemistry has change since then!


  • 92

    Robin Lattieri

    I watched the infomercial this morning and they were offering Dermawand for 39.95 plus free shipping along with other products that were to be worth $120.00. I do not like ordering over the phone so I went to the internet. The same offer was on the internet. I give my information and I am very careful not to click on any of the additional offers. I was really excited. In the end, I am being charged $9.95 for shipping and handling. I thought, oh well that’s not to bad.

    I got into my email this morning and I have an email confirming my order. I pull it up and they are billing me $153.44! This includes 14.95 shipping. This is unbelievable and will wreck my bank account. In my eyes, you are crooks.

  • 93

    Robin Lattieri

    Forgot to mention that the $39.95 would not be charged for 30 days (free trial period) and the $120 worth of extras was at no cost. What a bunch of crock.

  • 94


    Thanks for your well thought out skincare experiences! This forum has a nasty participant that keeps interjecting inappropriate comments. Please ignore this! I ordered the dermal and after reading your helpful comments! XO

  • 95


    I’m considering pushing one of these derma wands I’m wondering if will help my sever acne scars?their called I epics scars meaning their deep in my skin I’m desperate for some kind of help!!!! Thank you

  • 96


    My god you make Americans look bad. How can people from on e of the largest countries that promotes equality and rights for all have such a small view of the world and others. Educate yourself, it’s a wonderful thing!!!!

  • 97


    Does anybody knows what are the stuff that u u going to keep (free) if u going to return d dermawand?Thank u n appreciate u guys reply.

  • 98

    kathy williams

    To All you women who watch all these Cream & gadget commercials, Notice how these advertizers use LIGHTING on the before & after pictures. The wrong light coming from he wrong direction will make a woman appear more wrinkled. Then on the after picture the right lighting coming from the right direction( & makeup) makes all wrinkles magically disappear. ALL these infomercials do it!

  • 99


    I plug my dermawand into a
    surge protector. I use the surge protector as an on and off switch while I am using it. This works great. I have all my electric appliances plugged into surge protectors.

  • 100


    I am considering buying DermaWand and appreciate all your input. When returning items, I have found it best to send it Certified with a Return Receipt or at least Delivery Confermation. Then they can’t say they didn’t receive it. But in one item I read, they said they were told they couldn’t take the kits back because it was a “Health and Beauty” product. Anyway, I will keep checking your comments before I decide. Thank you all.

  • 101


    I found the best place to purchase the DW is on HSN. Right now they have an extended holiday return policy.You can use it until the end of Jan.2013 and use their flex payment plan. If you decide you don’t like it you pay the return shipping and the money you put down is returned very quickly. I would only purchase this product from them.I have bought many products from HSN and they are very good, no restocking fees etc.Give it a try, you will have nothing to lose except the cost of shipping,with their holiday return policy if effect right now.

  • 102


    I would only purchase this product from HSN. Right now they have their extented holiday return policy. You will receive this in about 5 days of your first payment. You will have until Jan.31,2013 to return it and get your refund immediately. I have bought many products from them and they do not charge restocking fees, allow you to make payments on it. You will pay your first payment on a major credit card and cost of shipping.If you decide this is not for you, pay for shipping to return it and then you will get the money you have paid minus shipping charges. Now is a good time to try the DW since you will have three months to try it out. I am going to try the Dermawand also since I have sagging skin and want too see if this will help me out.

  • 103


    So is Derma Wand safe to use if you have a pacemaker? Nothing was mentioned in the infomercial.

  • 104


    I’ve been receiving botox for about 28 years. I was a ginue(sp) pig for it. It was originally intended for movement disorders, which I suffer from. My eyes would close and I was not able to open them, even with my fingers on them. Botox has been a wonder drug for me, as I was unable to work, read, walk, and especially drive. So Botox is used as a medical treatment for several things, not developed for cosmetic purposes.

  • 105


    You are so rude Judy. Educated Americans don’t behave your way.Please be more compassionate. She did not rant. She just wants to emphasize her point.

