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Cosmelan is a line of skincare products created by Mesoestetic Laboratories. This manufacturer claims its products have been researched and developed extensively for over ten years. Cosmelan is designed to treat pigmentation issues and claims to contain advanced ingredients that have been scientifically formulated for effectiveness.

Depigmentation treatments such as Cosmelan specialize in lightening the overall tone of your skin so it becomes more even and spots and blemishes end up being much less noticeable. Pigmentation issues can come from many sources such as acne, aging, exposure to the sun, and other natural sources such as freckles. It is true that as we age, brown spots develop, so in this respect Cosmelan can be considered an anti-aging treatment.

Product Details

Cosmelan is a two-step treatment program for depigmentation. Step one is applied at a professional facility by a dermatologist or other person certified in this type of skin care. Step one is a mask that is applied and the formula is different for each skin color and skin type. This is left on for an unspecified amount of time before it is removed with Cleansing Milk which is another Mesoestetic product. After the mask is removed and the skin is cleaned, Hydravital Factor K Cream is applied to help moisturize the skin.

The second step of the Cosmelan treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home on a daily basis. This consists of using the Hydravital Factor K Cream followed by the Total Moisturizing Sun Block.

The overall goal is to reduce pigmentation and the manufacturer suggests that results of 95% pigmentation reduction are possible after just 30 days.

The Cosmelan Step One Mask contains: Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium; The Hydra Vital Factor K Cream contains: Hydroviton, VItamin K, Vitamin E, Amniotic fluid, Glycerine, Silicone oil; The Moisturizing Sun Block contains Ethylhexyl methoxycinnimate and Titanium dioxide among other common sunblock ingredients.

The Good

  • Before and after photographs posted around the Internet seem promising.
  • Some documented results and dermatologist recommended.


The Bad

  • Expensive (between $300-$600 total).
  • Doesn’t help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Requires a dermatologist or doctor recommendation to acquire.
  • A visit to a dermatologist office or spa is also necessary.

The Bottom Line

Titanium Dioxide has a very checkered past and is a possible cancer causing agent. This two-step treatment may be very effective at eliminating discoloration caused by the sun, acne, or other blemishes but it doesn’t seem to be worth your time if you are only seeking a wrinkle reducer. Cosmelan is highly recommended by medical professionals if you are looking for something to help with skin problems and blemishes, however.

If you are looking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, this is not the product for you. Instead, you should consider something with known wrinkle reducing ingredients that also moisturizes and help in the production of collagen.

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  1. Where would I find a dermotologist in my area to do the Cosmelan treatment?, and also, if I am breastfeeding, can I still do the treatment?

  2. I´ve used Cosmelan 1 and 2, for one week, after skin peeling, i notice that know i have dryness and wrinckes around mu mouth. What should i do?

  3. I´ve used Cosmelan 1 and 2. After my skin start to peeling, i´ve notice that now i have profund wrinckles around my mouth. What should i do?

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