Clinians Suisse Products For Skin Review


Clinians Suisse skin care products are advertised to add moisture and revitalize skin cells, using vitamin E, or ascorbic acid, as a major ingredient. Other ingredients of this product include moisturizers and antioxidants. There are a lot of products currently available on the market that make similar claims, however. This is why it’s important for us to take a deeper look at the ingredients of this product and its formula before deciding on it as an anti aging remedy. While Clinians Suisse could be an excellent choice, it might also cause problems. We’ll find out once we take a look at the ingredients. The product’s main website advertises it as free of skin irritants, making it a possible good choice for those with sensitivity problems.

Product Details

Ingredients for this product were difficult to find, and the only ones that could be found online were pomegranate extract, herbs, and vitamin E. These are effective ingredients, but their quantities and quality are unknown, so it’s hard to tell whether or not they will be effectively absorbed into the skin. There’s little evidence for or against the formulation here, making it very hard to tell whether or not this will be a worthwhile product. Clinians Suisse also lacks a number of ingredients that most of us expect from quality products designed to combat aging, such as hyaluronic acid. This compound helps improve the skin’s natural moisture level, creating greater pliability and less wrinkling. We should also remember that Clinians Suisse is said to contain herbs, but the herbs in question aren’t listed, making it hard to tell if they are effective or safe.

Clinians Suisse products are available through a number of affiliate websites, including Amazon. Prices seem rather high, however, with one Amazon affiliate site listing the cream at seventy-five dollars before shipping. It’s difficult to tell how well this product will really work, making the high cost a real problem. Finding out whether the cost and effort of obtaining this cream are worth it is quite hard to do.

The Good

    • Products from Clinians Suisse contain vitamin E, an important ingredient for the promotion of healthy skin, which can also be found in many other products and in a range of different foods.

These products also include pomegranate extract, a known source of antioxidants which may be helpful in combating aging.

The Bad

  • Except for the inclusion of pomegranate and vitamin E, there are no ingredients in this particular product that stand out from the rest as effective remedies for aging symptoms.
  • No refund policy appears to be available, making the high prices risky for people interested in buying this relatively untried product.

The Bottom Line

While it looks like Clinians Suisse has a lot of potential as an effective product against aging, the high prices, lack of solid evidence and recognizable ingredients, and general lack of information make it less of a desirable choice. The ingredients that are presented may well be of some use, but they are also available in a number of other products with more tested formulas and better manufacturer backing.

3 thoughts on “Clinians Suisse Products For Skin Review”

  1. To whom it may concern,..

    My question is: is this beauty product ever been tested on animals? and I do give a thumbs up with this product I’ve tried so many other Brand beauty products on the market this one is the best one I had ever tried. Its more suitable for my sensative skin.My skin feels replachement healthier feels smooth shinning skin.I had never felt so good with my skin since I’ve tried your product. Its amazing.. I recomanded to others to buy this products its great.. Thank you
    from Therese St.Denis.

    1. I tried 2 of this brand products and my skin has improved significantly: smoother and more shinning, even it takes months after. I’m happy to keep using this brand for now

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