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There are countless skin care products available in this day and age. One amongst the many is Cutemol. This is actually a moisturizer cream that sells via the official website for a sale price of $29.99 (eight ounces). Like some other products offered online now days, this topical cream is pitched like somewhat of a miracle treatment. It is claimed to assist with anything from cracked fingertips, to Psoriasis, to dry heels, to Eczema, to brittle nails and severely dry skin. There are no testimonials presented on the official website to support the claims made about Cutemol.

Cutemol, like many other moisturizing creams, is essentially supposed to rehydrate and heal the skin. Although it aims to address other more severe concerns like Eczema and Psoriasis, it can be used on mere dry skin or severely chapped skin. According to the website, it is not pasty like some other heavy moisturizers. Cutemol can be massaged into the skin with ease and works best if massaged into damp or moist skin. This topical cream is sold in eight-ounce containers, and is stated to be non-greasy.

Product Details

Cutemol is a topical cream formula that can be utilized by both women and men who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis, severely dry skin or brittle nails. Pitched as somewhat of a do-it-all cream, this formula can be applied to any part of the body. Cutemol should be massaged into clean, damp skin for the full effectiveness. Sadly there is no clinical research posted on the website for Cutemol. Nor are there any key active ingredients addressed that may be assisting with healing or the rehydration of skin. This topical skin treatment is manufactured by Summers Laboratories Inc.

The Good

  • Cutemol is suitable for all common skin types, and can be used by both women and men.
  • Unlike some topical skin products, this cream can be ordered directly off the Internet with convenience.
  • The container for this moisturizing cream is rather large at eight ounces.

The Bad

  • There are no free trial samples of Cutemol cream offered at this time.
  • The website pitches this product as somewhat of a miracle treatment, which may concern some users.
  • There is no clinical research or trial results provided on the website to support claims made about Cutemol.
  • Overall, there is not much information presented on the website for this skin care treatment.
  • None of the key active components are addressed online for this product.

The Bottom Line

As far as topical creams go to assist with severely dry skin, Cutemol certainly sounds like a good one. If it really can get rid of conditions like cracked fingertips, Psoriasis, dry heels, Eczema, brittle nails and severely dry skin, then it is worth looking into. Unfortunately there is not much proof of this on the official website. Especially seeing how there are no testimonials, no clinical findings, no money-back guarantee, and no key ingredients posted and explained. It is probably a good idea to look into some other skin care creams that aim to accomplish similar things before investing in one like this.

4 thoughts on “Cutemol Review”

  1. I have used cutemol for severe palm dryness and on my feet. I get patchy dryness that can even flake and bleed and cutemol is the only treatment that has worked. I also get severe dryness in my nostrils and apply cutemol on a q-tip every morning and it keeps my nose from clogging, and prevents bleeding. However, I don’t know that it is recommended for the nose. Also, I always thought that it had some defolient ingredients. You can get 2 oz. tubes over the counter at most drugstores, but they must order them. I would be very unhappy without cutemol.

    1. I also have severe dry palms and feet and I use Cutemol daily. While it hasn’t CURED my problem, it treats the irritating symptoms very well.
      I have tried all manner of creams and this is by far the best. Where’s my check, Summers Labs? heh

  2. there are samples – that’s how i was introduced to it. my dermotologist gave me a sample. i’m happy with it so far since i suffer from severe ezcema pretty much all over my body. i’m really on a search for something for the intense itching i have..any recommendations? –

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