Cosmetique Energie Vitale Review


Energie Vitale Swiss Anti-Aging Complex is a product designed for skin care and anti-ageing that was created by Cosmetique. This company seems to be up and coming in the skin care industry, because they have nearly a dozen brands of makeup and moisturizing creams, which are all intended to heal ageing skin. The Energie Vitale line is Swiss-marketed, and their big claim is that a decrease of 47% in wrinkles can be expected in the first moth or so. It claims to be able to do this with an enzyme called Coenzyme Q10.

Product Details

Coenzyme Q10, which is the main ingredient in Cosmetique Energie Vitale’s line, is primarily an antioxidant used for producing energy and fighting off free radicals that prevent the forming of collagen and elastin, the two substances the body produces to keep the skin firm. The healthy appearance of the skin is determined by how much of these substances the skin has, and it depletes naturally with age. However, this enzyme is incapable of producing collagen itself – it just makes it easier for the body to do so.
It’s possible that the inclusion of any fresh collagen in this product would make it more efficient, like many other products do.

The Good

  • For now, there is a reduced payment plan that allows customers to pay a small amount upfront for products and set up a billing plan on their credit card. This somewhat offsets the high price – these skin care products can cost upwards of $100.
  • There are a few user testimonials on the site. Many companies we have looked at lately didn’t have any testimonials at the time of review.
  • Natural enzymes such as CoQ10 are used, which are important for the skin.

The Bad

  • Although there are testimonials, they tend to be a little general and only speak for individual products rather than the whole line. If you’re looking for a specific product, this could be helpful, but not for reviewing the product line of Energie Vitale as a whole.
  • Matrixyl 3000 is not included – this is another skin care ingredient that’s been proven to be effective against the signs of ageing by smoothing out and moisturizing the skin.
  • Collagen is also not included. Although the products are intended to stimulate collagen growth, it would be easier and more effective to introduce collagen directly into the skin.
  • Also, given that there are about a dozen other product lines from Cosmetique, it seems that it would be difficult for them to focus only on this one and make it top-notch.

The Bottom Line

Though Cosmetique Energie Vitale seems like it could be effective, there are some leading skin care ingredients such as collagen that are lacking. Also, the price may be a little high for some people despite the payment plans. To have a good view of what this product can do, it would have been better for there to be some clinical studies or the like posted on the manufacturer’s website.


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