ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm Review

What You Should Know

If you have not noticed, many major beauty and cosmetic lines are getting into skincare and grooming products for men these days. Since men are grooming themselves a little more thoroughly nowadays, it only makes sense. Clarins is one of these brands. This line of products is typically offered in high-end department stores, and they have been around since the mid-1950s. The branch of Clarins that is geared toward men is simply called ClarinsMen. One of the products in this line is ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm.

Product Details

ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm is a topical treatment for the face. Like some other moisturizer products on the market today, this balm aims to address deep facial wrinkles, skin sagging, expression lines, and dry skin. It is stated to be non-greasy, and easy to apply. The user should experience firmer, more hydrated, and better-toned skin when using this product. Sagging around the chin should be reduced, and the overall texture of the facial skin should improve. ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm is non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-tested. It sells for $52 (1.7 ounces).

There are four key ingredients mentioned for ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm. These are Bison Grass (energizes the skin), Pursulane Extract (helps to purify and sooth the skin), Chinese Galanga (energizes the face), and Expertise 3P Complex (defends the skin from harmful pollutants), which is an exclusive ingredient to the Clarins line. Like many other topical moisturizers, ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm is directed to be massaged into the face and neck after cleansing, morning and night. Sadly there are no clinical test results presented on the official website for this men’s formula, nor are their any customer reviews provided.

The Good

  • This company/brand has been around for decades.
  • Active ingredients are posted clearly on the official website.
  • This topical balm may help reduce facial wrinkles.

The Bad

  • There is no complete ingredient list, which some men will not like.
  • Testimonials from ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm users are not provided.
  • This product may irritate the skin of some men.
  • No free trial samples are provided through the official Clarins website.

The Bottom Line

One drawback of the Clarins skin care line is the lack of information provided on the official website. There are no complete ingredient lists posted for many of their products, nor are their any testimonials or reviews from customers. Although ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm comes across as a decent facial moisturizer for men, the reality is this product is expensive at $52 for 1.7 ounces. Many other men’s skin care lines offer twice as much product for half the price. This is certainly something to consider. Lastly, ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm does not endeavor to address age spots or promote collagen production, which is something many other anti-aging treatments do.

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