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When it comes to anti-aging skin care products, it’s hard to distinguish truth from fiction. Crystalift claims to be the first skin resurfacing machine designed for in home use. There are a number of Spas that offer the service as well. The makers of the machine claim that the machine uses the same vacuum based technology which many Dermatologists uses in their offices.

Product Details

Previously only licensed professionals were authorized to use crystal and vacuum resurfacing machines. BioRenew Labs, the developers of Crystalift claim to have brought consumers the same technology only in a smaller, countertop machine which is easy to use in your own home. Crystalift is said to use dual action power which fights the visible signs of aging which are fine lines and wrinkles. The so called “new technologies” which are skin resurfacing and vacuum lift therapy are not new at all but are used in doctor’s offices and spas all over the world. The makers of Crystalift say that the machine will safely and gently lift the old damaged skin cells off the skin and allow newer fresh skin to emerge leaving users with a more youthful radiant glow. They say that other types of skin care are out dated and that only Crystalift will give consumers the results which they desire. The Crystalift machine comes with crystal refills, Aqua Bright Gel Cleanser, a hydrating mask, an instruction manual and an instructional DVD.

The Good

  • The official website for Crystalift has before and after photos and customer testimonials to back up their claims.
  • The website has step by step instructions for potential buyers to view.

The Bad

  • Crystalift is not the same professional grade as the machines found in spas and doctors offices.
  • There is the potential for over use in order to achieve the desired results.
  • The machine fairly expensive compared to other in home use machines.

The Bottom Line

Most consumers go to the professionals to get microdermabrasion treatments but the treatments can be costly and most people can’t afford the luxury. However in recent years, there has been a trend towards at home versions of similar devices. While this may be an inexpensive alternative to a spa, devices made for home use hardly offer the same intensity as professional grade machines. That’s usually the case with any consumer product. That said users may be more inclined to use the machine more frequently which may result in causing more damage than good. There are similar devices on the market that may offer some exfoliating benefits such as clearing up minor skin eruptions and working to reduce rough patches but they can hardly produce the same results as what the professional services can provide. For more severe damage such as deep lines and wrinkles, this machine will never do. It may be best to leave it up to the professionals or search for a more intense anti-aging skin care treatment. There are some promising topical treatments on the market with advances ingredients that are sure to produce amazing results.

6 thoughts on “Crystalift Review”

  1. I had my cystalift for a month. After a month the crystals did not come out of the wand even though the suction was working.

    1. I had the same problem, but mine got clogged after just the second use. When I sent the product back, they told me they had tested it and it was good as new. This time, the machine clogged once again, and once again I shipped it back. They told me they sent me a new system this time, but it was certainly NOT worth the hassle. They did not even mail me any extra stuff for all the trouble, which might have appeased me.I

      1. Had a few bad experiences with these people. Received machine as a X-Mas gift. It worked for approx 6 weeks, sent back, got a new machine. Worked for approx 2 weeks. shipped back on my dime, they fixed machine & shipped back..I asked if they would send me a box of refills free for my trouble. I assumed a free box would come automatically since I had to pay shipping to get machine there. anyway……When I inquired I was talked into spending $30 for “the club”, would be $30 every three mos. I would get free shipping if machine broke again, & would receive 20% off orders. I agreed, then changed my mind in three minutes…I was a too late…I agreed to bowing out of the club if they sent me two boxes od refills. ane said No Problem since I had paid the $. Shipment came…only one box. I called & they were nothing but nasty. accused me of lying about the shipment & barked at because they have went “above & beyond” what they should do. good Luck to new customers…I am so mad I cannot bring myself to open my latest shipment…making this machine #3!!!

  2. The Crystalift is not the first microdermabrasion machine for at home use.

    The Timepeel Microdermaabrasion system is. It is also the only one that is currently FDA approved for at home use as of today. 12/22/10

  3. This is just junk. It has no power,no suction.A total rip off and they won’t take it back. I tried to return it and they refused the package,sent tit back to me.
    WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!

  4. Have been using this fro over three years now. It does have a unfortunate tendacy to clog and after three replacements with no hassle from them I might add, I’ve discovered why!
    First, do not keep this in your bathroom under the sink like I did. I live in Southern Califoria and ANY moisure in the bathroom will cause it to clog.
    Second, do not use this after washing your face. Even if you have dried your skin off, thinking it is dry, the machine will lose suction.
    Use this before clkeaning your face, and keep in in your bedroom closet. Then no problems, usually…

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