Cuticura Review

Has your curiosity about Cuticura peaked?

Cuticura is a medicated skincare line that’s changed drastically over time. They’ve been around for more than 100 years. Though the most popular products are aimed at treating skin irritation, rash and redness, there are other options in the online store.

What is Cuticura?

The Cuticura line may have started with medicated soap and ointment, but it’s expanded over the years. Today you can purchase Prevenderm and Riffi skin care products. There are no anti-aging formulas and we didn’t find a single list of ingredients, which leaves us a little skeptical about the company.

Quick Facts on Cuticura

  • No complete ingredient lists are available on the official website.
  • Common additions like shea butter, glycerin, vitamin E, petrolatum and aloe vera are used.
  • Phenol, an ingredient in some medicated products, may be extremely irritating to skin.
  • Some products are fragrance-free.
  • You can purchase from the official website or outside retailers.
  • Fragrance is used and can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Cuticura?

“We see big red flags with this product line,” offered our Skincare Editor. “There are irritants in several of the formulas we were able to locate. Plus, it appears the products may be more expensive if you purchase from outside retailers, which is rarely the case.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The most popular product from Cuticura is the medicated soap. There are some issues that come up, including breakouts and dry skin – though those are the two most common reasons for using the formula.

  • “Was a waste of my money, made my face break out horribly.”
  • “I’ve had a ‘small-zit’ breakout of monumental proportions.”

Others either noticed no breakouts or skin was clearer with use.

  • “I wash my face every morning and have never had a problem with acne.”
  • “I broke out with the worst rashes I have never had before in my life and this product worked on them in the best way.”

There’s also an issue with drying of the skin. This is a common problem with antibacterial, medicated soaps.

  • “I really wish this product had worked for me, but it didn’t. It instead made my skin dry and slightly flaky.”
  • “This soap is very drying to my skin leaving it tight and red.”

We also found users who felt it hydrated not dried.

  • “It makes my skin feel clean and fresh.”
  • “It’s great to use a soap that is non-drying to my skin.”

Is It Time to Give Cuticura a Try?

Hmmm, we are not exactly sold on Cuticura. We found far too many reports of dry skin and irritation and the ingredient lists we could find back up these claims because there are irritants in some formulas. Though there are people who noticed amazing improvements to acne-prone skin, we’re on the fence because others only noticed worsening problems.

What Do We Like Better than Cuticura?

In 2016, the one product that’s stood out from the competition is BioGeniste. It is clinically tested and shown to hydrate and fight the signs of aging. We also found tons of reviews from people who tried it and loved the results.

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15 thoughts on “Cuticura Review”

  1. Hi, I’m in Nam, a guy.. And it works.. 🙂 it’ll seem like it’s making everything worse in the first week,, but you’ll start feeling better and better onwards.. I don’t even get pimples anymore,, I’m guessing it’s cause if the antiseptic ointment that I use., acts as an antibacterial.. I wash my face everyday.. Once, or twice.. It’s easy to use,, I don’t put anything else in my face..(Nivea lotion, Vaseline, etc) nothing..

  2. i have a question,, i have been using Cuticura for the past 2 years and it has been treating me very well, i have no pimples and the spots on my face have lessened. But people often say i’m lighter etc, is it wrong to use the ointment on daily basis because i use it everyday not at night only but when i’m off to work also, i don’t like dry skin so i don’t mind using it during the day also. Even when i put on makeup i use it underneath.
    Please advise if its ok to use the ointment on daily basis…

  3. Hey am Sophia i really need help ,i have being using cuticurra for 3 years and for this 3 years i was miss cuticurra and my face was perfect with no darkspot but currently my face just changed . Please i really need an advice.

  4. Hi I have been using the Cuticura Ointment for the past 2 months. I find the product very effective. I had black spots on my face and now they are completely gone.

  5. wow this product has worked wonders on my skin…..i had terrible breakouts and within the 1st week of using the soap and the ointment i could see results, my skin was left soft, oil free and clear.

  6. I have been using cuticura for the past 3 months abd my skin is much better, spots are clearing and acne, my problem ia that I can’t find the original cuticuta at the shops only the herbal.

  7. Cuticura really works,had a very bad rash on my face 2 weeks ago and now its all gone and a couple of spots as well.This product is really affordable and works wonders.

  8. I want to try cuticura, but im truly scared. Iv had bad skin for almost 4years now and have literaly tried everything. I fear that trying it will just make things worse.
    But for the sake of my face and the reviews i read, i will try it then give my honest feedback weekly for those who want to try it but are scared like me

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