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Coryse Salome is a beauty products company that claims to utilize the power of RNA and DNA in its ingredients, which are supposed to help increase the rate of “cellular renewal”. This “RNA/DNA Complex” is said to be a very powerful tool that helps repair your skin as well as increase its natural defenses. It is also supposed to ensure that your skin remains firm as it stops tissues from breaking down.

There are a few different products available from Coryse Salome but we are most interested in the Coryse Salome Face Care. The full name for this product is Coryse Salome Competence Anti-Age Renaissance A.R.N.-A.D.N. Soin Fermete Visage/Firming Face Care. This is a day or night facial treatment that claims to define facial contours, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent tissue in your skin from degrading or “slackening”. Coryse Salome products aren’t very popular in the United States, but are very easy to find in France and some parts of Western Europe.

Product Details

The seemingly unique selling point for Coryse Salome Face Care is the fact that it claims to utilize RNA and DNA to help your skin become more firm. When you facial skin becomes firmer than normal, this typically has a wrinkle reducing effect that lasts until the cream is fully absorbed and depleted or until you wash it off.

Coryse Salome Face Care is fairly inexpensive at just $35 for almost two ounces. This is a lot less expensive than similar products. We can’t find much information on the Coryse Salome company and their official website is very bare and apparently it is four years old. There are no ingredients, testimonials, or clinical studies on the site that we could find.

The Good

  • You can purchase Coryse Salome products directly from the official website.
  • Discounts are available at various third party retailers depending on what website you buy from.

The Bad

  • There are no ingredients posted for any of the Coryse Salome products.
  • There are no testimonials available on the official website.
  • No clinical trials can be found for this product around the Internet.

The Bottom Line

Coryse Salome Face Care really isn’t that expensive and with various deals coming from third party retailers you could probably find some even cheaper. We aren’t sure how RNA and DNA have much to do with treating wrinkles, because there really isn’t any information on what this would do as an ingredient in a facial cream. We can’t recommend Coryse Salome Face Care at this time because we just don’t have enough information to form a proper opinion on this product. We do recommend, however, using a well known wrinkle cream that combines many effective and proven wrinkle fighters.

10 thoughts on “Coryse Salome Review”

  1. I have been using coryse salome face creams for six months now,after seeing it on fragarence direct.It has made my skin soft and my wrinkles look softer,my face feels firmer and it is a cheap product.

  2. I used Coryse Salome products in the 80’s, it was recommended to me by a beautician who wouldn’t use anything else (she had a great skin). I had very red angry cream & mild acne. And I used this cream to reduce redness it was fantastic and did exactly what it said would plus leaving my skin beautifully soft. I am so glad this brand still exists. Would happily use it again.

  3. I have used “Anti-Age Renaissance” A.R.N.-A.D.N,it does everything it says it will. I am losing weight and I was very conscious of my saggy neck I applied this cream day and night not only did it firm up my neck but also gives your skin great hydration and beautiful texture. I also have sensitive skin and it does not irritate it. I am very impressed with this range

  4. It’s great your wrote a blog about this skin care line in reading it I was hoping you had tried products and we’re reviewing them a little disappointed not sure the reasoning for post unless we readers had more info of the product

  5. Their scrus use polyethilene ie plastic. The millions of plastic bids end up in the sea, eaten by fish eho die because of plastic.

    Our seas are soon to contain more plastic than our lands as thst is where it ends up.
    Stop using cosmetics than contain plastic.
    Use your purse and your computer to complain. If we stop buying thecosmetic industry will listen.
    Thank you.

  6. I used a beautiful shade of lipstick by coryse salome in the 70’s I don’t remember the name but I wish I did, it was a bit of orange and peach colour it was really beautiful

    Lana John Gopee

  7. I would think that after being on the market under the same name for 30 years we can be sure the brand is legit. I’d think if it wasn’t it would have changed names countless times.
    In regards to the basic website, I see them as a no frills brand. Given their products are affordable for nearly everyone and don’t have astronomical mark ups like the big brands, I’m pretty that results in no spare dollars to splash on websites and marketing.
    It’s great to see a brand that actually works, and their aim is to produce fantastic skincare not making millions of dollars.

  8. It’s great that some of you are reporting good experiences. Would someone who actually has their products please post a photo of the ingredient list on the package for us?

    I cannot find a Coryse Salome webiste, which is very unusual these days and I am a little sceptical about this brand.

  9. I love Coryse Salome, nite cream its great.. love it and going to order more I’m 60! And I show No sign of wrinkles:)

  10. I have used these products for years and recommend them highly. I have sensitive skin and have never had any problems with their face,throat and eye creams. I am 56 and often get people disbelieving my age as I have very few wrinkles, but of course I can not claim this to be all the results of Coryse Salome products. I think they are a no frills company who put all their effort into the quality of the product and do not waste efforts with expensive packaging or websites. The quality of their products keeps costumers coming back and I for one would use no other beauty creams.

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