  • 106


    Yes, I just ordered a Derma Wand tonight, and the “Robot” ladie who took my order said that I would get an e-mail right away to confirm my order. Guess what, haven’t received one yet. Also the T.V. ad said that shipping was free, but when I tried to tell the “Robot” ladie what the ad said, she would keep repeating what my order consisted of and the charges. That’s why I call her the “Robot ladie, cause I know she repeated it 5 or 6 times. Very annoying. Are you suppose to get e-mail confirmation right away or not? Wayne

  • 107

    AN American

    This about a facial product not your personal views – zip it!

  • 108

    Cindy Osmon

    I received my confirmation email.within 2 days with a UPS tracking number my wand will be here on 11/15/2012. I can’t wait.

  • 109


    how long does it take to receive your order?

  • 110

    Cindy Osmon

    I just doubled checked my email. I ordered it on 11/6/2012 got the email confirmation with tracking on 11/7/2012. with a delivery date of 11/15/2012. Hope that helps.

  • 111


    I asked a question in September “what depth does derma wands radio frequency penetrate the skin and can this cause fat atrophy?” I read an article about radio frequency and fat atrophy and just want confirmation that the derma wand will not cause this. Can anyone answer this as I am not keen to use it until I know the answer.

  • 112


    Every time I use this I break out in itchy bumps that take days to go away…Does anyone else have this problem?? I’m tempted to put it on Craigslist.. =(

  • 113


    I have a Dermawand..However, whenever I use it I break out in itchy red bumps all over my face. Does anyone eklse have this problem?? I’m half-tempted to put it on Craigslist..=(

  • 114


    i got my derma wand 3 days ago i think im really going to like it i already see results

  • 115

    Myra Dooley

    I saw my friend Barbara after a year. I immediately asked if she had a facelift since I saw her. She said no, but she had been using Dermawand for 3 weeks. She even had a tighter neck! I ordered mine yesterday and can’t wait to try it!

  • 116


    My husband was at a demonstration for the Dermawand. I came home from work and noticed his face and asked him what did you do? His face glowed, his skin was tighter, he looked younger and that was with one treatment. Now I am going to purchase one for myself.

  • 117


    Do the results go away if you stop using it. Is my skin going to looks worse if I don’t use it all the time?

  • 118

    Honoria Garcia

    Could you please tell me how to use the Microdermabrasion, and how often. Also the Apple Stem Cell Cleanser? is it used before or after the treatment thank you.

  • 119


    What kind of problems Rachel?
    Thank u

  • 120


    When I first saw it on TV I thought it was a gimmick and a cheap piece of junk. It was the before and after pictures that drew me in. I bought it thinking I’ll be out $100 bucks and started using it. I was alarmed with the crackling sound and hated the smell it gave off but thought I’ll give it a fair shake. I started seeing improvements after a few days. I thought it was my imagination until after less than a week on three seperate occasions people commented on how great my skin looked and that I looked so much better. The deep lines that go from my nose to my mouth are practically gone and the crepey look of my hands is almost completely disappeared. That’s in a week! I’m hooked and I’m now a believer!!!

  • 121


    People need to focus on what this page is about and leave the racsims aside spanish english french whatever we are all human beings! Good grief.

  • 122


    There is no on/off switch and you have to plug and unplug it every time you use it. That doesn’t feel very safe to me. Also, they never credited me for product that I returned.

  • 123

    Patti Remington

    How dangerous is it for someone with controlled seizures to use your product. And why is this not part of the testimonial?

  • 124


    Now we have DermaWand in Finland too. Therefore I came here to see reviews.

  • 125


    ive just had botox can i use the derma wand and botox at the same time

  • 126


    thank , Carla for your out put on the derma wand, I have just ordered it and look forward to receiving it , I will look into the reclaim creams I love to us creams on my face day and night , all ways have . I have some wrinkles around my eyes and face , love your impute on this subject , and love the honesty , thank you , regards Sharon .

