Cyclax Moistura Review


Cyclax Moistura is a British cosmetic firm that makes cosmetic products designed to fight nature and the signs of aging. There are many anti aging products made by this firm with different formulations. Some of the products are moisturizing creams, others are reducing serums and some can even be applied at night. Other products made by the same company include skin tones, cleansers and hydrating creams. Cyclax Moistura products are chiefly geared towards women.

The company claims their products can result in immediate skin rejuvenation. The creams work by penetrating the skin to reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin, eliminate fine lines and erase wrinkles. The eye moisturizing cream is said to lift the skin underneath the skin with the result that the skin appears young, soft and taut. The Cyclax Moistura website does claim that it has one of the best skin moisturizing products on the market. The website even brags that the company was granted the prestigious Royal Warrant in l961.

Cyclax Moistura products can be used on all skin types and their products are said to be non greasy. Besides promoting a beautiful look, the ingredients in Cyclax Moistura products can detoxify the skin, remove cell debris and nourish the deeper layers.

Product Details

The complete list of ingredients in Cyclax Moistura products is not listed. By surfing the web, it appears that the most common ingredients include Aloe Vera and Vitamins A and E.

The Good

  • Impressive website.
  • Many skincare formulations.
  • Products available online
  • A lot of specials.
  • Despite the bragging, relatively cheap.

The Bad

  • Ingredients not listed.
  • Some exorbitant claims.
  • Nothing special about ingredients.
  • No photos.
  • No testimonials.
  • Product availability in the US is not clear (seems to be primarily a UK product.)

The Bottom Line

Cyclax Moistura is a decent British cosmetic firm with an extensive line of anti-aging products. While the website is impressive and the products are easy to order, the chief concern is that the company has failed to mention a single ingredient in their products. While vitamins A and E may serve as antioxidants, they certainly do not reverse signs of aging. Aloe vera, as we all know, has many good qualities but it has no anti-aging properties either. Today the internet is inundated with lots of fake and counterfeit products, and it is essential that the customer knows what he/she is applying to their body. Plus, there is always a chance that the product may contain synthetic chemicals which may cause allergies. Without looking at the ingredients, it is difficult to make any type of assessment on Cyclax Moistura products. However, despite this negative, Cyclax Moistura products are fairly cheap ($10-$40). Unless they are available in American Stores, it may not be worthwhile for the American consumer to order these products online from Britain.

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