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Decleor is a French company that combines aromatherapy with skin care to provide a whole new approach to the world of holistic skin products. The Decleor products combine essential oils with other ingredients to create formulas that can soothe, heal and restore the youthful vitality of the skin. The Decleor products are available at Sephora department stores and through some online retailers. The company website does not appear to offer these Decleor products for sale directly.

We were also unable to find information in regards to a money back guarantee or customer testimonials through the Decleor website. While a lack of this information is not necessarily a bad thing, we believe that companies that supply this type of information show confidence in the quality of their products and allow their customers to shop with the same confidence. The site was frustrating to navigate, since a complete list of products was not readily available either. Instead, one must select from a category and desired action to find a limited list of products available for that specific purpose. We were able to find one product that claims to work as an anti-aging substance – the “Expression de L’Age Face Cream.” We will explore this product further to see if it can work as promised.

Product Details

The ingredients in the Decleor Expression de L’Age Face Cream are Essential Oils of Neroli and Petitgrain: 0.05%, Hibiscus Extract and Bio-Retinol ap2: 2%, Kudzu and White Water Lily Extracts: 0.75%, Micro-Proteins of Moringa: 1.5%. We appreciate the fact that the company supplies the precise concentration of ingredients in their formula for this product, especially since they deal with so many essential oils. It has been found that particular concentrations of essential oils will be the most effective in any type of formula, so knowing this information can help the consumer make an educated decision about the products being purchased.

However, we are very disappointed to see that a product that claims it will smooth and limit the appearance of fine lines does not have any proven, cutting-edge anti-wrinkle ingredients in the formula. For example, argireline can diminish the look of lines and wrinkles by up to 30% by relaxing the facial muscles that contribute to the wrinkling effect in the first place. Matrixyl 3000 will stimulate the production of collagen; a substance that is lost as we age to create sagging skin and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent skin hydrator that can smooth the surface of the skin and provide much needed moisture. None of these ingredients are included in this Decleor product.

The Good

  • Products are all-natural and contain essential oils.

The Bad

  • No proven anti-wrinkle ingredients are included in the formula.
  • There is no money back guarantee for the products.
  • We were unable to locate any customer testimonials regarding Decleor prodcuts.

The Bottom Line

European products for skin care are always a tempting proposition, but we don’t believe the Decleor line has the formulas to back up their promises. While natural ingredients are good, effective, proven ingredients are even better. Consumers can find those ingredients in other skin care lines but not, it seems, in Decleor products.

3 thoughts on “Decleor Review”

  1. i have little pimples every where on my face, especially my chin, forehead and cheeks… and am currently using decleor foaming cleanser(all skin types), toner(all skin types), hydra floral(anti pollution); Neroli aroma essence and i also have purchased instant purifying mask.It has been 3 weeks since i used this items from decleor.. It does not help much to clear my little acnes here and there but soften the face skin..but wrinkles are definetly not improved.
    Am i using the right items from decleor???? feels like it congest my skin more at times….please advise…thank..

  2. I have been using aromas cleanser for many years. I wish you had a plunger would be much easier on my arthritic hands.
    many thanks.

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