Clayton-shagal Review


Clayton-Shagal, founded in 1982, is a skin care line that offers at least 10 different treatments. This brand is Canadian, and primarily focuses on anti-aging. The official website refers to these products as being “salon level.” Unlike some brands, Clayton-Shagal encourages a basic three-step daily regimen for skin care, and the treatments they recommend for day and night use are the same. Clayton-Shagal treatments are sold in select salons, as well as on websites such as These products are called 1) Hyprocel Extract ($172.50), Placyderm Cream Medium ($80), Oat Bran Scrub ($42), AHA Scrub ($49.50), Gel Lotion Cleanser ($39), Placyderm Cream Superior ($80), Elastin Gel II ($59), Collagen Gel Plus ($89.50), Elastin Gel I ($89.50) and Hyprocel Gel ($117.50).

There are seven different noted active ingredients offered in Clayton-Shagal skin products. These are Collagen (helps restore collagen levels), Elastin (improves skin firmness), Cytokines, Proteoglycans, Hydrocomplex (helps the skin retain moisture), Placenta (heals the skin) and Hynoderm (helps lock in moisture). A convenient email address is given on the official website to assist consumers with finding Clayton-Shagal dealers. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any free trial samples of these skin treatments currently available. Basically the Clayton-Shagal line aims to help restore “radiance” to the user’s complexion, while improving elasticity, reducing fine lines and minimizing wrinkles. Customer testimonials are requested, but none are currently offered on the official website.

Product Details

Clayton-Shagal is a brand of skin treatments that emphasize the key ingredient collagen, which is stated to be 99% pure in these products. Other primary components are Elastin, Hydrocomplex, Proteoglycans, Cytokines, Placenta and Hynoderm. Clayton-Shagal skin care products endeavor to restore collagen levels, prevent wrinkles, battle fine lines, improve firmness and assist with the aging process. These treatments range from $39 to $172.50. There is some information provided on the official website regarding what each key ingredient does. A money-back guarantee is not addressed on the website.

The Good

  • All Clayton-Shagal skin care products are available in salons and on
  • Clayton-Shagal treatments contain collagen and elastin.
  • There is a convenient three-step skin care regimen offered with Clayton-Shagal.

The Bad

  • There are no customer testimonials provided on the official website for Clayton-Shagal treatments.
  • Clayton-Shagal products are rather expensive, ranging from $39-172.50.
  • Full lists of ingredients for each Clayton-Shagal product are not available on the official website.
  • Clayton-Shagal appears to be primarily geared toward middle-aged women, limiting the product’s potential use base.
  • Free trial samples of Clayton-Shagal skin care treatments are not available via the website.
  • Individuals with allergies may be leery of the unknown ingredients found in Clayton-Shagal products since no full ingredient lists are given.

The Bottom Line

Clayton-Shagal skin care products certainly come across in an interesting and intriguing fashion. Especially the emphasis they place on the incorporation of collagen. As with most other modern skin care brands, Clayton-Shagal focuses primarily on anti-aging. Although their three-step daily regimen may work well for some, the cost of these skin treatments may turn off some potential buyers. In the vast market of skin products, there are numerous others that sell for much less, but offer similar key ingredients.


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