  • 127

    wanda sauerland

    I have been using the Derma Wand for about 2 weeks. My husband is truly astonished. He is an anatomist, and actually has lectured on the validity of the higher range products, where the actual procedure is performed in an office setting and is extremely expensive. The professionals also use a much higher laser strength, than the Derma wand does for us ladies at home. As to the benefits, well … I must say that I am pleased. Very pleased.
    Products: The products on the other hand, are dubious. Not meant as wrong or bad, but I do not believe that I need to use their products when I run out of them. I am already out of the PreFace, which was sticky, and hard to remove from the bottle.
    Instead, I cut a large branch off my Aloe Vera plant, and cut a 1.5 inch piece from the stem each treatment. I squeeze out all the juice, run the peeled product (peel left on one side) along my face, and you know … IT worked fantastic. I have placed the first cut piece as well as the branch into a small glass, added a half inch of water, and already the juice is coming out of the branch. So, tomorrow, I will stir up that juice and use it!! One could also buy a pure Aloe Vera juice and use that! I used ONLY Aloe Vera for over twenty years, and my face did well up till these last five years.
    Yes, it is probably best to just use your favorite brand of lotions after treatment. I did like the spray, but you can get that anywhere, as well. However, when you are actually using the machine … to me … it is important to use something natural. Question, does the product you use while applying the Derma Wand treatment get down into the skin? If so, to me, it is best to use something natural and good.
    Yep, I like the machine. My eyes are way less baggy. My eyelids no longer have the squiggly like lines on them when I apply shadow, and my skin glows. And, really cool, those fine lines on my chest, directly below the chin have vanished!! Really! For someone who is 59, just shy of 60, I say Thank Goodness for DermaWand.

  • 128


    Not all American’s

  • 129


    This is America? i think you should know that America is the whole Continent from Canada To Argentina the Country you and I live is the United States that is why it said The United States (OF AMERICA). Anyway, you should Stop Your Hate or go back to England; that’s where the English came from.

  • 130

    Vanessa McCutcheon

    I am a total infomercial junkie! I bought Dermawand about 3years ago but used it sporadically even though I could immediately tell a difference in my skin. A week ago I pulled it out again and have used it 1-2 times daily. It is amazing, I love the difference. I have awful jowels and wrinkled saggy neck(im61) but after this week it is so much more firm, jowels are diminished, my pores are very much less obvious. My skin has a new, fresh glow.
    I swear I look 10 years younger. My lower lip is poofier and before was almost non existant. Last night my husband mentioned my pouty lips!! He doesn’t know about my secret weapon. I hope I never stop using it…I surely don’t intend to stop again and if it breaks I will definitely buy another one.i is worth every penny!

  • 131


    IM from South Africa Cape Town It sounds like it realy works going to give it another try.thanks for all the good coments relating to the product.

  • 132


    Your face should not be worse if you stop. however, if you did not take a before and after photo you wont see that is has just gone back to the way it looked before you started using your DW. I looked at my before pic taken just 3 weeks ago and can truly see the difference. I hope to get to the poing of just using it once or twice a week to keep the look.

  • 133


    I have been using the Derma Wand for over a year….it leaves my pores tightened, but I still look like the “before” picture….I am doing it all according to instructions….what can I do to tighten my puffy bags around my eyes.

  • 134


    I noticed when I looked it up on amazon another unit came up D’arsonval High frequency which is 42 dollars or 37 on ebay.. I think this might be the same without smell..I think because it doesn’t day anything about oxygen. check this out and let me know your thoughts about this unit… thank you… Lauren

  • 135


    I have just purchased a Derma Wand but am too scared to use it as on the last page of the instructions it says not to use on skin that is prone to excessive amounts of broken capillaries. What is a few and what is excessive? Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • 136


    Welcome to Earth, Americans. She said: “Hi, I have 60 years and so far I are getting wrinkles on lips ls, ls sides of the nose and small around the eyes, and breasts in medio.son hairy, but I have the complexion pretty well for my age , how long I need to use it and ls minutes .. thanks”

    I don’t know the answer to her question, but in the future, refer to google translate before you blast someone of another language. The internet is a global community.

  • 137


    I would like to know the answer to this question also. I never even thought of that being a problem. When you say “controlled seizures”, Patti, do you mean that you have seizures that are controlled by medication? Or is that a type of seizure? I know there are many types of seizures other than what I’ve had, but I must admit, I’m not familiar with many of them. Thanks, Patti for asking this and Christina, I hope you have an answer for us.

  • 138


    I’ve just started using aloe vera as a moisturizer after seeing it recommended in several places. I am noticing results already. Glad to know it is safe with the DermaWand if I decide to get one. Question though, I use aloe vera gel, rather than pure plant extract or juice (I have cats who chew on plants, ad after years of them saying aloe was safe for cats, now they say it isn’t so I’m not taking any chances, so I don’t keep aloe plants anymore), would this be safe to use with it as well? I ask because I know the gels have other ingredients in them besides just plain aloe vera.

