Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask Review

What You Should Know

Cosmion is a skin care company that uses Ion Technology in their products and treatments. This new-age technology helps actively transport key ingredients into the dermis. This in turn encourages fast rejuvenation of the skin. There is an official website for Cosmion, and it has a 1-800 number to assist with any questions and orders. The purpose of the topical formulations offered by this brand is to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, and fine lines. One product is the Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask, which retails for $285. It is primarily for individuals with mature or aging skin that shows signs of sun damage, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation.

Product Details

Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask aims to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, minimize hyper-pigmented skin, and improve overall skin texture. This unique treatment works by repelling any negatively-charged ingredients used on your skin. In other words, ingredients from other skin care products. Negatively-charged Ions are found in this mask, and penetrate deep down into the dermis, to take action. Before using this mask, it is encouraged to use the Cosmion Facial Cleanser.

In order to use the Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask, you are directed to apply two to three pumps of the Cosmion C Serum first. The mask is then laid on the skin with the label facing down. Once you smooth out the mask over your face, allow it to absorb into the skin for 30-60 minutes. When using this treatment, you may feel a slight tingling or experience a metallic taste. The Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask may be reused up to six times. Care and storage instructions are included with this skin care product.

The Good

  • A helpful 1-800 number is provided on the official website.
  • One user testimonial is posted on the main website.
  • This facial mask may help reduce sun damage.

The Bad

  • The cost of this mask treatment is $285.
  • The key ingredients for this mask are not elaborated on.
  • There is no mention of a 100% money-back guarantee with Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask.
  • There are alternative anti-aging products available for much less money.

The Bottom Line

As you surely noticed, the cost of the Cosmion Iontophoretic Rejuvenating Facial Mask is really high. After all, who has $285 to spend on one skin care treatment? Unfortunately most people do not. While this mask does contain a unique form of technology to help repair damaged skin and reduce signs of aging, there is no satisfaction guarantee mentioned for this pricey beauty product. On the bright side, there are alternative anti-aging masques, peels, and other facial treatments that sell for much less.


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