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Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0

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Clear Essence is a brand of skin care products geared toward women and men of color. This company has been around since the 1980’s and addresses common skin dilemmas like aging, acne breakouts, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, ashiness, sensitive skin, environmental damage and uneven skin tones. There are six different categories for Clear Essence products, which are the Sensitive Skin Series, Anti-Aging Series, Body Soaps, Baby by Clear Essence, Lemon Plus Vitamin C Series and Platinum Series. All Clear Essence treatments sell via the official website and are actually FDA approved.

The key active ingredients incorporated into Clear Essence skin products are Licorice Root, Hydroquinone (skin lightener), Lactic Acid (assists with fine lines and wrinkles) and Salicylic Acid (battles acne blemishes). The Clear Essence skin care line aims to treat all skin types of people of color. Some Clear Essence treatments are available for purchase in stores like Walgreens and Wal-Mart. Customer testimonials are provided on the official website to help support the overall effectiveness of Clear Essence skin products. Although there is a link entitled “skin care tips,” there are no beauty tips posted under this link. There are no free trial samples of Clear Essence treatments offered at this time. It’s difficult to determine whether or not these products come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Product Details

Clear Essence is a line of skin treatments that are claimed to help men and women of color keep their complexions looking cleaner, younger and healthier. The major active components found in Clear Essence cosmetics are Licorice Root, Hydroquinone (skin lightener), Lactic Acid (assists with fine lines and wrinkles) and Salicylic Acid (treats acne). Actual clinical data and/or studies are not presented on the official website. These products are distributed to the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean. Clear Essence treatments aim to assist with acne breakouts, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, ashiness, sensitive skin, UV damage and uneven skin tones.

The Good

  • Clear Essence is one of the few skin care brands manufactured for people of color.
  • There are some customer testimonials posted on the official website.
  • Clear Essence products contain some moisturizers.

The Bad

  • There is not a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website for Clear Essence.
  • Clear Essence skin care treatments are only geared toward individuals of color.
  • There may be some ingredients found in Clear Essence treatments that cause allergic reactions in some users.
  • Some of the links found on the official website offer no information, such as the skin care tips link.
  • Not all Clear Essence products appear to be conveniently offered in stores.
  • Clinical data is not provided to support these skin products.

The Bottom Line

When all is said and done, Clear Essence is a quite unique line of skin care treatments since it is directed toward people of color. However, with no clinical findings and no satisfaction guarantee presented on the official website, some individuals may be turned off by Clear Essence. If you wish to give one of these skin care products a shot, you may want to consider purchasing one that’s available at Wal-Mart or Walgreens. At least this way you might be able to get your money back if you don’t like it. It is good to see a product that addresses the different needs of different skin tones, however.

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21 Comments/Questions/Answers to Clear Essence

  • 1


    i have just started using these products,am dark its one week and i can see a change.Does the hydroquinine has any negative health effect?

  • 2


    can breast feeding women use your products

  • 3


    Is the hydroquinine in Clear Essence harmful?I bought the cream yesterday after watching the AD in DSTV. Am chocolate,but my body is browner than my face

  • 4


    is the mercury component harmful?

  • 5


    I have been using your products – The Complexion Soap, Smoothing & Fade Cream. Your products are EXCELLENT. I can definitely notice a different. Your Products are simply WONDERFUL.

  • 6


    had a baby and my body looks dull and feels dry with stretchmarks, spots and cellurites.pliz advice on wat to use and how i can get the products since am in NRB Kenya.THANX

  • 7


    pls how t i get the product mailed to me in the uk

  • 8


    I read some where that both hydroquinine and mecury are harmful to the health. The effects of both components are said to have really adverse effects on not only human skin but also on other internal organs like the brain and kidney.Kojic acid is even preferable. With all these adverse effects, why do you people still put them in your products?

  • 9


    I’ve been suffering from acne scars and wanted something to fade marks. THIS STUFF IS GREAT I’VE SEEN A WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE. the only con was some dryness but they also sell a moisturizer

  • 10


    Before i used to know Clear Essence as Oil free lotions,but now too much oil like palm oil. What is the problem. Easnt immitation or something?

  • 11

    lady boss

    Wow I think i need to be place on the clear Essence cover it is the most amazing and wounderful lotion ever made 4 people or color im milky light and glowin at all time everybody want to no what im using I tell them it the Essence

  • 12

    Simeon Martin

    I would like to know where would i get Clear Essence products in purple colour? Is there any place in Cape Town where I can find these products?

  • 13


    go for clear essence lemon plus and cocoa butter firming cream , it worked wonders for me after my two kids

  • 14

    lesley ann o'driscooll

    somebody used to supply me with the stuff so icant find her anymore this stuffiver excellent where to find again

  • 15


    Thanks for your wonderful products. I bought the Clear Essence Astrigent Toner and it has a very strong smell. is it harmful to health? Should i use it on a daily basis? i have an oil skin prone to acne. i am 32 years old. What Clear Essence Product should i use on a daily for the whole body?

  • 16

    lesley ann o'driscooll

    how can iget clear essence skin product please

  • 17


    It is not harmful to health, it is recommended to use on a daily basis so that you get the better effects. and for your whole body there’s the Clear Essence Sensitive Line Complexion Body Lotion.

  • 18


    I’ve been using the complexion soap but I’ve noticed some patches is this normal?

  • 19


    I’ve been using clear essence smoothing cream for 5 days and it has started clearing up my Leopard skin :) The only shortcoming is that it has caused many little pimples on my face. Should I stop using it?

  • 20


    where can I buy your products in south Africa?

  • 21


    Where can I buy your products in South Africa. If anybody knows please help

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