  • 139

    jenny russo

    Am contemplating buying the derma-wand.Have been reading some great reviews. Does any one know if it works on diminishing the look of the 11’s? You know the two lines just above the bridge of the nose, right between the eyes.Caused mostly I guess from frowing or squinting.

  • 140

    Lisa Cliffe

    Awesome reply!

  • 141


    “There’s Botox, which is injected into your body AND bloodstream (but anything with “tox” in the name makes me think of toxic). I have not seen ONE botox infected (I used that word on purpose) person that looks right. And then there’s plastic surgery which, lets face it, makes you look well “plastic”. Both of these make you look completely different. And in my opinion not in a positive way from results I’ve seen. And there is no going back!”

    This was a very uneducated & preconcieved statement… I’m sorry that you’ve looked towards people who have taken something to the excess (as can be done w/ANYTHING, including High Frequency) and based your entire opinion on it. I was actually laughing as I read that portion because I personally have 30 units of botox in my forehead and another 10 in the initial 1″ of my hairline – all for migraines I’ve been plagued with my entire life. While I am unable to ‘crinkle’ my forehead, my eyebrows have perfect mobility… and I don’t tell people that I have it done unless asked/it comes up, so only a handful of people know. What I AM surrounded by are ladies such as yourself all day, who make really rude & disparaging comments to me and around me, not realizing that I have it done/I am exactly who they are downtalking. I just nod & smile because they have no clue as to how ignorant they sound… just as you did with your comments. BTW: I am a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in Aesthetics, and I see people who abuse high frequency machines as well.

  • 142


    I use my wand twice a day. I am part Japanese and my left eye lid droops severely, I have squint lines from spending may years as a manager, and fat loss on the side of my nose from age (I am 48) When I wake up I use the “Skin” face system with vit. c sold on a tv network. After using derma wand from 7-10 min my frown lines fade, the lines on the sides of my nose plump up and my eye droop is almost gone. “Skin” sells a unique make-up you apply with a special brush that has excellent life and coverage. After the wand I use “Skin” vit C cream for day and then apply the make-up. My friends and family thought I had a face lift or used injections but I did not and have demonstrated to all how the wand works. I have recently purchased another wand incase of wand damage. I did not believe the wand would work to such a high degree but it does. My first daily treatment lasts about eight hours and I then begin to notice drooping and the wrinkles returning. I redo the wand treatment and am good for a night out with friends. I have never smoked so I don’t know how effective the wand is on lines around a mouth. I use a neck exercise thus do not use the wand on my neck area. I highly recommend this product and owe my 40ish looks to the wand and Skin face products.

  • 143


    here here! i agree,its not the culture they live in but individuals that make the culture look bad :/ shame on that person.

  • 144


    I am a 60+ Black American, who, lives on a fixed income, retired, and purchased the Derma Wand 8 months ago. IT WORKS FOR ME! After using it on and off for a few months, I decided to get serious about using the DW every day. Sixty plus is the new 50 and so on. I use my own natural skin creams and believe this little gadget works better with continued use over time.

  • 145

    prue cahill

    christina i brought the derma wand two weeks ago and have noticed a difference but today while using my derma wand it lost it tingling sensation which the wand gives off what is wrong with my derma wand? should i return it? thanks Prue

  • 146


    What about Aussies and what about Derma Wand

  • 147


    I just got my wand Monday , I have used it 4 times. problem is the 1-10 are hardly doing the zapping almost like a dead battery. anyone else have this happen?

  • 148

    A guy with wrinkles

    Thank you Catcher Mum, for your professional and personal review of this product. I was about to close this forum because of the incessant ranting about racism “there’s only one race, the human race” I will give this product a go now that I have read a lengthy review.

  • 149


    How different from the one the pro’s use is the thing?

  • 150


    But if you do live in America, you should know the language.

  • 151

    DeAnne Girton

    My girlfriend has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy. She gets Botox injections in her legs and is still able to walk on her own. For her, it is a miracle ! I, however, don’t believe I would ever have it injected on my face. It looks so strange to see people who can show facial expressions.

