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The Connie Stevens antiaging products are the creation of Forever Spring. The company is run by a former actress turned cosmetics guru. The aim of the Connie Stevens Forever products are moisturization thus making the skin appear more youthful to the eye.

There is an official website for the Connie Stevens Forever products from the Forever Spring company. The website is not dedicated to the Connie Stevens Forever moisturizer and includes links to the several non-profit organizations and advertisements for television shows. This gives the website a less than professional look as the visitor who is coming to the website in search of a product may find themselves lost in ads.

Product Features

One look at the product listing and the visitor may turn and run from the website. Under the “skin care” tab alone, there are more than 30 products ranging in price from $5.50 to $60.00. The products include firming gels, ginseng facial products, lifting makeup, eye creams, facial quenchers, self tanners, vitamin oil sprays, and serums. None of the Connie Stevens Forever products we researched listed any ingredients at all.

While there is no official contact information listed on the website, the top of the page lists an address and phone number for Forever Spring. A few of the testimonials on the website include pictures of the people who love the Connie Stevens Forever products, but most are simply text testimonials. One of the users claimed to be using the products for the last 30 years. This leads us to believe the majority of the products are intended for long term use and that could become expensive over time. The website offers specials for various holidays. There was no return information found on the Connie Stevens Forever website which is a negative because the products can be easily purchased from the website.

There are two products in the Connie Stevens Forever line that may be aimed at antiaging. These products are the Firm It Gel and the Collagen based skin care line. Unfortunately, with no official ingredient list, there is no way to tell if there is really collagen in the product or where that collagen comes from (plant or animal).

The Good

  • There is an official website for the Connie Stevens Forever product line.
  • Most of the products falls into the affordable range.

The Bad

  • The official website reads more like an advertisement for various activities than an online antiaging or skin care business.
  • There is no outlined return policy.
  • The collagen in the products is not paired with a collagen booster.
  • There is no official contact us page on the website.
  • The price range for the products is huge.

The Bottom Line

There is little reason to support the Connie Stevens Forever product line. Aside from the lack of ingredient lists, the products claim to reduce wrinkles with no proof the products work. The testimonials are a good start, but more needs to be disclosed for the consumer trusting in a product ordered online.

3 thoughts on “Connie Stevens Forever Review”

  1. I’ve spent the morning trying to find out if any Forever Spring poducts were still available. I was looking for the items that went along with the Beauty time machine. I have the machint but nothing to use on my skin as a conductor.
    Could you possibly let me know one way or another if any products are available.
    Thank you so much for your time and attention. Jackie H.

    1. I just ordered and received collagen skin quencher which is used with the time machine. They were out of the jars (I wanted two) so they offered a deal , four tubes of skin quencher which I purchased. I tried reaching them off the web for Las Vegas and no deal but I hot ahold of the company in LA which I alwsys did do business with amd they wete very nice and I got my order ASAP. I do agree though I would like to see a list of ingredients on all products .,,I want to sell it and I want to know all aboutwhat Im selling.

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