Concha Nacar Review


Concha Nacar is an anti-ageing ingredient that is included in many types of skin care products, especially creams. Sometimes whole product lines have been based on it, because it’s widely thought to be some sort of cure to anti-ageing in general for the skin. However, it’s necessary to look at this ingredient and see just how well it really can help the issue of ageing in skin. It’s often been used, even since ancient times, and in China it used to be claimed that this product could halt the formation of acne scarring. Another name for Concha Nacar is mother of pearl cream, and it is claimed to be able to restore the skin’s natural brightness. It’s been used for hundreds or thousands of years, supposedly, but we aren’t sure just how effective it can be proven to be scientifically.

Product Details

Mostly the formula for Concha Nacar used to consist of crushed sea shells. These contain nacre, aragonite, silicates, concholin and other types of nutrients for the skin. This may have been effective in ancient times, but since then our needs have changed, so new ingredients have been added. Recently, the cream is often enriched with vitamin C to offer antioxidants. These are the substances in the body that help to fight off free radicals, which are a culprit of ageing. Also, the presence of concholin supposedly helps to exfoliate the skin by cleaning out the pores. However, we have yet to find anything really supporting this. Concha Nacre is mainly included in formulas to brighten the skin back to its natural tone after decades of exposure to the elements and harmful chemicals, but there isn’t any research we could find here either.

The Good

  • It’s possible that Concha Nacar may have some anti-ageing benefits. It has some ingredients that are seen as overall healthy for the skin.
  • Vitamin C is often included in modern versions of the formula to act as an antioxidant, which is important to have in the body.
  • Through the online vendors we looked at, we saw Concha Nacar at moderate prices – on Amazon it was listed at $30. Many of these vendors will also offer a money-back guarantee if the cream doesn’t happen to work.

The Bad

  • It has yet to be proven what specifically this ingredient does in the way of anti-ageing. It’s claimed to have great benefits, but it hasn’t been scientifically tested alongside other creams of similar nature yet.
  • More research is needed for Concha Nacar to be considered fully verified.
  • Because no additional research has been done, it’s impossible to know what side effects this cream may have.

The Bottom Line

Although Concha Nacar is said to be an ancient formula, this alone doesn’t give it credibility. We prefer skin care products to be fully researched and verified by certified dermatologists before we recommend them as a true anti-ageing remedy for the skin.

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