Crows Feet Review

The Problem

Many people report that the gradual appearance of crow’s feet is one of the first and most noticeable signs of an aging complexion. One reason that crow’s feet are so quick to appear is that the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Add to that the fact that this skin is nearly always moving due to blinking and facial expressions. It is also very sensitive to weather factors like wind and sun. In fact, this sun exposure (technically termed “photoaging”) may contribute more to the formation of crow’s feet than actual time. Some dermatologists hypothesize that if you took a pair of twin and one had a desk job while the other worked outdoors, the one who worked outdoor would have noticeably heavier crow’s feet. It doesn’t help that, often, when your eyes are under heavy sun exposure, you tend to squit, which will make these wrinkles more pronounced. You’ll see that the wrinkle patterns formed as you squint begin to become permanent.

Smoking can be another crow’s feet culprit. As smokers know, you tend to involuntarily squint when smoking in order to keep smoke out of your eyes. Again, this repetitive crease pattern will become permanent if enacted enough times.

The Solution

There are numerous steps, both preventive and retroactive, that can be taken to try and treat crow’s feet. The sooner you begin an eye protection regimen, the better. Take special care when you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. Find a gentle sunscreen and be sure not to miss your eye area. Also, make a point of wearing sunglasses to lessen the amount of squinting that you might do. A wide brimmed hat can also be used for this purpose.

There are several eye care products that claim to specifically treat crows feet. Many of these products feature the ingredient glycolic acid, which is claimed to quickly wash away dead skin cells. This could theoretically bring out newer, healthier skin cells. Haloxyl is another ingredient frequently found in skin care products that specifically target the eye area. However, this one is formulated with an emphasis on eliminating dark circles, which is not necessarily the same ting as treating crow’s feet.

Wrinkles are also, typically caused by a slowing of the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen is what keeps skin looking “plump” and well hydrated, and as production slows, wrinkles begin to form. Finding a crow’s feet treatment that does something to stimulate collagen production is a good way to get the area around your eyes looking smooth and youthful. Be sure to avoid any wrinkle fighters that contain parabens, which are a common preservative. This ingredient is closely linked to cheaper, more generic product brands, and it seems to be responsible for numerous documented cases of skin irritation. Given the sensitive nature of the skin around your eyes, it’s best not to risk trying a crow’s feet treatment that includes parabens.

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