  • 152


    Carla, thanks for all the information you have provided. Some may not like to read but most of us would prefer to be well informed before making an educated decision. As for the other people here, we just started a new year so please be more tolerant, less critical and try to be more helpful. God bless you all!

  • 153

    Zena reinhart

    Hi Carol, you sound like a practical & credible person. I am interested to know if indeed this product has worked for you. pls advise

  • 154


    no, not ALL Americans are rude. it’s ignorant to lump everyone in one bunch just because of some idiots.

  • 155


    just keep using it…you will see results into the months ahead

  • 156


    Im happy with my Dermawand and my friends see differences in my skin quicker than I do. I use it every day now. It needs every day.

  • 157


    I bought my Dermawand 4 years ago and only started using it today. The instructions say to use it Twice-a-day and you will see results in 6 weeks!…More or less. The infomercial made it look so quick and easy…with longer lasting results.

  • 158


    lol forgot to ask.
    Anyone try the R/F device called Thermage?

  • 159


    This for Nena,
    Chica no les hagas caso, con respecto a tu pregunta, has un conteo mental del 1 al 12 por area. Ahora si notas que te reseca la piel solamente baja la temperatura.Y despues de cada sesion aplica a tu piel un buen humectante. Courtney and chicken anonymous, it’s so sad not to know other languages…

  • 160

    Shirley Mcdonald

    So far i have had good experience with Dermawand. I have had it for two year and a half and use it every day as instructed. It certainly does make my skin look better and fresher.

  • 161


    I loved my Derma Wand but sadly i put threw it in the rubbish bin by mistake with a bag of rubbish and would love another but just cannot justify another at the moment…

  • 162

    Shirley Mcdonald

    I believe so Patricia. It should not affect anything.

  • 163


    It will not hurt your lips. Hope this helps.

  • 164

    Karen Sayers

    They have stolen money from me two months in a row. They sent me their beauty products that I did not want and charged my bank account $39.95. When I complained, they said they would send me a return label and to send it back for a full refund. I did what they said and they refunded me $29.95. They stole $10.00 from me for shipping and I NEVER ASKED FOR THEIR BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!! They are RIP OFFS!! This has been such a HARDSHIP for me because I am disabled and in excruciating pain that NEVER ENDS. I was so relieved when I was told what to do about the refund because money is tight for everyone these days it seems. But guess what? THEY STOLE MONEY FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT AGAIN THIS MONTH! HOWEVER, THIS TIME I DIDN’T EVEN RECEIVE A BOX OF BEAUTY PRODUCTS TO RETURN. They just flatout stole my money. I AM GETTING A LAWYER. NOT JUST FOR ME, BUT FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN HURT OR RIPPED OFF BY DERMAWAND.

    Plus the DermaWand itself burned and irritated my skin. I used it around my eyes as directed and it sent shocking and very painful radiowaves right through my eyeball. It happened a few times and then I just stopped using it near my eyes, where I need it most for wrinkles.



  • 165


    how and what order and when do i use the creams…and the mists…i have preface treatment, hydra infusion, skin mist, skin quench, lipxl, hydra support cream?

  • 166


    After reading about the disappointment of high charges, I went to the official web site. It states there are three charges of $39.95 and I believe a $14.95 shipping and handling charge.

  • 167


    I have used Dream Wand for many year. I had stop because I had cancer an I guess just got lazy. But let me tell you all something a few years back we old folks were talking about the the old times an I might had said back in the 40’s and they all turn back an looked me an said!!What!! They said well how old are you,I said I am 73 they said no your not. We were thinking you were in your 50. So what am trying to say try to keep your face clean keep using the Dream Wand an do not stop so you can look young. Good Luck an do not stop You will see what am trying to say. Good luck an Keep that faith in Yourself. By

  • 168


    However, I’m not too thrilled about the skin care products that came with it. The Pre-Face treatment gets dry so easy on my face, I cannot glide the wand on my face. Plus, it burns on my face very bad it look like chicken pox,I had to go to the doctor several times! So forget this product,lots of people report the same problem.I had to return this product and the company give me a hard time to refund my money.

  • 169


    does this work on black skin? I have read seemingly every review but found nothing in regards to the African American skin. I really want to try this but I don’t want to waste my time or money.

  • 170


    Can you use the derma wand with a pacemaker

  • 171



  • 172


    I have had cataract surgery with implants is the wand safe to use?

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