Danne Montague-King Review


Danne Montague-King is a scientist and educator. He works to improve standards of skin therapy with premier physicians and surgeons worldwide. Magazines, newspapers and journals all over the world have published his research findings. Danne Montage-King has achieved some important firsts in the skin care industry. He was the first to discover that enzymes had the power to hydrolyze the skin. He was the first to make Asia and Europe both aware of Alpha Hydroxy Acids being used professionally. And he was the first to design a rejuvenation system for skin that recognizes the important task of offering skin cells a recognizable chemistry. Danne Montague-King has the ability to match appropriate skin therapy with an individual’s biochemistry. He is recognized worldwide for this ability. Danne Montague-King has also researched Vitamin C for three decades. His research concentrates on Vitamin C as a collagen enhancer and an age retardant. Danne Montague-King believes that skin problems are the result of disharmony in the way that skin functions naturally. The Danne concept is about restoring the balance in skin function. The philosophy is Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain. Remove the buildup of dead skin cells which can lead to dry skin, skin discoloration and fine lines. Rebuild the living cells that remain by giving them nutrients, proteins and amino acids. This will give you healthy, young looking skin. Protect skin from factors that lead to premature aging such as sun, free radicals and other environmental factors. Maintain your skin with an at home routine to provide optimal skin functioning.

Product Details

Danne Montague-King’s skin care products are designed for anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or skin condition. The products developed by Danne Montague-King are only available at his clinics. This makes obtaining the products difficult for individuals who do not live near one of them. The official website gives information on what products are available and what each of the products is designed to do. There are products available for freckles, acne, dry skin problems, in grown hairs, scarring and anti-aging. There is no mention of cost on the website so it is unknown how reasonable or unreasonable any of these treatments may be. Also, there does not appear to be any list of ingredients so it is unknown what is used in any of the products.

The Good

  • Danne Montague-King has a worldwide reputation for his research and development of skin care products.
  • The website offers a good deal of information about Danne Montague-King and the products available.

The Bad

  • The Danne Montague-King products are only available at one of the clinics.
  • Cost is not mentioned therefore you have no way of knowing without going to a clinic what you will be paying.
  • There is no mention of any money back guarantee.
  • A list of ingredients is not disclosed on the website.

The Bottom Line

Danne Montage-King offers skin care products for any individual regardless of skin condition, age, gender, or ethnicity. The products are only available at the clinics which could pose a problem for individuals who do not live near one of them. While there is plenty of information about the company the lack of cost information and ingredient information is a disappointment.


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