Cynergy Review


Cynergy TK is a brand new skin care ingredient that is made by the New Zealand based company Keratec. According to the Keratec website, this “wonder” substance has been shown to improve the brightness and radiance of the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote elasticity and firmness, retain moisture and reduce redness. One article we found even referred to Cynergy TK as “liquid skin” when it was applied to the face. This substance is obtained from the wool of sheep and is effective because it doesn’t break down keratin during the extraction process. Keratin is a protein that can help to stimulate the production of collagen in our skin; a substance that is lost as we age, and the loss of which contributes to sagging skin and wrinkles.

The ingredient Cynergy TK can be found featured in a product produced by another New Zealand company; Xtend-Life. This company offers a line of skin care products for both men and women. All of the products contain three key ingredients that are touted by this company, and each adds to that basic formula with other natural ingredients depending on the primary goal of each product. The Xtend-Life website provides ample information about the function of Cynergy TK, as well as the other ingredients that are included in Xtend-Life products.

Product Details

Cynergy TK is the first of three basic ingredients that are found in these skin care products. There is plenty of information provided on the Xtend-Life website about where this ingredient comes from and how and why it works. However, we were unable to find information about Cynergy TK from other sources, leading us to wonder if the claims made by the company that makes the ingredient and the company that sells it in their products are really as amazing and impartial as they imply.

In addition, the other ingredients that are touted in these formulas, nano-lipobelle H EQ10 (also known as coenzymeQ10) and phytessence wakeme, give us some doubts about the effectiveness of the formula. While coenzyme Q10 is used in a number of skin care products today, the jury is still out on its effectiveness in a topical solution. Phytessence wakeme is an extract from sea kelp that is supposed to block the breakdown of hyaluronic acid production by the body. However, we wonder if it wouldn’t be more effective to simply add hyaluronic acid to the ingredient list, like most skin care products do. If doubts abound over the effectiveness of these two ingredients, we are lead to question the claims made about Cynergy TK as well.

The Good

  • This breakthrough ingredient is all natural and may be the next best thing in skin care.

The Bad

  • There are few products that contain Cynergy TK at the time of this review.
  • Evidence to back up the claims made about this ingredient are still thin, and are restricted mostly to the ingredient’s developer.

The Bottom Line

While Cynergy TK might be an ingredient worth watching, at this point there is insufficient evidence to back up the claims made by the companies that are currently marketing this substance. We would advise consumers to take a “wait and see” approach until more information is available before spending money on Cynergy TK.


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