Clear Essence Review

Asking yourself a few questions about Clear Essence?

Clear Essence is a natural skincare line for women and men of color. The business has been on the market since 1997. You can purchase direct, but products are also sold on websites like Amazon. You have 30 days to return your order and if it is not in new condition, there is a 15% restocking fee.

What is Clear Essence?

Clear Essence is a product of Clear Essence Cosmetics USA, Inc. Some ingredients used in the formulas include olive oil, vitamin E, mineral oil, dimethicone, titanium dioxide, methylparaben, propylparaben and fragrance. The addition of that extra scent is a little concerning, because it can cause skin irritation. This damage can occur even if you don’t notice it’s happening.

Quick Facts on Clear Essence

  • The line is made for men and women of color.
  • You can buy direct, on outside retail websites and from an ambassador.
  • You can return products, but only for 30 days.
  • You may have to pay a 15% restocking fee.
  • Parabens are used in Clear Essence formulas.
  • It looks like the fade creme is a popular item.
  • Reviews and ratings are listed on the official website.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Clear Essence?

“We like that all of the ingredients are listed and hydrating ingredients are there, but we are hesitant about Clear Essence,” offers our Skincare Editor. “Many consumers are looking for products that are paraben-free and that’s not the case this time. Plus, there are irritants and they can promote the aging process.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

There are reports of skin irritation and breakouts.

  • “I thought it was just my skin, but this cream really does cause breakouts that look like a rash.”
  • “This causes my face to break out in little pimples.”

However, you have to give credit where it is due. There are also positive reviews.

  • “This product fades dark spots but simultaneously brightens your skin.”
  • “It doesn’t cause breakouts, watch what you’re eating or doing.”

We also found some users who saw no change in dark spots when the Clear Essence fade creme was used.

  • “This does NOTHING to fade sun spots, and mine are not very dark at all.”
  • “I have used this item for 2 weeks or more but has not seen any changes.”

Again, there are positives on the other end of the spectrum.

  • “All over even toned skin. Yay!!”
  • “I work out and drink a lot of water but this stuff helps keep my skin even and gives a beautiful glow.”

Are We Ready to Recommend Clear Essence?

If we just look at the Clear Essence anti-aging side of the line, we’re not impressed. There are only three products and alpha hydroxy acid seems to be the main ingredient. All you have to choose from is one cleanser, one toner and one milk. We are full of reservations as we know there are better formulas on the market.

What Do We Like Better Than Clear Essence?

Of all the products we’ve reviewed in 2016, the one that stands above the rest is BioGeniste. The label shows clinically tested ingredients and testimonials, all over the web, talk about amazing results.

Click here to read more about BioGeniste today.

29 thoughts on “Clear Essence Review”

  1. hallo
    i have just started using these products,am dark its one week and i can see a change.Does the hydroquinine has any negative health effect?

  2. Is the hydroquinine in Clear Essence harmful?I bought the cream yesterday after watching the AD in DSTV. Am chocolate,but my body is browner than my face

  3. I have been using your products – The Complexion Soap, Smoothing & Fade Cream. Your products are EXCELLENT. I can definitely notice a different. Your Products are simply WONDERFUL.

  4. had a baby and my body looks dull and feels dry with stretchmarks, spots and cellurites.pliz advice on wat to use and how i can get the products since am in NRB Kenya.THANX

  5. I read some where that both hydroquinine and mecury are harmful to the health. The effects of both components are said to have really adverse effects on not only human skin but also on other internal organs like the brain and kidney.Kojic acid is even preferable. With all these adverse effects, why do you people still put them in your products?

  6. I’ve been suffering from acne scars and wanted something to fade marks. THIS STUFF IS GREAT I’VE SEEN A WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE. the only con was some dryness but they also sell a moisturizer

  7. Before i used to know Clear Essence as Oil free lotions,but now too much oil like palm oil. What is the problem. Easnt immitation or something?

  8. Wow I think i need to be place on the clear Essence cover it is the most amazing and wounderful lotion ever made 4 people or color im milky light and glowin at all time everybody want to no what im using I tell them it the Essence

  9. I would like to know where would i get Clear Essence products in purple colour? Is there any place in Cape Town where I can find these products?

  10. somebody used to supply me with the stuff so icant find her anymore this stuffiver excellent where to find again

  11. Thanks for your wonderful products. I bought the Clear Essence Astrigent Toner and it has a very strong smell. is it harmful to health? Should i use it on a daily basis? i have an oil skin prone to acne. i am 32 years old. What Clear Essence Product should i use on a daily for the whole body?

    1. It is not harmful to health, it is recommended to use on a daily basis so that you get the better effects. and for your whole body there’s the Clear Essence Sensitive Line Complexion Body Lotion.

  12. I’ve been using clear essence smoothing cream for 5 days and it has started clearing up my Leopard skin 🙂 The only shortcoming is that it has caused many little pimples on my face. Should I stop using it?

    1. From your bad spellings you obviously know nothing about clear essence and hydroquinone, so keep your “prises” to your self!

  13. Comment Text*I have been using clear essence for smooth even toned complexion and am having burning itchy sensation round my eyes. should I discontinue. the other part of my face is working well

  14. thanks .pls conferm with me whether the fade cream is suppost to be used as a treatment .because if u use it prolonged might cause danger because of the hdroquinine.

  15. Today i bought Essence my skin moistourizer cream …i applied it on my face and hands and the palm of my hand is looking slver even my nails. I am very upset with this. Can anyone guide me., is this normal with this cream . Or i shouldnot use it … i am waiting.

  16. It seems no one has been answered where to get these clear essence products here in RSA. Any one who knows please?

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