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Davi Le Grand Cru is a high end cosmetic skin care product developed to generate a smooth and softer skin tone for users. The major pitch for the products is based on its richness in vitamin E. The manufacturer of Davi Le Grand claims that regular use of the creams can immediately transform the skin. The end result is a unique looking skin, that appears plump, radiant, soft, supple and attractive. Davi le Grand also makes products for men that range from aftershave creams to soothing lotions. The intensely rich creams are said to slowly release powerful antioxidants and moisturize into the skin. Daily application of the Crème also is also claimed to lead to prevention of lines and wrinkles.

According to the retailer’s website, Davi Le Grand Cru is designed for daily application, and is a patented formula.

Product Details

Davi Le Grand Cru includes: Vitamin E, Grape Extracts, Green Tea, Rosemary and Shea Butter.

The Good

  • Intensely hydrating cream.
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Decent Moisturizer.
  • One good testimonial is posted.

The Bad

  • No website.
  • Refund policies vary according to dealer.
  • Not a complete list of ingredients.
  • Quite Expensive (2oz can cost $ 175).
  • No photos.
  • No significant list of testimonials.

The Bottom Line

Davi le Grand Cru is a high-end cosmetic skin product line sold in some Departmental Stores. There is no website and all product information is only available from Dealers. There are a lot of claims about what the products can do, especially when it comes to their anti aging benefits. Some dealers claim that the anti-aging benefits are immediate and last for a long time. Others claim that the product also possesses strong anti-oxidant properties and can protect against nature. When looking at the ingredients, there is nothing spectacular about Davi Le Grand products. Except for Vitamin E, which functions as an anti oxidant, there is no evidence of any other ingredient that has anti-aging effects. All consumers have the right to know what they are applying to their skin, especially when the cream costs in excess of $175 for a small jar. Until an ingredient list is available, it is hard to make a comment on this product. The other negatives of the product include no website, just one single testimonial and a variable refund policy with different dealers. Today, there are a lot of decent anti–aging products available that are much cheaper than Davi Le Grand creams. With the tough economy and more difficult times ahead, the consumer who is into skin care has many other, stronger seeming options. For those who are lucky and have money to spare, perhaps they can try the product and let us know how well it works in the long-term.

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